Why is Sabre Norris famous? Her Age, Height, Parents, Siblings

April 18, 2024
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Sabre Norris

Sabre Elle Norris was born on 3rd January 2005 in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, and is possibly only known for being the daughter of Olympic swimmer Justin Norris and his wife Brooke.

The oldest of the six Norris siblings, Sabre’s last recorded height and weight are 4ft 7ins (139cms) and 83lbs (38 kilos); however, this is outdated information from her childhood. In December 2023, the brunette confessed that she was having trouble dealing with her weight gain, which she blamed on delayed puberty.

‘The main struggle for me is seeing my size go up, buying bigger and bigger clothes because I’m not fitting into the clothes I was two years ago, or even a year ago,’ Sabre candidly told her 816,000 Instagram followers.


A keen athlete in her own right, Sabre made history in 2016 as the youngest-ever surfer to compete in the open round of the Sydney International Women’s Pro event. A few months later, her viral interview with Karl Stefanovic led to her making an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in which she discussed her future goals, family life, and more.

Apart from surfing, Sabre is also a talented skateboarder who was selected as part of her home country’s skateboarding squad for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Her first skateboarding accolades came in 2018, when she won a silver medal at the X Games, was the runner-up in the Vans Park Series Oceania Championships, and won the Bondi Bowl-A-Rama.

Sabre’s accomplishments are made even more impressive by the fact that she has a Chiari malformation, in which the lower part of the brain pushes down into the spinal canal. Said malformations come with mild to severe symptoms such as dizziness, balance problems, muscle weakness, and neck pain to name a few.



The Norris family also have a strong online presence with four family channels that have accumulated over 11 million subscribers as of 2023. The main channel is “The Norris Nuts”, with its offshoots being “Norris Nuts Cooking”, “Norris Nuts Gaming”, and “Norris Nuts Do Stuff”.

Obviously, Sabre and her younger siblings are the focus of these channels – their most-viewed video, “LETTING OUR KIDS TURN 21 YEARS OLD **GONE WRONG**” has been seen over 32 million times. Many of the videos also consist of one of the siblings winning money or another prize for being the last one to leave the room, a swimming pool, or even the bathroom.

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The Norris Nuts channel peaked in popularity in 2019, and these days most of their videos fail to crack two million views, which is still a considerable number. Although some netizens believed that Sabre would slowly retreat from YouTube after moving out of the family home, she continues to provide content such as “SABRE’S NEW HOUSE TOUR” and “SABRE’S FIRST DAY WAS RUINED”, which were uploaded in late 2023.


Parents Justin and Brooke have often been criticized for their family channels, which are their main source of income. Although Justin is an Olympic swimmer, his sports career came to a grinding halt back in 2004 after he failed to qualify for a single final at the Summer Olympics in Athens. It’s unclear what Justin and Brooke did for a living until they became YouTubers in 2017, but since then they’ve uploaded hundreds of videos on their main channel alone.


Apart from the obvious safety concerns of exposing their children to millions of strangers, Justin and Brooke have come under fire for their strict eating standards, and for sheltering their brood of six. Sabre previously told her followers that she used to count her calories and check her weight every day, and many netizens became concerned when she recently began using dating apps to find a boyfriend.

‘Dating apps are a joke for anyone under 21. She is so far from reality. I’m honestly getting second hand embarrassment,’ one Reddit user wrote, whereas another said: ‘it’s going to be really hard for her to date because of her digital footprint and lack of maturity and social skills. brooke and justin have really set up the kids’ lives for failure with homeschooling and isolating them.’

Moving on to the rest of the Norris siblings, Cerrus ‘Sockie’ was born on 13th February 2007 and has over 700,000 followers on her personal Instagram account. The blonde has two dogs named Pluto and Winky who are her pride and joy, as she often posts videos of herself training them or shares behind-the-scenes photos of the dog shows she attends with them.

Coda ‘Biggy’ is the oldest son of the family, born on 30th January 2009. His parents created and began managing his Instagram account way back in April 2015, which has led some detractors to believe that they were preparing their kids to be mini-influencers from the beginning. Biggy’s interests include singing and playing the guitar, and he shares a great bond with his siblings, especially his youngest sister Charm.


Naz was born on 8th November 2010, and is regarded by some as the black sheep of the siblings. Crafts, sewing, and surfing are her favorite things to do, and she often appears on the family channel to discuss her experiences as a guinea pig owner. Sabre and Naz’s tense relationship is a frequent topic of discussion, as Sabre has previously accused Naz of copying her style, and receiving better treatment from their parents.

The babies of the family, Disco and Charm, were born on 20th June 2018 and 9th December 2019 respectively. Unlike their older siblings who became exposed to social media during their formative years, Disco and Charm had Instagram accounts created for them almost as soon as they’d been born, with Charm reaching 330,000 followers at just three weeks old.

As Brooke recently divulged that the Norris clan would be moving to Bondi sometime in 2024, many followers of the Norris Nuts suggested that she stop homeschooling the children and enroll them all in the public schooling system.

Although the Norris matriarch has yet to reply to these suggestions, we can confirm that she and Justin have snapped up various properties in the area that add up to $40 million – and were, of course, paid for by their family channels and other social media.

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