Yingluck Shinawatra Net Worth

February 5, 2023
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Yingluck Shinawatra was born on the 21st June 1967, in San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is a businesswomen and politician, best known to the world as the 28th and first female Prime Minister of Thailand, having served in position from 2011 until 2014, when she was removed from her position after being charged with abuse of power, and later corruption.

Have you ever wondered how rich Yingluck Shinawatra is, as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Shinawatra’s wealth is as high as $25 million, an amount earned through her successful careers, active since the early ‘90s.

Yingluck Shinawatra Net Worth $25 Million

Yingluck is the ninth and last child born to Loet Shinawatra and Yindi Ramingwong. She is blood-related to the monarch of Chiang Mai through her maternal grandmother, Princess Chanthip na Chiangmai. Her father, a businessman, provided the best education for his youngest daughter, as she attended Regina Coeli College, a private girls’ school, and then Yupparaj College, after which she enrolled at the Chiang Mai University, studying at its Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration, obtaining a BA Degree in 1988. She then moved to the USA, where she continued her education at the Kentucky State University, from which she acquired an MPA Degree in 1991.

Two years later her career commenced with a job post at Shinawatra Directories, Co., Ltd., as a sales and marketing intern. It was a telephone directory business, started by the AT&T International. After a few months, she was promoted to the position of director of procurement and the director of operations. Three years after joining the Shinawatra Directories, Co., Ltd., she left to become a general director of Rainbow Media, a subsidiary of International Broadcasting Corporation. She eventually rose in ranks and served as Deputy CEO until she decided it was time for a change. In 2002, she became the CEO of Advanced Info Service (AIS), which is the largest mobile phone operator in her native country. In the AIS’ ownership was the Shin Corporation, but which was sold to Temasek Holdings in 2006. After the sale of Shin Corporation, Yingluck left AIS but served as Managing Director of SC Asset Co Ltd. She was later investigated for insider trading, after she made a few moves on the stock market, selling shares of AIS before the sale of the Shin Corporation to Temasek Holdings. However, no charges were filed.

Her political career started in the late 2000s with the formation of the Pheu Thai Party; she became the leader of the party in 2011, and soon after the general election followed. She was the top candidate of the Pheu Thai Party, and after the results came in, her party won 265 seats out of 500-seat parliament. She formed several coalitions to take the majority in parliament, and was then declared as the new Prime Minister with 296 votes for her, while only three disapproved with the decision and 197 abstained voters. She served as Thailand’s Prime Minister from 2011 until 2014, during which time her net worth increased to a large degree. Her reign came to an end in 2014 after the outbreak of the political crisis. Protesters, led by the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, managed to remove her from her position and establish a military junta in Thailand.

During her reign, Yingluck was involved in a rice scheme, in which farmers were allegedly left unpaid and she and her collaborators defrauded the farmers of millions of dollars. This led to a trial, but just a day before the judgment, Yingluck fled the country. The court issued an arrest warrant and rescheduled the verdict date to 27th September 2017. She is facing up to 10 years in jail and permanent ban from politics, if she is convicted, of course. According to some reports, Yingluck is currently in Dubai.

Regarding her personal life, Yingluck has been in a long relationship with Anusom Amornchat; though the two live together, they aren’t married. The couple has one child together, a son Supasek.

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