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April 21, 2023
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Anthony Frank Hawk, commonly known as Tony Hawk or “The Birdman”, is a famous American skateboarder, radio personality and actor, as well as a philanthropist. Tony Hawk is perhaps best known as the first professional skateboarder to complete the aerial spin called “900” on a skateboard ramp. Hawk performed this dangerous stunt at the annual sports event known as “X-Games” in 1999 and since then he has become one of the most known and beloved of professional skateboarders.

A lot of Hawk’s fame depends on the video game series entitled “Tony Hawk’s” or simply “Hawk’s series”. The first video game, namely, “Pro Skater” was released in 1999 and to date the video game developers have released seventeen games in the series, all of which enjoy success among their audience.

Tony Hawk Net Worth $120 Million

Tony Hawk’s contribution to skateboarding does not end with his impressive performances during various events. In 1998, Hawk began a tour show called “Boom Boom HuckJam” that featured performances on BMX, skateboards and motocross. Since the very first show in Las Vegas, “Boom Boom HuckJam” has expanded to 31 cities in the United States and became one of the largest skateboarding events.

In 2012, Hawk also launched his own YouTube channel called “RIDE Channel”, where he uploads various interviews, skits and his skating footage. A famous skateboarder, how rich is Tony Hawk? In 1999, Tony Hawk managed to collect $30 million from the sales of his “Tony Hawk” series alone, meanwhile in 2008 Hawk’s annual salary amounted to $12 million. In regards to his wealth, Tony Hawk’s net worth is estimated to be $120 million. Undoubtedly, the majority of Hawk’s net worth and wealth comes from his skateboarding career and business ventures.

Tony Hawk was born in 1968, in Carlsbad, California. A hyperactive child, Hawk saw skateboarding as a way to deal with his excessive amount of energy. However, soon enough this outlet became a serious career opportunity, as Hawk became a professional skateboarder at the age of 14. For twelve consecutive years Tony Hawk held the title of world champion in the National Skateboard Association events, in addition to his many other achievements. Hawk announced his retirement from professional skateboarding in 1999 but he still performs during private shows. Needless to say, Tony Hawk’s influence had grown over the years and he is currently considered to be one of the most influential skateboarders of all time.

In addition to skateboarding, Tony Hawk had been making appearances on television screens. Hawk starred in a minor role in “Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol” with Steve Guttenberg and Bubba Smith, “Jackass: The Movie” with Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera and Jeff Tremaine, “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody”, as well as an episode of “CSI: Miami” to name a few.

A famous former professional skateboarder, Tony Hawk actively supports charitable causes. Hawk is the founder of “Tony Hawk Foundation”, which is an organization that helps poorer areas in the United States and builds skateparks. In 2007, Hawk co-founded “Athletes for Hope” with Lance Armstrong, Alonzo Mourning, Mia Hamm and other celebrities, which is aimed to inspire volunteers to help their communities.

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