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April 18, 2024
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Corey Ian Haim was born on 23 December 1971, in Toronto, Canada to an Israeli-born mother and a Canadian father, and died of pneumonia on 10 March 2010, in Burbank, California. Corey was an actor, perhaps best remembered as a 1980s teen idol from Hollywood movies, his most famous role probably being in “The Lost Boys” (1987), an American horror comedy film,   in which he played alongside Corey Feldman. Their mutual appearance turned out to be quite successful, so they later became 1980s icons and appeared together in seven movies as well as the American reality show “The Two Coreys”

Have you ever wondered how rich Corey Haim was before he died? According to sources, it has been estimated that at the time of his death, Corey Haims net worth was $5,000. He earned his net worth mostly through his prosperous acting career during the 1980s, although his engagement in a few successful movies during the 1990s, also added up to Corey’s net worth.

Corey Haim Net Worth $5,000

Corey Haim was raised in Toronto; his parents divorced when he was eleven. As a child, Haim was quite shy, and in order to overcome this problem, he started attending drama classes. While accompanying his sister to an audition, Corey accidentally got into the film industry, when he was given a part in “The Edison Twins”, a Canadian children’s television program aired from 1982 to 1986. Since he wasn’t too much interested in acting, he continued practicing other activities such as ice hockey, which eventually resulted in him being scouted for the AA Thunderbirds hockey team. Haim’s education at the North York’s Zion Heights Junior High lasted until 8th grade, by which time he had already started his career as a child actor.

His debut film role happened in the 1984 thriller “Firstborn” in which he starred with Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr. Corey’s minor roles in films “Secret Admirer” and “Murphy’s Romance” during the year 1985 eventually lead to the leading role in “Silver Bullet”, a film adaptation of Stephen King’s novella, which brought increased income to his net worth. The young actor then gained recognition for his role in the television movie “A Time To Live”(1985), in which he portrayed Liza Minnelli’s dying son. This earned him his first Young Artist Award. However, Haim’s true breakthrough role came a year later when he starred as a titular character in “Lucas”, beside Charlie Sheen and Winona Ryder, further adding to his net worth, and also earning him the nomination for an Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor in a Feature Film – Comedy or Drama at the Young Artist Awards.

In 1987, Corey starred in an American horror comedy film “The Lost Boys”, which was well received by most critics and regarded as an ’80s classic. His role in this film, secured Haims another Young Artist Award nomination, as Best Young Male Superstar in a Motion Picture. Some of his other notable appearances include his roles in the horror film “The Watchers” (1988), teen adventure film “License to Drive”, a romantic comedy “Dream a Little Dream” (1989), slapstick comedy film “Snowboard Academy” and many others. All added to his net worth.

Haim’s addiction to alcohol and drugs resulted in his poor social life, and probably explains his very modest net worth at the time of his death. He never married or had any children, and was said to be quite lonely. Corey first became addicted to alcohol and drugs at the age of 15, eventually resulting in early death at the age of 38.

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