Billy Blanks Net Worth

April 26, 2023
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Billy Wayne Blanks was born on 1st September 1955, in Erie, Pennsylvania USA. He is a martial artist, fitness coach and actor. All the above mentioned careers have added to the outright size of Billy Blanks net worth. Tae Bo, the body fitness system, which includes the techniques of martial arts, was developed by Billy Blanks.

Reportedly, the overall amount of Billy Blanks net worth is as much as $30 million. According to his financial data, Billy received $31 million from the lawsuit settlement after he filed a malpractice suit against Seyfarth Sha, his lawyer and his firm.

Billy Blanks Net Worth $30 Million

Blanks was born into a huge family in which he was raised together with fourteen siblings. Unfortunately, his hip joints had an anomaly from birth and it was difficult for him to move. As a result, nobody believed he could be a successful martial artist. Nevertheless, Billy decided he would become as good as Bruce Lee through thick and thin. He took tae kwon do and karate classes and step by step the result became more than visible. Later, it evolved into a successful career which added sums to Billy Blanks net worth. When Blanks was more than good in both boxing and tae kwon do, he managed to develop a new workout. At that time he ran his own karate studio and it was a really good way to stand out from all other studios – making his own workout. Billy named it Tae Bo as components from tae kwon do and boxing were used. Due to the popularity of this new program, a new fitness centre located in Los Angeles was opened. More, videos and DVDs were released which grew into a phenomenon of the pop culture. Many celebrities used this program to lose weight or keep fit which has also attracted audiences to try Tae Bo workout. This system gave an enormous boost to Billy’s net worth.

Moreover, his career as an actor began quite by accident. Billy worked as a bodyguard for actress Catherine Bach who was the lead star of the action film “Driving Force” (1989) directed by Andrew Prowse. Blanks made a great impression on all the producers as well as the film director and they invited him to play a small role in the film. Later, Billy appeared in the main cast of the martial arts films “Bloodfist” (1989) directed by Terence H. Winkless, “The King of the Kickboxers” (1990) directed by Lucas Lowe, “Talons Of The Eagle” (1992) directed by Michael Kennedy and “Showdown” (1993) directed by Robert Radler. He landed the roles in the sci-fi action films “Timebomb” (1991) directed and written by Avi Nesher, “TC 2000” (1993) directed by T.J. Scott, “Expect No Mercy” (1995) directed by Zale Dalen and the action film “The Last Boy Scout” (1991) directed by Tony Scott. To add more, he created many small roles on television and in films. All these appearances increased the total size of Billy Blanks net worth, too.

In his personal life, Billy Blanks has been married twice. In 1973, he married Gayle H. Godfrey, and adopted her daughter. However, in 2007 Billy and Gayle divorced. In 2009, he married an interpreter, Tomoko Sato, with whom he has fathered a daughter born in 2008. He is also the stepfather of Sato’s two daughters.

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