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April 18, 2024
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Emerging as a promising actor, Matt Lintz has strategically navigated his career by securing roles that not only hone his acting prowess but also elevate his industry visibility. Particularly noteworthy in his portfolio are his compelling performances in the AMC series “The Walking Dead” in which he portrayed the character of Henry, and the Disney+ miniseries “Ms. Marvel” in which he took on the role of Bruno Carrelli.

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Early Life and Family

Matthew “Matt” Lintz was born on 23 May 2001, in Georgia, USA to Marc and Kelly Collins Lintz. He has two older sisters, Mackenzie born in 1996, and Madison in 1999. He has a younger brother named Macsen born in 2005.

The family’s tight bond

The Lintz family’s closeness is evident through their social media posts – amid their busy lives, they make a concerted effort to come together for celebrations and holidays. In a poignant Instagram post in November 2021, Mackenzie expressed the incomparable joy of having all her siblings together, sharing laughter. She conveyed gratitude for their time together, deeming it the best gift she could receive for her birthday.

Similarly, Madison conveyed her deep affection for her siblings in a heartfelt Instagram post. She declared her love for them, emphasizing that they were more than siblings—they were her best friends. This sentiment was vividly illustrated when Madison, Mackenzie, and Matt reunited to celebrate Halloween, reserving an empty seat at the table in honor of Macsen, who couldn’t join them because he was at school.

Reflecting on their childhood, an amusing yet heartwarming tradition emerged. Their mother, it seems, had a unique approach to fostering harmony among the siblings. When they were little, she would playfully tie them to a chair amidst their loud protests and cries, until each sibling could muster the goodwill to say three nice things to one another. Only then would they be untied, accompanied by their mother’s consistent reminder, ‘You are best friends. Act like it.’ This quirky yet endearing practice speaks volumes about the values instilled in the Lintz family.


Gift-giving comes full circle

In December 2023, Kelly shared a poignant moment on social media by posting a watercolor painting of the house in Alpharetta, Georgia, where Matt and his siblings grew up. The painting was a heartfelt gift from the kids, who had it commissioned – intriguingly, they specified to the artist the details of the tree out front, leafless and somewhat lifeless, capturing its appearance until they would finally trim the branches in spring. They also insisted that the scraggly bush in front of the deck remain, portraying its misshapen state. Overwhelmed with emotion, Kelly couldn’t help but shed tears upon seeing the painting. For her, the portrayal of the house perfectly encapsulates their family values: unbothered by superficial appearances, too engrossed in enjoying each other’s company and living life to worry about perfection.

Marc was handed a letter uniquely crafted using Morgan Wallen song titles, serving as the creative announcement that Matt and his siblings had secured tickets for him for the country music singer-songwriter’s concert in Charlotte. He was profoundly touched by the thoughtful gesture. Reflecting on their past, Kelly disclosed that she and Marc had spent two decades concocting creative ways to present their children with the ultimate Christmas morning gift, aiming for ‘shock, awe, and delight.’ Now, as the wheel of life turns, their children feel it’s time to reciprocate those sentiments for their parents.

Kelly Collins Lintz – Matt’s mother

Kelly is deeply immersed in the world of acting, lending her voice to audiobooks, and managing her children’s careers. She describes her career trajectory as primarily consisting of smaller roles in larger projects. Opting to establish herself first in Orlando and later in Atlanta, she believed being a slightly bigger fish in a smaller pond would enhance her chances of consistent work—a decision that has proven fruitful for her.

While engaged in numerous TV and movie projects, one that holds special significance for her is the 2016 American Christian drama “Miracles from Heaven.” Kelly notes that her affection for the role isn’t the highlight; rather, it marks a time in her acting journey when she achieved a newfound confidence and fulfillment in her craft.

Atlanta serves as their home base, but during the pilot season, they frequently venture to Los Angeles, a period when productions are focused on shooting pilot episodes, translating to extensive audition commitments. The landscape shifted with the advent of self-taping, providing a more convenient way to record and submit auditions.

Introducing her children to the industry, Kelly emphasizes the necessity for either herself or Marc to be present with the child during filming. She acknowledges that breaking into the industry is relatively easier for child actors, but challenges arise as her children secure prominent roles and achieve success. While rewarding, it comes at the cost of potential financial trade-offs. For instance, accompanying Matt during a six-month shoot in another country would mean Kelly couldn’t work, while Marc would be with Madison on set for a TV show. The delicate balance between family and career becomes apparent as their children carve out their places in the entertainment world.


