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July 14, 2023
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Winona Laura Horowitz, better known as Winona Ryder, is an American actress who has a net worth of $14 million. Winona made her acting career debut in 1986 in the teen tragi-comedy film directed by David Seltzer called “Lucas. The actress became popular after her role as Lydia Deetz in Tim Burton’s “Beetlejuice”, released in 1988. Since then Winona has been recognized in show business circles, and especially onceshe won the Golden Globe Award as the Best Supporting Actress. This award brought an amazing sum to Winona Ryder’s net worth.

Winona Ryder Net Worth $14 Million

Winona Ryder was born on October 29, 1971, in Olmsted County, Minesota. She was named after the nearby city of Winona. She was given her middle name because Winona’s parents were friends with Laura Huxley, wife of the popular writer Aldous Huxley. Winona Ryder chose her stage name herself as she was inspired by Mitch Ryder, an American musician. When Winona was 7 years old, her family moved to Mendocino County, California into a building without electricity and television sets. When Winona was 12 years old, she enrolled in the American Conservatory Theater and took acting lessons – that was the first step to Winona’s future career as an actress and her net worth rising.

A huge amount of Winona Ryder’s net worth has been earned because of her multiple movie assignments. She has appeared in many hit TV sitcoms, but she made one of the most notable appearances in “Friends”. For audiences Winona Ryder is best known from the movie “The Age of Innocence”, where she played May Welland. For this role she was nominated to for an Academy Award, BAFTA Award and Chicago Film Critics Association Award. Winona’s next really successful appearance was in 2010 when she played Lois Wilson in the movie called “When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story”. For this main role she was also nominated for two awards. In 1994 Winona even appeared in “The Simpsons” as Allison Taylor in the episode called “Lisa’s Rival”. Today Winona Ryder isn’t planning to stop her actress career – even in 2012 she played three different roles which definitely increased Ryder’s net worth. Today Winona Ryder continues her acting career and her net worth still rises.

Winona Ryder is also known as the owner of a Doheny Drive home which is located on Doheny Drive Hollywood Hills. The villa occupies 3,765 square feet of living space – most of them are distributed between 4 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. This Spanish-styled villa was built in 1936. The best known previous owner of it was Elton John. In year 2010 W. Ryder listed her home in Hollywood Hills for $4.1 million. Of course, this was an amazing investment is Winona Ryder’s net worth.

Winona Ryder is also known to Johny Depp’s fans – she was engaged to the famous actor in July 1990, but the couple separated after three years in mid 1993. Johny Depp had a tattoo inscribed “Winona Forever”, which today is changed to “Wino Forever”.

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