What is Sophia Hutchins Famous for? Her Age, Gender, Dating, Bio

April 18, 2024
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Who is Sophia Hutchins?

American businesswoman, social media personality and reality TV star Sophia Hutchins was born male under the zodiac sign Taurus on 6 May 1996 in the USA; the name given to her at birth was Scott. She’s perhaps only known for being in a relationship with Caitlyn Jenner, an American social media personality, model, businesswoman and Olympian. Caitlyn’s 47 years older than Sophia, as she was born on 28 October 1949, named Bruce Jenner, and won the Olympic decathlon gold medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. It was in 2015 that Caitlyn revealed her gender change, and became famous worldwide for the show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

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Education and early life

Sophia was raised in the US by her mother and father about whom she doesn’t usually talk on the internet; it’s believed that they aren’t supportive of her transition, and thus aren’t on good terms with her. Sophia’s believed to be an only child, mostly because she hasn’t talked about having siblings.

She studied at Eastside Catholic School and was passionate about various activities while there, as she ran track, played soccer and appeared in a couple of school plays; it was also during this time that she began noticing that she felt more female than male.

Sophia matriculated in 2015, and then continued her education at Pepperdine University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in finance and economics in 2019; she came out as transgender to her family and friends during college, and it’s widely believed that her parents didn’t take it well.


Sophia’s career

Sophia’s today the owner and CEO of the sunscreen company LUMASOL, while she’s also the CEO of the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, and is Caitlyn’s manager.

Most viewed YouTube videos

Sophia’s quite popular on YouTube despite not having her own channel; this is because various users have uploaded videos of Sophia, most of which are about her relationship with Caitlyn Jenner. We’ll cover the three most popular amongst these as they’ve contributed to Sophia’s popularity on the internet.

Her #1 video “Caitlyn Jenner’s Partner Describes Their Relationship” has been watched more than 1.2 million people since it was posted by Nicki Swift on 9 October 2018, and features Sophia talking about her relationship with Caitlyn in an interview.

Sophia’s second most popular video “Sophia Hutchins and Girlfriend Caitlyn Jenner Return From New York” has been viewed nearly 500,000 times since it was posted by X17 Online Video on 10 March 2018, and features Caitlyn and Sophia coming back from a trip to New York following International Women’s Day.

Sophia’s #3 video “Sophia Breaks Silence Regarding her and Caitlyn Jenner’s Relationship [Teaser Video]” has been watched more than 200,000 times since it was posted by Hidden Truth Show on 3 October 2018; similar to the #1 video, it features Sophia talking about her relationship with Caitlyn.

Presence on the internet

Sophia’s quite active on the internet, and has shared close to 900 pictures and videos on the network, while she’s today followed by nearly 250,000 people; most of her content shows her during her everyday life, whether she’s spending time with Caitlyn, attending various events or showing off her make-up.


Sophia’s only recently launched her TikTok account, which is today followed by a few over 23,000 people; she uploaded a couple of videos, and these were watched over 12,000 times prior to Sophia deleting them for unknown reasons.

Sophia launched her Twitter account in March 2020 – only a single person is following her on the network as she hasn’t tweeted a single time; she’s following 17 accounts, meaning that she does use the network, mostly to chat with her close friends and family members.

Sofia’s highly active on Facebook, and has over 2,400 friends on the network; her bio section still reads that she works at Coca-Cola Bottling Company USA, which is one of her former jobs. She tends to upload new pictures and videos every month, and her most recent update was on 11 December 2023, when she shared several pictures featuring her showing off her pretty face.

Love life and relationships

Sophia and Caitlyn didn’t initially confirm that they were in a relationship but rather kept this hidden from media. In 2019, Sophia gave an interview to Piers Morgan on the show “Good Morning Britain”, and she later claimed on her social media accounts that Piers had asked her inappropriate questions about her and Caitlyn’s relationship, also that several tabloids lied when writing that she and Caitlyn were dating or engaged.

It was only later that it was confirmed that the two were romantically linked, after they moved in together; they also have a pet dog Baxter, who can be seen featured in some of Sophia and Caitlyn’s Instagram pictures and videos.

We don’t know about other women or men whom Sophia’s perhaps dated; she’s in a relationship with Caitlyn Jenner as of January 2024, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.


Interesting facts and hobbies

Sophia enjoys being active on the internet and spends a lot of her spare time making content for her social media accounts.

She loves to travel and has been all around the US together with Caitlyn, while they’ve also been to various European countries; Sophia’s dream travel destination’s Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

She loves animals, with dogs being her favorites.

Sophia’s physically quite active as she works out at the gym nearly every day, while she also enjoys playing tennis and dancing.

Some of her favorite actresses are Emma Stone, Meryl Streep and Emma Watson, and a couple of Sophia’s favorite movies include “The Favourite”, “Easy A” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love”.

Net worth, height and age

Sophia’s age is 27. Her hair’s blonde and eyes are blue, she’s 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall and weighs about 120lbs (55kgs).

Sophia’s net worth’s been estimated at over $200,000, as of January 2024, and her girlfriend Caitlyn’s at more than $100 million.

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