Marc Lintz – Matt’s father

Marc operates a consulting business named Team Lintz Talent. Initially, parents sought free advice on navigating their child’s career and making valuable connections, and both Marc and Kelly willingly assisted. However, as the demand increased and began consuming a substantial amount of their time, a decision had to be made: transform it into a business or discontinue the service.

His primary focus involves managing children who are starting their careers in the Atlanta market. These aspiring talents not only seek representation in Atlanta but also aspire to be connected and represented in the competitive Los Angeles market.

Mackenzie Lintz Coleman

Mackenzie, affectionately known as Kenzie, made her mark in the entertainment industry with notable appearances. In 2011, she graced an episode of “Drop Dead Diva” on the Lifetime cable channel. Following this, she stepped onto the big screen with a role in “The Hunger Games” (2012), portraying the character of a District 8 Female.

Her television journey continued with a recurring role as Eleanor “Norrie” Calvert-Hill in the first season of CBS’ science-fiction mystery series “Under The Dome”, seamlessly transitioning to a regular cast member in the show’s second season, maintaining this role until its third and final season. In 2014, Mackenzie’s outstanding performance earned her a nomination for Best Performance by a Younger Actor in a Television Series at the Saturn Awards.

While building her acting portfolio, Mackenzie also ventured into film, with her last movie released in 2019. However, at a pivotal juncture, she chose to step away from the entertainment industry to pursue law school. Demonstrating her commitment and intellectual prowess, she graduated with honors and successfully passed the North Carolina bar exam in 2023. In a personal milestone, Mackenzie embarked on a new chapter by tying the knot with Ward Coleman in 2022.

Madison Lintz

Madison embarked on her acting journey at a young age, leaving a mark with her portrayal of Sofia Peletier, the daughter of Carol (Melissa McBride) and an abusive father, Ed (Adam Minarovich) in AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” This role, although not central in the first season, became a pivotal focal point in the second season as Sofia went missing, prompting an unwavering effort by the group to find her.

Beyond “The Walking Dead,” Madison gained recognition for her role as Madeline “Maddie” Bosch in the Amazon Prime Video police procedural series “Bosch,” which premiered in 2015 and concluded its successful run after seven seasons in 2021. In this series, she portrayed the daughter of Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver), a Detective III in the Hollywood homicide division. Madison continued her role in the sequel, “Bosch: Legacy,” which debuted on Amazon Freevee in 2022. Expressing her affinity for working with heavier material, Madison appreciates the depth it adds to character development. However, she underscores the importance of safeguarding oneself against the lingering impact of heavy and somber roles.

In a business in which success often hinges on familial support, Madison and her siblings maintain a close-knit bond, frequently discussing “business” matters with their parents, who play a central role in their success. She expresses deep gratitude for the camaraderie they share, allowing them to occasionally delve into the more enjoyable aspects of the entertainment world during their conversations.


Macsen Lintz

Macsen commenced his acting journey by portraying Owen Wilson’s son in a movie, marking the inception of what would evolve into a successful child acting career. This trajectory reached its pinnacle when he took on the role of ‘young Henry’ in “The Walking Dead.”

Following this noteworthy stint, Macsen made a strategic shift to competitive golf. His passion propelled him to pursue the sport at a collegiate level, and currently, Macsen is showcasing his skills as a member of the golf team at Southern Union State College in Opelika, AL.


Growing up with a mother who is an actress, Matt had the opportunity to visit film sets with his sister Madison when they were young. He would somewhat become ‘involved’ in one of the shows his mother was working on. Eventually, he joined the agency that represented his mother. Shortly afterwards, Matt found himself delving into the world of commercials, marking the beginning of his journey in the entertainment industry. He shared that his mom is supportive of him, regardless of whether he wants to pursue acting or not. Here are some of his projects:

“Halloween II” (2009)

His inaugural appearance on the big screen occurred in Rob Zombie’s slasher film “Halloween II.” Despite having a minor role, that of a young boy named Mark enjoying Halloween for trick-or-treating, Matt made a notable impact. His scene, shot over a single night, depicted a chance encounter with the masked serial killer on a sidewalk, marking the beginning of Matt’s foray into cinematic storytelling.

“A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song” (2011)

Matt’s journey in lead roles began with the teen comedy musical “A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song,” a sequel to “Another Cinderella Story” (2008). In this film, he stepped into the character of Victor, the mischievous younger stepbrother who ultimately played a crucial role in exposing the fraudulent schemes perpetrated by his own family.

In a delightful piece of trivia shared by his mother, a noteworthy opportunity arose when Matt, at the age of nine, was in contention for the role of Mark Wahlberg’s son in a dramatic thriller. It was poised to be his most significant role to date, and the anticipation was palpable; however, as fate would have it, he didn’t secure the role.

