Where is the man who allegedly killed two wives, Harold Henthorn now?

March 22, 2024
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Who is Harold Henthorn?

Harold Henthorn is an American businessman, who came to the limelight following the death of his wife, Toni Bertolet, who fell off a mountain cliff, being the main accused of her murder.

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Where is Harold Henthorn Now?

Harold Henthorn was found guilty of killing his wife, Toni Henthorn, which happened during a hike near Estes Park. He’s been convicted and is serving a life sentence, confined at a federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA.

Harold Henthorn Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Harold Henthorn was born on 10 January 1992 in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. He hasn’t revealed the names of his parents and their vocations, while it’s known that he has a brother named Rob.

Although born in Mississippi, he grew up in Washington, D.C., where he attended a local public high school. After matriculation, Harold enrolled at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, but ended up in Kentucky, where he studied business and geology. However, he settled in Colorado after falling in love with the rugged and gorgeous terrain of the Rocky Mountains.


Death of Harold Henthorn’s First Wife

Before Toni, Harold was married. However, that marriage ended in a tragic death, and rather controversial circumstances. According to reports, Lynn Henthorn,died in 1995 when they were on a camping track, and their tire went flat. Lynn was helping him change the tire, and when she dropped a lug nut, she crawled under the vehicle to retrieve it. However, as she bent down, the car fell off a jack, and Lynn was crushed to death.

Her death was ruled an accident, and Toni collected on her life insurance. This first case helped Harold to subsequently be accused of the murder of his second wife.

Nevertheless, Harold continued with his life and invested the $496,000 he got from the insurance policy on his wife’s death.


Second Marriage and Killing of Toni Bertolet

Harold and Toni Bertolet met in 1999 through an online Christian dating website. Toni was a successful eye surgeon, while Harold introduced himself as a wealthy businessman, and a volunteer who organizes fundraisers for schools and churches. They moved to Colorado from Jackson, Mississippi; at first, it was hard for Toni to adjust to a new place and new life, but she quickly started feeling happy about all the opportunities. The two were apparently living a happy life, and she gave birth to their daughter Haley in 2005.

Seven years into the future, Harold and Toni are on a Deer Mountain trail in the Rocky Mountain National Park. They were enjoying their time together, enjoying the view, but after an hour into their hiking trip, Ton fell off a steep 130 feet cliff to the ground.


Harold waited 45 minutes to call 911, and once the operator answered his call, he said his location and Toni had suffered a head injury. When the EMT ranger arrived at around 8 PM, Toni was dead.

Police questioned Harold about the circumstances surrounding Toni’s death. However, he said that he didn’t see when Toni fell, saying that he was reading a text message. However, his story changed a few times, saying that Toni slipped while trying to take a picture, and that she wandered too close to the edge.

Before the tragic incident, Toni was hospitalized after what seems to be Harold’s attack. They were spending the night at Harold’s cabin in the west of Denver; when their daughter fell asleep, Harold asked Toni to help him clear debris. However, Toni was struck on her neck with a blunt force and had to go to a hospital. Harold later told her that a large chunk of lumber fell off the porch and hit her.

The moment they heard, Toni’s parents knew that Harold caused this. The same was for Toni’s death, as they were the first to claim that he pushed her.


When the police started the investigation into Toni’s premature death, they discovered numerous inconsistencies in Harold’s statements. For instance, he told the ranger that they were taking the Bear trail hike but instead went to Deer Mountain. Moreover, he said that he was there just once. However, his phone showed that he was there multiple times in the weeks before the event. Furthermore, police found a map of the entire park in his car, and a pink X mark on the exact spot where Toni fell.

There were further discrepancies in his statements which led to him being charged with first-degree murder.

Nevertheless, following Toni’s death, Harold got a hold of $4.7 million from life insurance as he made himself the beneficiary just a month before Toni’s death.

This was yet another piece of evidence that Harold had something to do with Toni’s death. This made the police look into the death of his first wife. In 2015 he received a life sentence for shoving his second wife off a cliff.

Toni’s and Harold’s daughter Haley is now under her uncle’s guardianship, Toni’s brother.

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