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April 18, 2024
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Michelle Khare is a multifaceted professional known for her roles as a producer, host, and actor. A former competitive cyclist, she continually challenges herself with demanding mental and physical tasks. Michelle rose to fame not only for her skills but also for her distinctive personality.

On her YouTube channel, Michelle shares authentic, weekly adventures as she immerses herself in new experiences. From joining a clowning troupe to competing in Miss USA and training with NASA astronauts, her work captures the essence of genuine exploration.

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Michelle’s journey shows fans the idea that with sufficient effort, tenacity, and an embrace of failure, everything is achievable.

On top of that, Michelle hosts “Karma,” an adventure program available on HBO Max. Through her various pursuits, the ever-busy and ambitious young woman inspires others with her dynamic approach to life’s challenges and showcases the limitless possibilities that come with determination and resilience. Let’s get to know her a little bit better.

Early Personal Life

Born on 10 August 1992, in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA, Michelle Khare is the daughter of an Indian father and an American mother. Raised by her father, a skin pathologist who immigrated from New Delhi, and her mother, a Louisiana native with a background in biology, Michelle was influenced by the stability her parents had created.

She encountered challenges during her early years in a small town where she faced prejudice based on her darker skin tone. Despite experiencing taunts and torment from fellow students, Michelle’s resilience and close family ties allowed her to navigate these challenges with unwavering strength.


Following high school, Michelle embarked on a significant journey by enrolling at Dartmouth University in New Hampshire, becoming the first member of her family to pursue higher education outside of Louisiana; she graduated in 2012.


While navigating the challenges of college life, Michelle initially grappled with homesickness, leading her into a cycle of binge drinking and partying. Fortunately, the guidance of Shonda Rhimes, a fellow Dartmouth alumna, played a pivotal role in helping her regain composure and refocus on her academic pursuits.

After this and throughout her academic journey, Michelle demonstrated resilience and determination. She proudly graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Arts and Media Technology, marking a significant achievement for her family.


In the period from January to April 2013, Michelle kicked off a valuable internship experience with The Croods and Everest. As one of the assistants, she played a key role in event planning and travel arrangements.

Following this, Michelle pursued an internship with DreamWorks’ brand marketing division, an opportunity she viewed as a significant step toward achieving her ambitions. Post her stint at Lionsgate, where she contributed to the movie “Snitch”, Michelle’s presence was notable in the closing moments alongside Dwayne Johnson (though it was only a few seconds in the last scene).

After her graduation, Michelle ventured into the realm of content creation.

The culmination of Michelle Khare’s persistence materialized in 2014 when she secured a position with BuzzFeed Motion Pictures.

Her professional journey started at BuzzFeed, where she served as a content producer for about 24 months. During her tenure, Michelle encountered limitations on her personal YouTube channel due to the possibility of conflict of interest. Nevertheless, her unwavering dedication and love for crafting compelling content remained evident.

A standout feature of Michelle’s YouTube channel is the enthralling series, “Challenge Accepted.” Michelle showed her bravery by making this kind of content. In this captivating series, she fearlessly pushes her boundaries by undertaking physically and mentally demanding challenges.

In 2016, Michelle redirected her focus to her personal channel after departing from BuzzFeed. Her renowned series, “Challenge Accepted,” showcases her undertaking demanding training routines for many different professions.

By taking part in strict and very difficult training regimens, she works hard to match the skills and expertise of pros in diverse fields. “Challenge Accepted” serves as a testament to Michelle’s enduring perseverance, unwavering dedication, and her ability and preparedness to move outside her comfort zone in the pursuit of excellence.

As of late 2023, her YouTube channel boasts an impressive four million-plus subscribers.


In December 2020, Michelle introduced her own iteration of YouTube Rewind videos, which garnered attention but was subsequently taken down following fan criticism. The controversy arose due to the inclusion of a portrayal of Jenna Marbles. Jenna said goodbye to YouTube earlier that year, amidst various controversies.

Michelle’s impact goes further than just YouTube, as evidenced by her substantial following on other social media sites. With over 200,000 followers on TikTok and almost 400,000 on Instagram, she actively keeps up with her audience, sharing glimpses of her life beyond YouTube. Her authentic posts have significantly helped her to expand her online presence.

Interesting Facts

During her internship in Los Angeles, Michelle discovered a passion for road and mountain cycling, and engaging in similar recreational activities. Her enthusiasm led her to becoming part of the Dartmouth Cycling Team, achieving a significant milestone by winning the 2014 American U23 Criterium Nationals.

Furthering her commitment to cycling, Michelle became a member of the BMW Professional Team from 2014 to 2015, and trained and even raced professionally.

A highlight on Michelle’s channel is her most popular video, the boot camp episode, garnering over 18 million views. Notably, the US Marine Corps sponsored all expenses for the production, a rare occurrence in her content creation journey.

Typically, Michelle personally finances most projects, with her videos costing between $6,000 to $20,000 to produce. This substantial investment covers various expenses, including travel, paying her assistants, and other overhead costs. Michelle’s dedication to her craft is evident as she spends a lot to maintain the high production value of her videos.

Another well-received series on Michelle’s channel is Extreme Body Makeover, where she collaborates with a nutritionist and trainer to guide a friend or subscriber through a six-week diet and fitness transformation.

