Jeremy Jackson Net Worth

December 17, 2023
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Jeremy Jackson.

Jeremy Dunn Jackson was born on 16 October 1980, in Newport Beach, California USA, and is a singer and actor, probably best known to have been part of the TV series “Baywatch” as Hobie Buchannon. He’s also appeared in numerous television shows, reality shows, and publications. All of his endeavors have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Jeremy Jackson? As of early-2017, sources estimate a net worth that is at $300,000, mostly earned through his numerous television appearances, including a significant amount during the peak of the popularity of “Baywatch”. He’s also been a guest in talk shows to talk about his recovery from drug addiction. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will increase.

Jeremy Jackson Net Worth $300,000

Jeremy started his acting career at a young age, becoming part of a commercial for Mattel. He would go on and do numerous commercials before appearing in the show “Santa Barbara”. He also made appearances in other shows such as “Thunder Alley” and “The Wonder Years”.

Jackson first became popular in the action series “Baywatch” which is about Los Angeles County Lifeguards. The show starred David Hasselhoff and was interestingly cancelled after the first season, but somehow re-appeared and became one of the most popular shows around the world. The show started in 1989 and would continue its run until 2001, going through many overhauls before officially ending.

Jeremy’s next major ‘appearance’ would be a “Vanity Fair” 2006 issue. He was also featured in “The Tyra Banks Show” and performs as a singer in various clubs around the country. He also hosts fashion shows and became an endorser for Ed Hardy clothing. He made an appearance in “Confessions of a Teen Idol’ which is a reality show that hopes to help teen idols revitalize their careers; the show ran for eight episodes and was also hosted by former teen idols. During the episode of his appearance, he claimed that he beat Leonardo DiCaprio during the audition for his “Baywatch” character, a statement that David Hasselhoff verified. In 2012, he then worked on the movie “Dreams”, but which was never released. Three years later, he became part of the reality television show “Celebrity Big Brother”. However, he was removed from the show after four days for opening Chloe Goodman’s dressing gown against her will, and incident even investigated by the police.

For his personal life, it is known that Jeremy married longtime girlfriend Loni Willison in 2012; they separated two years later. He’s admitted his drug problem in numerous television shows, an issue that started when he became a part of “Baywatch”. He was arrested in a methamphetamine raid and was sent to drug rehab. He has since beaten his drug addiction and has talked about it on shows such as “The View”. In 2008, a sex tape of him and adult star Sky Lopez was put on sale, and according to Jackson, men threatened him into giving them the tape. In 2011, his recovery from steroid addiction was featured in “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”.

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