The disappointment was short-lived, for about two weeks later, he landed his inaugural lead role in “Another Cinderella Story,” starring alongside Lucy Hale. Instead of spending two months immersed in a thriller, young Matt found himself enjoying a completely different experience, portraying an hilarious prankster armed with a ketchup and mustard gun, making it, to this day, the most enjoyable job he’s ever had.

“The Walking Dead” (2018–2019)

According to Matt, the post-apocalyptic horror drama series “The Walking Dead” has evolved into a family affair, making the experience thoroughly enjoyable. Shedding light on the audition process, his mother Kelly, revealed that each family member tried out for roles in the AMC series. Kelly aimed for the part of Lori, Madison aspired to portray Sofia, and Matt set his sights on the character of Carl. Despite lacking insight into the project or its comic book origins, the revelation that Frank Darabont would be one of the executive producers sparked hope, especially for Kelly. Having previously worked with Frank on “The Mist” in which she was part of the cast, Kelly sensed a potential opportunity given Frank’s tendency to collaborate with familiar faces. Surprisingly, her children outshone her in the audition process.

Matt ultimately landed the role of the teen Henry, adopted by Carol and Ezekiel, the leader of the Kingdom. Notably, Matt and his siblings assumed roles as Carol’s children, even though they didn’t have any on-screen interaction, given their characters’ narrative introductions at different times. He joined the cast in the show’s ninth season, and made a guest appearance in the 10th season. His character was killed off, with his severed head displayed on a spike in the episode, “The Calm Before.” Despite Matt’s presence in only 11 episodes, his portrayal of Henry garnered a significant and devoted following, underscoring the impact of his performance on the show’s audience.

“Ms. Marvel” (2022)

“Ms. Marvel,” an American television miniseries, unfolds the Marvel Comics narrative featuring Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, played by Iman Vellani. In this thrilling series, Matt takes center stage, portraying the pivotal character of Bruno Carrelli, Kamala Khan’s best friend harboring a secret crush.

Premiering on 8 June 2022 on Disney+, and spanning six episodes, the miniseries garnered acclaim for its compelling storyline. Notably, Matt secured his first award as part of the cast, winning the prestigious Best Ensemble Cast at the Asian Critics Choice Awards. Regrettably, a prior commitment prevented him from joining his fellow castmates to accept the award on the night of the ceremony. Despite his absence, Matt is set to receive a well-deserved statuette, marking a significant milestone in his burgeoning career.


Here’s an interesting tidbit: Matt’s mother took to Instagram to express not just sadness but genuine hurt when his character didn’t make the cut for the subsequent season of “The Walking Dead.” Following this, Matt took a year off, questioning his commitment to acting. Eventually, he decided to pursue college and enrolled at Auburn University. Surprisingly, his first audition around that time was for “Ms. Marvel.” This unexpected twist in his career allowed him to chase a long-held dream—becoming a part of the Marvel universe.

Remarkably, Matt faced the challenge of auditioning for “Ms. Marvel” while battling COVID-19, making him believe it was his worst audition ever, but against the odds, he secured the role. On a side note, his college stint was short-lived, as he returned to filming before completing even a semester.

Personal Life

Matt is currently in a relationship with Gracie Sapp, a Clinical Veterinary Student at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. In August 2023, Gracie eagerly accepted a position as an Emergency Veterinarian at Veterinary Emergency Group, set to commence next summer in Charlotte, NC. She expressed immense joy in fulfilling her dream of saving animal lives on a daily basis.

While the details of their first meeting remain undisclosed, the couple made their relationship public on 1 January 2022. Both Matt and Gracie shared a photo of themselves together, and Gracie posted an additional image capturing a tender moment between them. Their anniversary was celebrated in the romantic city of Paris, France, in December 2022, complete with a memorable photo against the backdrop of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Matt consistently shares glimpses of their relationship on social media, commemorating special occasions such as Gracie’s birthday with heartfelt posts expressing his happiness with the girl who brings him the utmost joy.


Standing at a height of 5ft 7.5ins (174cms) and weighing 146lbs, Matt Lintz boasts distinctive features with his dark brown hair and hazel eyes, with a freckled face and well-defined jawline. He bears a tattoo on his body with the inscription “fail forward,” echoing a piece of advice consistently imparted by his mother. According to him, embracing failure is essential for personal growth.

Net Worth

As of January 2024, Matt Lintz’s estimated net worth is reported to be $1 million, according to reliable sources.

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