Where is serial killer Ted Bundy’s daughter Rose today? Sad life

April 18, 2024
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Who is Rose Bundy?

Rose Bundy, also referred to as “Rosa” by her parents, was famously known as the only daughter of the notorious American serial killer, Ted Bundy. After the death of her father, many have wondered what may have happened to Rosa and her mother. What was her life after the devastating and traumatic tragedy that is her past?

Family background and history

Who is Ted Bundy?

Theodore Robert ‘Ted’ Cowell – who later took the surname ‘Bundy’ – was born on 24 November 1946, in Burlington, Vermont USA. He is the first born of Eleonor Louise Cowell, but his father’s identity remained unknown.

His mother was 22 years old and unmarried when he was born.  According to a book written by Ann Rule, entitled “A Stranger Beside Me,” his mother claims to have been seduced by a sailor named Jack Worthington, who left after getting her pregnant.


However, when his birth records were retrieved, a man named Lloyd Marshall, a US Air Force veteran was registered as his biological father, however, this remains unconfirmed. With that, he was initially placed and fostered in Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers, to avoid the stigma during that time about having children outside marriage.

During his toddler years, he was brought to her mother’s family home, where she introduced herself around as Ted’s older sister, and her parents took full responsibility for becoming his believed biological parents. Because of that, many speculated that his grandfather, Samuel Cowell may have been responsible for the pregnancy of his daughter. However, in recent years, a psychologist named Dorothy Otnow Lewis claimed to have compared a DNA test between Samuel and Ted, and later confirmed that the claim was false.

Neighbors of the family confirmed that they were a troubled household.


His grandfather was known as an alcoholic who would later turn violent towards his wife and children, while his grandmother stayed obedient to her husband, but suffered a lot from depression. Nevertheless, Ted had nothing to do but accept the environment he was living in, and when growing up even looked up to his grandfather as his role model.

During his teenage years, he confirmed through a cousin the truth about his true parents, when he found his real birth certificate and started resenting his mother.

In 1952, his mother married Johnny Culpepper Bundy, and they had four kids together. Johnny adopted Ted, hence the change of surname, but Ted wasn’t fond of his new family, and instead started distancing himself, and lived life on his own.

His entire childhood – resentment, lies and anger – are believed to have contributed to his sociopathic and manipulative behavior that led to his future crimes.

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In contrast to this, Bundy was known as charismatic, charming, and book smart, even attending law school at the University of Utah. However, these qualities would be used for horrific and death-defying crimes involving young women.

Crime History

Ted Bundy became known as the sociopathic narcissist driving his 1968 Volkswagen Beetle, into which he would lure victims, and proceed to sexually assault and later kill them.

One thing to note about Ted’s killings is that his victims had particular qualities— young white women with long straight hair parted in the middle.

This takes us back to his former and probably his first love, Diane Edwards, who was a pristine, beautiful, elegant woman who came from a wealthy clan. He was challenged by her qualities, so applied to several law schools, but was declined. With this, Edwards broke it off, leaving Bundy with a vicious desire for revenge, lead him to commit heinous crimes toward women who looked like his ex-.

Throughout his trial, he was the first accused to represent himself in court as his defense attorney; his was also the first televised case in the US.


Accusations were thrown at him left and right, but he managed to manipulate the situation, and even gained a huge number of followers from young ladies across the country.

After losing the trial and being put on death row, he proceeded to admit a few of his crimes, to prolong his days before execution, and to possibly reduce his sentence. He later confessed to psychologist Art Norman, that his first kidnapping occurred in Ocean City, New Jersey in 1969. However, his killing started in 1971, admitting that he murdered two women in Atlantic City, NJ while visiting his family in Philadelphia.

He then went on a killing spree from 1972 to 1974 but refused to elaborate on details of the murders. He eventually confessed to a total of 30 killings, however, based on the many missing women and deaths, the court speculated that there were at least a hundred murders committed by him, but never confirmed.


On 24 January 1989, at 7:00 in the morning, Bundy was executed in the electric chair in Florida.

Who is Carole Ann Boone?

Carole Anne Boone was born on 1 January 1947 in Olympia, Washington, USA. There was little to no information about her childhood, as she kept her life away from the media.

In 1974, she worked at the Washington State Department of Emergency Services, responsible for having a centralized emergency response system during incidents and disasters. Her co-workers described her as smart and competent, and also very mature, portraying a mother-like figure to them.

Prior to her marriage with Bundy, she was divorced twice, and had a teenage son named Jamey Boone.

After the traumatic events in her life with the serial killer, she lived most of her life in private and away from the limelight. She was last seen in Seattle, and later passed away in 2018 aged 70.


First meeting and marriage

Bundy and Boone met in 1974 when they were working together at the Washington State Department of Emergency Services. Boone was a single mother with a teenage son, and recently divorced. On the other hand, Bundy was with long-term girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer and fathered her young daughter named Molly. He was studying psychology and law at the University of Washington.

Bundy admitted convincing her into having an affair with Boone, but she turned him down. They remained in a platonic relationship, until they met once again. Boone has no idea of the killings of Bundy, and stood by him as a character reference during his court trials. She even smuggled money to help him escape when he was detained in Colorado.

In 1980, Bundy made a marriage proposal to Boone and tied the knot in front of the judge during one of his trials.

What was the truth about Ted and Carole’s relationship?

Bundy was considered a sociopathic narcissist, and people of that nature do not have feelings or emotion, but can fake emotion to manipulate and gaslight.

During Bundy and Carole’s controversial marriage, it was later revealed that he didn’t fall in love with Boone, but made her a prop to reduce his sentence, and divert people’s attention to his charms and looks, and away from his heinous crimes. He used his marriage to make himself look like a family person, and that he was incapable of doing such horrible things.

Rose Bundy – controversial birth, early life, and background

Not long after the controversial wedding, Boone became pregnant with their only daughter, Rose Bundy.

A few speculative theories arose about Boone conceiving a child while Bundy was on death row. In a recorded interview with Boone, she stated that after the wedding, they kept staring at the window, with a black guard being nice to them. They performed intercourse behind the water fountain, in the bathroom, or behind the vending machine. There were also speculations that she brought a condom, and returned with sperm inside, and got away with it undetected.

Rose Bundy was born on 24 October 1982.



Boone believed that Bundy was innocent, hence the reason why she stayed beside him during the trial. However, when he was on death row, when he knew that he’d lost the case, he took advantage of the situation, and revealed the crimes one by one, to prolong his time to live.

The revelations triggered Boone to file for divorce from Bundy, three years before he was executed. He stopped receiving phone calls from her, and she refused to let Bundy see their daughter. They moved several states away and have maintained their privacy until now.

What happened to Rose Bundy? Where is she now?

With the agonizing truth about her father, Rose Bundy alongside her mother and half-siblings moved several states away.

Sources state that she is 40, living in Oklahoma with her husband and children, and identifies herself now as “Abigail Griffin” or “Amapola White”.

Rose was once brought in for an interview with a former colleague of Boone and Bundy, but stated that she grew up nothing like her father, not having inherited any of his personality traits. She is intelligent and kind, deserved privacy, and to stay away and distance herself from the disgusting truth about her serial killer father.

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