Meet the Rising Star Isaac Ordonez: Age, Height, Parents, Career

April 18, 2024
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The American actor Isaac Ordonez catapulted into the limelight with his portrayal of Pugsley in the hit Netflix series “Wednesday.” Emerging on the Hollywood stage in 2018 with a role in Oprah Winfrey’s film “A Wrinkle in Time,” Isaac has swiftly become one of the industry’s rising stars.

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Early Life and Family

Born on 15 April 2009, in the city of Los Angeles, California, USA, Isaac Ordonez’s life took a dramatic turn when he stepped into the entertainment world. While scant details are available about his family, Isaac does have an older sister named Lyndsey Ordonez. His parents, though not explicitly named in public, occasionally make appearances on his social media and interviews. Despite the mystery surrounding his family, Isaac’s Instagram offers glimpses into a seemingly joyous childhood, marked by celebrations of holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and birthdays.


Isaac’s journey into the world of stardom didn’t deter his commitment to education. Initially attending a traditional school until third grade, his parents made a pivotal decision to enroll him in a homeschool program, allowing him to chase his dreams of becoming a Hollywood sensation. At the age of 13, Isaac is navigating the challenges of middle school, sharing snippets of his academic adventures on Instagram. His posts reflect not just a rising actor, but a young individual embracing the multifaceted aspects of teenage life, creating a captivating narrative of his journey.



Just like many child actors, Isaac Ordonez started his career by appearing in commercials, both print and TV. One of his most notable commercials was with Walmart. His cute visual aesthetics appealed to the general public, helping him secure involvement in various advertisements before entering the TV and film industry.

“A Wrinkle in Time” (Movie)

Not everyone gets the main lead or even a supporting cast character as Isaac experienced when he first worked on the movie set of “A Wrinkle in Time.” He was hired to double for the six-year-old character in the movie named Charles Wallace, played by another child actor, Dennis McCabe. While he didn’t have any prominent moments in the movie, he said that he learned professionalism, and that the cast was kind to him, especially Reese Witherspoon and Storm Reid.

“Must’ve Been” (Music Video)

After doing his stint with the movie, Isaac’s next project was a music video by Chromeo, the Canadian electro/funk duo comprised of musicians Patrick “P-Thugg” Gemayel and David “Dave 1” Macklovitch. He appeared as the Young Dave in the music video entitled, “Must’ve Been,” featuring another artist, DRAM. The video was uploaded onto YouTube in April 2018.

“Día De Las Carpas” (Short Film)

In the pursuit of his breakthrough role, Isaac ventured into the world of short film production, a common path for aspiring actors awaiting their big break. His inaugural experience in such a project was “Día De Las Carpas,” directed by João-Felipe Choma Dall’Stella and released in 2019. This fantasy-adventure film revolves around a group of friends led by a young boy initially on a quest to find a giant carp caught at the pier. However, their adventure takes an unexpected turn as they assist a girl in evading immigration agents, ultimately revealing her to be a mermaid.

“Dispara Y Mata” (Short Film)

In 2020, the American Film Institute issued a casting call for the short film “Dispara Y Mata.” The storyline centers around a father utilizing the power of storytelling to persuade his eight-year-old son to eat a less-than-enticing meal. Isaac, alongside Juan Carlos Vargas, secured roles in this Carlos Crespo-directed film.

“7th & Union” (Movie)

Directed by Anthony Nardolillo and released in 2021, “7th & Union” is an Hispanic film available on the streaming platform Amazon Prime. The narrative follows a former Mexican boxer, who forms an alliance with a disgruntled man in a quest to win a pivotal fight that could save their families. While Isaac played a minor role, he cherished the experience of being part of a full-length movie production.


“Husky” (Short Film)

Isaac’s was part of another short film entitled “Husky,” directed by Matt Sayles. This 15-minute exploration delves into themes of self-hate and the pervasive culture of body shaming instilled in a man since childhood. Selected as one of the official entries in the Pan African Film Festival, “Husky” premiered in April 2022 in Los Angeles, adding another layer to Isaac’s diverse portfolio.

“Wednesday” (TV Series)

Isaac’s life underwent a transformative shift in 2022, when his career soared to new heights with his involvement in the TV series “Wednesday.” Although his role was confined to just two episodes—the first and the last—it was hailed as his breakthrough project. His recurring character not only basked in the global limelight of the series but also rode the wave of media frenzy that enveloped the entire production. The show propelled Isaac into a series of interviews as part of its promotion, garnering an expanding fan base intrigued by the rising teen actor.

Securing the role of Pugsley Addams in the Netflix series through a self-video audition marked a pivotal moment in Isaac’s career. Following a callback, he engaged with the director, producers, and writers in a whirlwind day that included a chemistry screen test with Jenna Ortega, the lead portraying Wednesday. This encounter culminated in an official call confirming Isaac as Wednesday’s brother, marking his inaugural venture into a major TV series. The stellar ensemble cast includes Jenna Ortega, Luis Guzmán, Thora Birch, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and George Burcea.

“Wednesday” stands as a supernatural coming-of-age series, drawing inspiration from the iconic “The Addams Family” movie and TV franchise. Directed by Tim Burton and filmed in Romania to capture its gothic and medieval essence, the narrative unfolds at Nevermore Academy, an eccentric boarding school in Massachusetts. Premiering on 16 November 2022, the series’ entire first season graced Netflix on 23 November 2022, comprising eight riveting episodes. Swiftly rising to acclaim, it became the second-most-watched English-language Netflix series within three weeks.

