Where is Wallace Langham now? Wife, Net Worth, Children

April 18, 2024
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Who is Wallace Langham?

Langham is an award-winning American actor, perhaps still best known to the world as Phil in the TV series “The Larry Sanders Show” (1992-1998) and as David Hodges in the TV series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (2003-2015), in addition to numerous other roles that he’s secured so far in his career.

Where is Wallace Langham Now?

Wallace is in his late 50s and still an active member of the industry. His most recent appearances include as Melville Phipps in the Primetime Emmy Award-nominated historical crime-drama series “Perry Mason”, about a defense attorney and his work in the early 1930s Los Angeles, starring Matthew Rhys, Shea Whigham and Eric Lange.

Moreover, he was Auggie Cartwright in the TV comedy-drama series “Physical” (2021-2022), which stars Rose Byrne, Rory Scovel, and Dierdre Friel.

Wallace Langham Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

James Wallace Langham II was born on 11 March 1965 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, the son of James Langham, an elevator repairman, and Sunni, a costume designer.

After high school, Wallace enrolled at California State University, Northridge, from which he obtained his degree.

Career Beginnings

Before making his acting debut, Langham studied acting under Dick Van Patten. He met Rip Torn, a fellow actor and Texan, when he was 27 years old, who helped him kick-start his acting career.

Wallace made his debut in 1985 with the role of Art in the romantic sci-fi comedy film “Weird Science”, starring Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith and Kelly LeBrock, among others.

The same year, Wallace appeared in the film “Thunder Run”, with Forrest Tucker, John Ireland and John Shepherd in the lead roles, and featured in the award-winning television drama movie “Children of the Night”, which starred Kathleen Quinlan, Nicholas Campbell and Mario Van Peebles.


The following year, Wallace portrayed Mark Ratner in the TV series adaptation of the hit film “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, entitled simply “Fast Times”, with Claudia Wells, Courtney Thorne-Smith and James Nardini in the lead roles.

In 1988, he co-starred in the sci-fi comedy film “The Invisible Kid”, written and directed by Avery Crounse, with Jay Underwood and Chynna Phillips completing the main cast. Furthermore, he starred with John Glover and Ian Mitchell-Smith in the drama film “The Chocolate War”, and finished the decade with the part of Backwash in the romantic comedy film “Under the Boardwalk”, starring Richard Joseph Paul, Danielle von Zerneck and Keith Coogan.


The ’90s and Rise to Prominence

During the first few years of his career, he went under the pseudonym of Wally Ward, but as he entered the ’90s, he started going under his real name. His first role in the new decade was Willis Teirlebaum in the TV drama series “WIOU” (1990-1991), and featured in the romantic drama film “Vital Signs” (1990), with Adrian Pasdar, Diane Lane and Jack Gwaltney in the lead roles.

Wallace was next cast as Phil, the head writer for TV show host Larry Sanders in the TV comedy series “The Larry Sanders Show” (1992-1998), becoming his breakthrough role as the series became a classic, winning three Primetime Emmy Awards and over 40 other awards. He starred in all 89 episodes, which earned him OFTA Television Award in the category for Best Actor in a Cable Series. While on the set, he met fellow actor Rip Torn, who became his mentor and close friend until Torn died in 2019 – Wallace was a pallbearer at Torn’s funeral.

Wallace worked on numerous other projects during the ’90s, which included the drama film “God’s Lonely Man” (1996), written and directed by Francis von Zerneck, with Jamie Walters and Kyle Kelley in the lead roles, then the fantasy comedy-drama film “Michael”, starring John Travolta, Andie MacDowell, and William Hurt.


Moreover, he was chosen for the role of the gay character Josh Blair, in the TV comedy series “Veronica’s Closet” (1997-2000); this was another successful project for Wallace, as the series won several awards, and earned a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

He continued his career with television roles, such as Andy French in the TV series “Mission Hill” (1999-2002), and as Mark Ludlow in “What About Joan” (2000-2001).