Michelle frequently immerses herself in new exercise routines and eating plans for her channel, showcasing her commitment to personal experimentation and growth.

Beyond the fitness realm, Michelle embarks on “only in L.A.” adventures, exploring experiences such as infrared saunas, professional back scratching, extreme acupuncture, and cryotherapy chambers.

While Michelle doesn’t live-stream every aspect of her life, completely unplugging is a challenge for her. Even a getaway to Belize became an episode about going without the internet for a week. She candidly acknowledges the difficulty of stepping away from work, saying that it’s the hardest thing for her to do. She just can’t decide to not work for even one day.


This sentiment reflects her unwavering dedication to her craft, and the continuous pursuit of captivating and diverse content for her audience.

Amidst a global pandemic, Michelle and her fiancé, Garrett Kennell, aged 27 and the creative director of her channel, displayed resilience and innovation. Using the time effectively, they transformed their loft’s editing office into a soundproof and professionally lit filming studio, showcasing their adaptability in the face of challenges.

Additionally, they ventured into the podcasting realm, launching “Mission Accomplished”, in which Michelle and Garret provide insights into the behind-the-scenes of YouTube episodes, along with discussions on everyday topics, including navigating the challenges of quarantine life.

Expressing her commitment to business growth, Michelle acknowledges the constant focus on expanding her endeavors. Managing her channel as a production company involves significant monetary investment and operational complexities, with the added responsibility of ensuring the financial security and satisfaction of her team members.

Michelle has reflected on this responsibility with a sense of pride, likening it to a maternal role despite not having children. She runs her channel like a production company, so it’s expensive and a lot to manage.

With that said, keeping everyone happy is something that she takes pride in, but she does sometimes feel like she’s a mom to many, despite not having any biological kids. This perspective showcases Michelle’s dedication to both her business and the well-being of those she collaborates with.

Growing up, Michelle envisioned a future as something really serious such as a lawyer, doctor, or finance professional.

While her parents never discouraged her from pursuing her dreams, Michelle acknowledges the hesitation parents may feel upon hearing their child declare intentions to move to Los Angeles to become an actress. Despite her unconventional career choice, she noted her father’s underlying wish for her to consider pursuing an MBA as a fallback option.

Acting is an additional facet of Michelle’s diverse pursuits. Despite limited audition opportunities at present, she remains committed to honing her craft, dedicating three Zoom classes per week to her ongoing learning. Michelle approaches this challenge with the same level of effort and determination as any other endeavour, emphasising that her success is a result of hard work rather than innate talent.

According to Michelle, there is nothing that she’s actually naturally good at. The only way she could achieve any of her many successes was by working incredibly hard.

It was her relentless drive that eventually caught the attention of producer J.D. Roth, who selected her to host his new reality series, “Karma”, which was something she was happy to work on. The show placed a group of young teens in the woods to compete in challenges, with a primary focus on testing their characters.

Impressed by Michelle’s exceptional IQ, authenticity, and willingness to learn, J.D. hired her on the spot during their meeting. Reflecting on the experience, J.D., known for co-producing NBC’s “The Biggest Loser and other successful reality shows, described Michelle as a dream to work with, praising her intelligence and genuine approach.

Michelle’s commitment to high achievement traces back to her childhood in Shreveport, a quaint town situated 180 miles east of Dallas. According to her sister, Madeline, 23, who currently resides in Los Angeles and serves as a script co-ordinator for Ellen DeGeneres’ new animation series, “Little Ellen”, Michelle’s drive to excel manifested early on.

She stated once that anything her sister did, she worked hard to be the best at it. If she was part of a play, she wanted to bag the leading role and did what she had to for her to achieve that. She was a winner in every science fair she was part of, and she was able to maintain the top position in her class from the very beginning until she graduated. Madeline says Michelle was simply destined for greatness.


Later Personal Life

Garrett Kennell, a seasoned movie producer, holds a special place in Michelle’s heart as the love of her life. Their journey began as longstanding co-workers before blossoming into a romantic connection.

Michelle and Garrett exchanged vows on 17 October 2022, marking a joyous culmination of their long-standing relationship. The couple started dating in October 2018 and has since been delighting in the happiness of married life, expressing their commitment to spending the rest of their lives together.

Michelle and Garrett like to share glimpses of their life and celebrations through videos and pictures on their social media accounts, showcasing the joy and companionship they find in each other.

Their love story took a romantic turn when, after meeting four years ago and officially becoming a couple in late 2018, Garrett proposed to Michelle on Valentine’s Day in Bora Bora. In a thoughtful surprise trip between their professional engagements, he orchestrated the proposal on the beach, capturing the entire scene with a photographer he hired.

The heartfelt moment, including Garret on one knee in the sand and the subsequent hugs and kisses, was shared on Instagram, celebrating not just their engagement but also the significance of social media engagement in their journey.

Physical Characteristics

Sofia is a small woman, only 5ft 2ins tall, and weighing about 123lbs (56kgs), with vital statistics of 28-23-32 She has long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes.

Net Worth

As of late 2023, Michelle’s net worth is an estimated $1.5 million – having taken on many projects and working hard explains her impressive accumulated wealth.

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