Rather than succumbing to external pressures, Isaac perceives his role as Pugsley in this classic TV and movie narrative as a privilege. For him, it’s an opportunity to usher in a new generation of Addams Family enthusiasts. The connection deepens as he relates to Pugsley, an endearing oddball character. Immersing himself in the role was seamless, as it mirrored his own personality. Thorough research on Pugsley, including viewing the two movies and the black-and-white TV series, attests to Isaac’s dedication. Collaborating with Jenna, he values their shared mellow personalities, fostering a harmonious working relationship rooted in mutual understanding.

Upcoming Project: “Trans Los Angeles”

Isaac has recently wrapped up filming for an independent movie entitled “Trans Los Angeles,” under the direction of Kase Pena. Described as a film that celebrates the rich diversity of the Trans community in L.A., the official Instagram page provides insights into the project’s profound narrative. The movie unfolds in four compelling parts, with the final segment currently in production. Anticipated for release in 2024, “Trans Los Angeles” promises to be a poignant exploration of the vibrant and diverse Trans community in the City of Angels.


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Fascinating Insights into Isaac Ordonez

Realizing the Essence of Acting Early On

Embarking on his journey in the entertainment industry from a young age, Isaac Ordonez quickly grasped the essence of being a successful actor. During the filming of his initial movie, he dedicated himself to the craft by being on set every single day for an impressive five consecutive months. This immersive experience exposed him to the true meaning of workmanship and competency. Drawing inspiration from his co-actors and their unwavering dedication, Isaac affirmed his lifelong commitment to pursuing a career in acting.

Admiration for Tim Burton’s Creative Genius

Prior to auditioning for “Wednesday,” Isaac was an ardent admirer of Tim Burton’s unparalleled creativity. Having watched most of Burton’s movies, he was particularly captivated by the director’s unique approach to presenting dark and imaginative narratives. Isaac’s favorite among Burton’s works was “Beetlejuice,” released in 1988, and “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” released in 1993,  films he revisited several times. The surreal experience of being directed by one of his idols left Isaac in awe. He highlighted Tim’s meticulous attention to detail, emphasizing that every element in a scene was intentionally placed to craft an ambiance that complements the thematic essence intended for the audience.


Passionate Motivation for Acting

For Isaac, acting is not just a profession; it’s a profound love affair. He expresses, ‘I just feel more alive when I’m on set. I love being on set.’ This innate passion propels him forward, driving a desire to explore deeper and more profound roles. Isaac’s motivation is rooted in a genuine love for the craft, making every on-set experience a vibrant and fulfilling part of his artistic journey.

Parental Discipline

In moments of disappointment, particularly when Isaac finds himself breaking household rules, his parents employ a unique disciplinary measure: he has to surrender his phone. This form of punishment proves highly effective, given Isaac’s undeniable dependency on Wi-Fi. Deprived of his digital connection, it becomes one of the most impactful ways to address rule violations within the household.

Musical Passion Beyond Acting

Beyond the realm of acting, Isaac has cultivated a profound love for playing the guitar, a skill he picked up during the pandemic. Despite describing himself as having a mellow personality, his musical taste takes a different turn. He gravitates towards the dynamic sounds of Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Metallica, and other hard metal genres, showcasing a diverse and eclectic musical palette.

Most Embarrassing Moment

Reflecting on moments he’d rather not relive, Isaac recalls a particularly embarrassing incident during the filming of “Wednesday.” On a windy day, the door to his trailer unexpectedly burst open, exposing him in the midst of changing clothes, clad only in socks and underwear. The onlookers outside were met with a mix of smiles, stunned reactions, and even laughter. Though initially unappreciated, Isaac now looks back on the incident with humor, acknowledging the hilarity of the situation.

Downtime Rituals During Filming

During breaks between scenes, Isaac’s downtime activities reflect a blend of focus and sociability. Initially, he engages in studying and working on school assignments. Once those tasks are completed, he enjoys striking up conversations and getting to know the people around him. However, if the scene demands a quiet environment, Isaac turns to his phone for a bit of tinkering.

Trailer Essentials

While filming in remote locations far from the bustling city, Isaac has identified two essential items he prefers in his trailer. Foremost is water, a basic necessity, followed by Wi-Fi. However, when forced to choose between the two, the unequivocal preference for Isaac is strong Wi-Fi services. In his own words, ‘Wi-Fi. Definitely Wi-Fi,’ highlighting the significance of digital connectivity even in the midst of a film set’s rustic environment.


Social Media Presence

Similar to numerous teenagers these days, Isaac is actively engaged on social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok. His Instagram account, now under his direct control since becoming a teen, boasts verification and nearly 300,000 followers, accompanied by 116 posts. While it’s evident that his parents initially managed the account during his younger years, Isaac has assumed control as he’s grown older.

Isaac has recently ventured into the realm of TikTok, and though his account is yet to be verified, he’s already garnered over 1,100 followers. Fans anticipate that, with verification, his following will witness significant growth, further expanding his influence in the digital landscape.

Personal Life

As of the present moment, Isaac Ordonez is reportedly single. While many of his fans held the belief that he hadn’t been romantically involved or dating anyone, a shift in perception occurred when he shared photos and a video reel, showcasing a fun outing at a skating rink on his TikTok account on 21 December 2023. Although the gathering included his siblings and other friends, a solo photo with a particular girl has sparked speculation that they may be dating.


At the age of 14, Isaac Ordonez is still in the process of growing; however, current reports state that he stands at 5ft 3ins (161cms) tall and weighs about 121lbs (55kgs). He possesses dark brown hair and striking hazel eyes.

Net Worth:

Isaac Ordonez’s net worth is estimated to be already as high as $750,000, as of January 2024, according to authoritative sources.

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