Where is René Elizondo Jr. Today? His Age, Spouse, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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René Elizondo Jr. is a Mexican songwriter, music video director and dancer, who developed a passion for the performing arts from a young age. Fueled by his commitment to becoming a professional dancer, Elizondo dedicated his efforts to honing his skills.

In the 90s, his journey led him to the United States, where he found a role as a backup dancer for LaToya Jackson, the fifth and middle child of the renowned Jackson family. During this time, René Elizondo Jr. became romantically linked to Janet Jackson, a connection that thrust him further into the public eye.

In exploring René Elizondo Jr.’s current endeavours and examining the trajectory of his career, we can gain insights into his life and the path he’s taken in the world of music, dance, and entertainment.

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Early Personal Life

René Elizondo Jr. was born on 16 July 1962, in Durango, Mexico, USA. However, details about his childhood, including the identities and professions of his parents, remain undisclosed. While it is known that he has a younger brother named Yuri Elizondo, who is also involved in show business, René has chosen to keep much of his early life private.


Information regarding René’s educational background is also shrouded in mystery, and his life before rising to prominence as a renowned dancer and music video director remains elusive.



Embracing a passion for the performing arts, particularly dance, from a young age René dedicated himself to becoming a professional dancer, as a backup dancer for Latoya Jackson.

It was through this association that he crossed paths with Janet Jackson, leading to the initiation of a professional collaboration that eventually evolved into a romantic relationship.

Transitioning into the role of Janet’s backup dancer, René began to explore and show off his songwriting talents. This marked the beginning of a creative partnership with Janet, with the two collaborating closely on numerous songs.

Expanding on his list of achievements, René made significant contributions as a director, overseeing the creation of several music videos, including Janet’s “That’s the Way Love Goes” in 1993 and “Together Again, Deeper Remix” four years later.

He also directed the music video for the Backstreet Boys‘ song “Chances.”

As his career continued to flourish, there emerged a distance between René and Janet, impacting their romantic relationship. After nine years of marriage, the couple parted, leading to a highly publicised divorce.

Despite the challenges of their split, René’s public profile saw a surge in popularity. The media scrutiny surrounding their separation culminated in a divorce settlement, which included a substantial sum of $15 million, along with other assets. This phase marked a significant chapter in René’s personal and professional journey.

Post-divorce, René persevered in his professional journey, and currently holds the position of Creative Director at Anvil Case Co. This role showcases his ongoing commitment to the creative realm, contributing his expertise to the operations of the company.


Interesting Facts

Unfortunately, there are no details about René’s hobbies or preferences to report on.

Later Personal Life

In the late 1980s, the initial connection between Janet Jackson and René, who was a director/songwriter at the time, was made possible through a mutual friend. This introduction blossomed into an instant connection, leading to the beginning of their romantic relationship.

The timing of their union held significance for Janet, as she had recently ended her relationship with James DeBarge, and sought freedom from associations involving drug use.

Reflecting on this period in a documentary series, Janet expressed the need for a positive change, acknowledging that she required a lift in her life. René, with his humorous and enjoyable nature, became the ideal companion during this phase, endearing himself to Janet in an undeniable manner. Their connection was marked by shared laughter and a sense of fun, making René an integral part of Janet ‘s life during that time.

Janet accepted René’s proposal, saying yes when he asked during a rain-soaked moment on a beach. This heartfelt engagement led to a secret marriage, kept private until René initiated divorce proceedings nine years later.

They were married on 31 March 1991 by a priest at their shared home in Northern San Diego County and did not elope. The intimate ceremony included the presence of Janet’s mother, René’s parents, and their closest friends.


In addition to their marital bond, René and Janet shared an active involvement in the music industry. René contributed significantly by directing music videos for several of Janet’s singles, and penning lyrics for approximately 37 of her songs. Their collaborative efforts were emblematic of both their personal and professional connection.

Throughout their 13-year journey together, Janet and René were not just life partners; they were also best friends and collaborators in the truest sense, at least according to them.

It’s unclear why the couple’s relationship soured ,and why they decided to go their separate ways after being together for so long.

Although sources indicate that the divorce was finalised in January 1999, the legal processes extended into the following year.


The post-divorce period took a contentious turn when René sued Janet for over $10 million, alleging a breach of an asset-based agreement. After three years of legal proceedings, the former couple reportedly reached a mutually advantageous settlement, concluding both the legal dispute and their ongoing relationship.

Despite the legal challenges, it appears that René and Janet have managed to maintain a positive relationship throughout the years.

Presently living in California, René remains actively engaged in the entertainment sector, wearing multiple hats as a director, singer, photographer, and the host of the podcast “Pretty Messed Up.”

Committed to building a new chapter in his life, he married his longtime girlfriend, Britt Coelho in August 2010. Britt is a successful luxury real estate agent and businesswoman, but there is no detailed information regarding the details of her occupation. Their family expanded with the arrival of a daughter in October of the following year, reflecting René’s dedication to embracing life’s positive changes.

René’s current endeavours, coupled with the happiness derived from his family life, suggest that he has successfully moved forward and found contentment.


Janet Damita Jo Jackson, born on 16 May 1966, in Gary, Indiana, USA, the youngest among the ten children of Joseph and Katherine. Her siblings, a musical family in their own right, include Randy, La Toya, Rebbie, and Tito. Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon, and Michael.

Janet’s journey into the realm of music commenced at a remarkably young age. At the tender age of seven, she took her initial steps toward a future as a successful musician. However, before making a mark with her early musical work, Janet embarked on an acting career. Her early forays into acting included roles in TV series such as “A New Kind of Family,” “Diff’rent Strokes,” and “Good Times.”

Janet’s musical journey truly began with her debut album, “Janet Jackson” in 1982. However, it was her subsequent albums which solidified her status as a highly successful artist. 1986’s “Control” achieved five times platinum status, and her next album, released in 1989, “Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814,” achieved six times platinum status.

The album “janet.” not only topped charts in America and various countries worldwide but also earned multiple platinum certifications. Janet’s latest album, “Unbreakable,” was released in 2015.

Physical Characteristics

René is 5ft 9ins (175cms) tall, weighs about 121lbs (58kgs), an has black hair and dark brown eyes.

Net Worth

René enjoyed a long and very lucrative career, earning himself decent wealth to be proud of. As of early 2024, his estimated net worth is an impressive $9 million.

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