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July 16, 2023
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Born Shannon Elizabeth Fadal on 7 September 1973 in Houston, Texas USA, of Syrian descent (father) and of Irish, English, Cherokee and German (mother)ancestry, actress Shannon Elizabeth is probably best known for her role in the film “American Pie”(1999). Prior to starting her acting career, Shannon’s beauty was utilised as a fashion model for some time, which contributed significantly to the early Shannon Elizabeth net worth. Working in the film industry,  Shannon has been increasing her net worth as a film producer, too.

So how rich is Shannon Elizabeth? Sources have estimated that Shannon’s net worth is $9 million, which has been accumulated from her various involvements in the film industry, as well as modelling.

Shannon Elizabeth Net Worth $9 Million

In high school, Shannon Elizabeth was a good enough tennis player to consider turning professional. however, her natural ability turned her to the fashion catwalk. Shannon’s net worth also rose as she posed for many magazines, including Playboy and Maxim.

As an actress, Shannon is not only known for her performance in the famous teen comedy film “American Pie”, but also for many other appearances including in TV shows and series. Her television credits include “Step By Step”, “Pacific Blue”, “Just Shoot Me!”, “One on One”, “King of the Hill”, “Dancing with the Stars”, “What Not to Wear”, and “Melissa & Joey”. Shannon also appeared in such movies as “Scary Movie” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”.

In “American Pie” Shannon portrayed a sexy Czechoslovakian student always attracting men`s attention, and for that, Elizabeth was labelled as a sex symbol in the industry. Shannon then appeared in “Tom Cats”, “Thirteen Ghosts”, “Cursed”, “Night of the Demons” and “American Pie II”, all of which helped Shannon Elizabeth to increase her net worth. In all, Shannon Elizabeth has appeared in well over 30 films and TV shows and series.

What is surprising is that Elizabeth is also a professional poker player and has been a participant in a few poker championships. Although Shannon grew up in a quite poor family, it was clearly not an obstacle to her earning so much money.As a professional poker player, Shannon became especially famous since participating in the World Series of Poker from 2005. The pretty actress states that playing poker for her is almost as important as acting in her life. It is certainly true that Elizabeth goes to Las Vegas`s casinos several times a year to play poker.

As regards Shannon`s personal life, she was married to Joseph D. Reitman from 2002 to 2005. From 2008 to 2009 she was dating her dancing partner from the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”, Derek Hough. In 2014 Elizabeth started dating Russell Simmons.

Shannon is a confirmed vegan and a tough environmentalist. Elizabeth is a philanthropist, too, and in collaboration with her former husband Reitman, Elizabeth founded a non-profit animal help organization named Animal Avengers. Its aim is to find new homes for homeless animals.  Shannon has been a frequent participant in many other charity events, especially in the ones related to animals and the environment.

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