“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and Other Roles

In 2003, Wallace was selected for another long-running role as lab technician David Hodges, joining the main cast in the third season of the multiple Primetime Emmy Award-winning mystery crime-drama series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, consisting of William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, and George Eads, among other stars of the series.

He was one of the main characters until the series’ end in 2015, during which time his popularity soared through the roof. As he appeared in over 70 episodes.

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Concurrently, Wallace pursued other projects – in 2006 he played Kirby in the Academy Award-winning comedy-drama film “Little Miss Sunshine”, which starred Steve Carell, Toni Collette and Greg Kinnear, and was Dan Green in Sean McGinly’s adventure comedy-drama film “The Great Buck Howard” (2008), with Colin Hanks, John Malkovich and Tom Hanks in the lead roles.

The same year, Wallace co-starred in Michael Melski’s comedy-drama film “Growing Op”, alongside Steven Yaffe and Jon Cor, while in 2010, he appeared in the Oscar-winning biopic about Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook, entitled “The Social Network”, directed by David Fincher and starring Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake.

In 2012 he portrayed Warred in the award-winning fantasy comedy-drama film “Ruby Sparks”, which stars Zoe Kazan, who also wrote the film, and then appeared as Saul Bass in the biopic “Hitchcock”, which follows the relationship between the legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and his wife Alma Reville during the filming of “Psycho”, starring Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johansson.


In 2014, he was cast in the award-winning sci-fi action drama “Transcendence”, which starred Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, and Morgan Freeman, and played Mike in the third installment of the widely-praised series “Taken”, starring Liam Neeson.

The “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” series ended with the television movie “CSI: Immortality” (2015), after which Wallace continued his career with a couple of minor roles, as Dr. Van Holtzman in the TV series “Castle”, then as Mr. Putney in “Scream Queens”, and Robert in “Mike & Molly”. He was Arthur Schlesinger in the film “LBJ” (2016), about US President Lyndon B. Johnson, then portrayed Henry in the film “Battle of the Sexes” (2017), while in 2018 he played Dr. Viceroy in the award-winning action-adventure film “The Darkest Minds”.

The same year, he portrayed famous American TV and film producer Aaron Spelling, in the television biopic about French actor Herve Villechaize, co-star of the TV series “Fantasy Island”, entitled “My Dinner with Herve”, which starred Peter Dinklage, Jamie Dorman and Frida Munting – Herve took his own life when he was 50 years old.


In 2019, Wallace portrayed Dr. Granger in the biopic “Ford v Ferrari”, which focused on the battle between car designer Carroll Shelby and driver Ken Mills against Enzo Ferrari, to build a race-winning car for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966.

The same year he portrayed Harold Weisner in the TV series “For All Mankind”, and in 2021, he returned as David Hodges in the TV crime-drama series “CSI: Vegas”.

Net Worth

As of mid- 2022, Wallace Langham’s net worth has been estimated at $2 million, earned through his successful acting career, during which he’s appeared in more than 130 film and TV titles.

Personal Life, Dating, Married, Wife, Children

Wallace has been married three times. His first wife was Laura, whom he met on the set of the film “Weird Science” (1985). The two met in 1986 and had two children, Alex and Chloe, before divorcing in 1998.

His second wife was Karey Richard; the couple was married from 3 November 2002 until 14 February 2012.

Langham married for the third time to Melissa Voyages on 30 May 2015; the two are still together.


Wallace was charged with battery after beating a gay tabloid journalist, with the man saying that Langham yelled homophobic slurs at him. He pleaded no contest and was given three years’ probation and 450 hours of community service for gay and lesbian charities. He was also ordered to donate $10,000 to the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center.

In a statement for the press, Wallace claimed that he supports gay rights, and that he wouldn’t attack anyone if there wasn’t a reason for it.

Appearance and Vital Statistics

The prominent actor is known for his gray hair and piercing blue eyes. He stands at a height of 5ft 10ins (1.78m), while he weighs approximately 158lbs (72kgs). His vital statistics are unknown, though he has an average figure.

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