Gavin McHugh (aka Christopher on Fox’s 911) Age, Family, Salary

March 21, 2024
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Who is Gavin McHugh?

Gavin was born in Riga, Latvia, on 6 May 2010 – his zodiac sign is Taurus, and he holds American nationality, as he was adopted by an American family when he was two years old. He’s a child actor with just a single credit to his name: since 2018, Gavin’s been playing Christopher Diaz in the hit action thriller series “9-1-1”, created by Ryan Murphy, Tim Minear and Brad Falchuk, and which stars Angela Bassett, Oliver Stark and Peter Krause. It follows the lives of many firefighters, police officers and paramedics, and the series has won 11 of the 32 awards for which it’s been nominated.

Early life and education

Gavin was adopted by Lisa McHugh and her husband Michael McHugh in 2012, and the family spent the first three years living in Atlanta, Georgia, then moved to Los Angeles, California so that the five children could pursue their acting careers; Gain’s half-siblings are Shea, Flynn, Logan and Lia. Although Gavin’s foster parents’ professions haven’t been disclosed, it’s known that his mother received special thanks for the 2019 mystery horror movie “The Lodge”, in which her daughter Lia starred.

Gavin began struggling with cerebral palsy while attending kindergarten, and it took him some time to adjust to school life and his new physical therapists. After seeing his foster siblings audition for roles in various movies and TV series, Gavin asked if he could audition, as well; to his parents’ surprise, he was invited to star in commercials for various popular brands and companies, such as Adventist Health, Honda and Lincoln Financial. Gavin’s since appeared in commercials for numerous other companies, including Target and Walmart, while he’s also been featured in “Los Angeles Magazine” and “Family Fun Magazine”.


Hobbies and other interests

Gavin’s physically highly active, and swimming is one of his favorite hobbies; he swims at an indoor pool on a daily basis. He also enjoys surfing and playing with his siblings at the beach, which is perhaps why summer is his favorite season.

Gavin likes to sing, and his dream is to become a famous singer when he grows up; he still prefers acting over singing, and has stated that it’s his favorite thing in the world, mostly because he meets many new friends on sets.

He’s into reading books, and his favorites are the “Harry Potter” series by J. K. Rowling.

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Gavin’s into travelling, and his career has already taken him to a couple of US states, while his dream travel destination is Miami, Florida.

He has his own favorite actors and actresses, some of whom are Eddie Redmayne, Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried, while a couple of his favorite movies include the franchise “Harry Potter”, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”.

Gavin also enjoys running his Instagram account, which is today followed by over 110,000 people, and is monitored by his mother; he’s uploaded nearly 400 pictures onto the network, most of which feature him spending time with his siblings.


Age, height and net worth

Gavin’s age is 12. He has short curly brown hair and blue eyes, his height is 4ft 10ins (1.5m) and he weighs around 90lbs (40kgs).

As of July 2022, Gavin’s net worth stands at over $100,000.

Who is Gavin’s foster sister Lia McHugh?

Lia Ryan McHugh was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA in November 2005 – her zodiac sign is either Scorpio or Sagittarius, and she holds American nationality. Lia’s appeared in 11 movies and TV series, while she’s probably known best for her portrayal of Sprite in the critically acclaimed 2021 action adventure fantasy movie “Eternals”, written and directed by Chloe Zhao, and which starred Gemma Chan, Richard Madden and Angelina Jolie. It tells the story of immortal beings the Eternals, who lived on Earth many years ago, and the movie won seven of the 22 awards for which it was nominated.


Lia became interested in acting at quite an early age, mostly because she watched TV series and movies with her parents on a daily basis; her mother took her to her first audition when she was nine, and Lia made her debut TV series appearance aged 10, with her portrayal of Jacey in the 2016 episode “Tunnel of Death” of the documentary “A Haunting”.

In 2017, she played Summer Bird Sister in the popular crime comedy movie “Hot Summer Nights”, written and directed by Elijah Bynum, and which starred Timothee Chalamet, Maika Monroe and Alex Roe. It follows a teenager who’s selling pot to gangsters on Cape Cod in 1991, while he’s now fallen in love for the first time; the movie was nominated for two awards.

A couple of Lia’s following roles were in the 2017 mystery horror thriller movie “Totem”, the horror thriller film “Along Came the Devil” and the comedy series “American Woman” both in 2018. She played Mia Hall, one of the main characters in the 2019 mystery horror movie “The Lodge”, written and directed by Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz, and which also starred Riley Keough and Jaeden Martell. It follows a woman as she’s spending time with her fiancé and his two children at a village house, and the film won two of the 11 awards for which it was nominated.

Three of Lia’s most recent roles have been in the 2019 episode “They Come Knocking” of the fantasy horror series “Into the Dark”, the 2020 science fiction thriller movie “Songbird” and the 2021 mystery horror thriller film “A House on the Bayou”; she’s currently shooting for the upcoming movie “Baby Blue”, set to be released in 2023.


Lia’s made a guest appearance in many talk-shows, such as “Click on This”, “Made in Hollywood” and “Steve Varley Show”.

She was nominated for a 2021 Las Vegas Film Critics Society Sierra Award for Youth in Film – Female, for her performance in “Eternals”.

Lia’s highly active on Instagram, and seems to be enjoying the attention which she’s receiving from her close to 250,000 followers; she’s uploaded nearly 100 pictures onto the network, most of which have been taken during her everyday life.

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