Who is Justin Bieber’s sister, Allie Bieber? Age, Parents, Biography

April 18, 2024
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Who is Allie Bieber?

Allie Rebelo/Bieber is known for being the popstar Justin Bieber’s stepsister. Born on 7th April 2007 in Canada, Allie is a discreet teenager who doesn’t share much of her life online, although she does have an official Instagram which is run by her parents.


Allie’s stepfather, Jeremy Bieber, was born on 4th June 1975, in Canada. Living a rich and varied life, Jeremy started out as an mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter before eventually settling down into his career as a construction worker.


Jeremy met Justin’s mother, the author and producer Pattie Mallette, when both were just 15 years old. Traumatized by repeated sexual abuse and a rough childhood, Pattie ended the dysfunctional relationship after a couple of years, and was sent to a mental ward after attempting suicide by throwing herself in front of a truck.

Following her release from hospital, Pattie and Jeremy reconnected, leading to an unwanted pregnancy. She gave birth to Justin a month before turning 19, but soon split from Jeremy due to his problems with alcohol.

A self-taught guitar player, Jeremy gave his son classes from a young age, and introduced him to rock bands such as Guns N’ Roses.


Despite the rocky relationship with Pattie, photos show that Jeremy was an active part of his son’s life during his childhood, with the pair going on fishing trips and mountain hikes together.

In the mid-2000s, Jeremy began a relationship with Erin Wagner and they had two children: Jazmyn Kathleen, born on 30th May 2008, and Jaxon born in 2009. The close bond between Justin and his younger siblings is well-documented: from red carpets to studio sessions, the worldwide heartthrob has shown himself to be a devoted big brother on many occasions.

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When the relationship between Jeremy and Erin disintegrated, he wasted little time in finding love with Allie’s mother, Chelsey Rebelo. After dating for several years, they became husband and wife in an intimate 2018 ceremony. In the same year, the couple’s only daughter together to date, Bay Bieber, was born. Bay’s childhood so far has been well-documented, with the little cutie boasting almost half a million Instagram followers.

2018 was an especially happy year for the Bieber family, with Justin marrying model Hailey Baldwin.


The couple have been through their fair share of ups and downs but manage to juggle their busy careers with married life: and they haven’t ruled out having children in the future either.

Justin’s fanbase, the ‘Beliebers’, have a special place in their heart for the younger Biebers, with their nickname for Jazmyn being ‘Princess’, and who is said to be inseparable from Allie, with the pair frequently appearing on each other’s social media.


Over the years, the Bieber family has been plagued by online and real-life controversy. Although most fans have swept these incidents under the carpet, the internet never forgets, as demonstrated by articles which feature a timeline of Justin’s most potentially damaging scandals.

Back in 2011, a female named Mariah Yeater shocked the world by claiming that Justin – then 17 and three years younger than her – was the father of her three-month-old infant. Advised by his PR team, Justin made the results of his negative paternity test public in order to dispel the worrisome rumors.

Two years later, Justin’s squeaky-clean image was sullied by images of him sneaking out of a Brazilian brothel; in the same year, a prostitute also took a sneak selfie with the singer and sold the image to the press for an unknown sum of money.

The popstar’s legal troubles began in 2014, when he was taken into police custody – along with a friend – for driving under the influence, driving without a valid license, and resisting arrest. Justin’s toxicology report revealed traces of anti-anxiety medication and marijuana, and his mugshot went viral around the world.


Mere months later, the musician was charged with egging his neighbor’s house and causing almost $100,000 in damages, and in September of the same year, the “Baby” hitmaker was arrested in his hometown for reckless driving and assault.

Around 300,000 disgruntled Americans signed a petition to the White House which demanded the Canadian superstar’s deportation following said arrests; luckily for Justin, the petition was dismissed.

2014 was, without a doubt, the Bieber family’s ‘annus horribilis’: Jeremy was accused by media outlet TMZ of throwing a pitbull puppy off a second-floor balcony after the pet allegedly bit one of his young children. The salacious news was never confirmed, but that didn’t stop animal activists from vilifying Jeremy.

Jeremy has also been accused of enabling his son’s past drug use and destructive behavior, with inside sources claiming that the family patriarch, along with others, closed off a residential street so his son could drag race.

Luckily, things turned around for Justin in the following years, as the pop legend stopped taking drugs and turned to religion to battle his inner demons. Jeremy has also been keeping on the straight and narrow lately, and the other Biebers are equally unproblematic for now.

As for Pattie, she’s spent the last few years dedicating herself to charity work and working on her upcoming foundation ‘Round 2’ which will focus on helping survivors of addiction, cutting, and bullying, as well as teen mothers such as herself.


In the past, Pattie has championed causes such as making clean water available for all.

Net Worth

Having sold over 150 million records worldwide, Justin Bieber’s net worth, which he shares with his wife Hailey, is reportedly a staggering $285 million. Merchandise sales and sold-out tours also contribute to Justin’s fortune, as well as his occasional movie appearances and documentary releases.

Jeremy, who currently works as a producer and social media personality, is reportedly worth $5 million. As for Allie, her net worth is unknown, and at age 14 is probably minimal. It’s not known what her future aspirations are, but she loves traveling, fashion, and spending time with her younger sister Bay.

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