What movies has Fivel Stewart been in? Her Age, Height, Boyfriend

April 18, 2024
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Fivel Stewart, an American actress and singer, is probably best known for her recurring role in the television series “Atypical,” which aired on Netflix. The former child actress has also ventured into music, contributing as the main vocalist for the bands “My Allowance” and “5L”, and has toured alongside popular Disney singers such as Mitchel Musso and Demi Lovato. Additionally, Fivel has achieved success as a member of the main cast in Fox’s “Alert: Missing Persons Unit” and Netflix’s “The Recruit.”

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Early Years and Family

Born Trente Heavyn Stewart on 4 November 1996, in Beverly Hills, California, Fivel is the daughter of Nils Allen Stewart and Renee Stewart. She hails from a diverse heritage, with Russian-Scottish lineage and Blackfoot roots from her father, and Japanese-Korean-Chinese ancestry from her mother’s side. Raised alongside her three siblings—Maegan, Sage, and Booboo—Fivel grew up in a middle-class household on a vast ranch property.

Immersed in the Hollywood entertainment world from a young age, Fivel’s exposure came through her father Nils, a professional stunt co-ordinator. It was no surprise that acting became a shared passion among the Stewart siblings, with Booboo finding global success in the “Twilight Saga” movie franchise as Seth Clearwater, while Maegan specialized in stunt work.

Despite their parents’ divorce along the way, the siblings maintain a healthy relationship with both. Fivel emphasizes that they experienced the best of both worlds. Their father, a strict disciplinarian, set the tone for their days, starting with early mornings, prayers, or church visits (as their father was Catholic), followed by gym sessions, meetings, dance classes, and martial arts training, all aimed to equip them with skills for their future endeavors.

Conversely, their mother provided a sense of freedom. Fivel fondly remembers times when her mother, while dating someone new, allowed her to sit in the front seat of the car, blasting her favorite music. Unlike a conventional parent, her mother didn’t impose strict behavioral rkes, allowing the siblings to express their natural personalities without conforming to societal norms.



While there is limited information about Fivel’s educational background, reports indicate that she attended a traditional school until the fifth grade. Following that, her parents opted for home-schooling.

Career Beginnings

Fivel embarked on her career in both TV and movies at the age of seven, taking an hiatus during her adolescent years. However, she devoted her time to music during this time, singing and performing with a couple of bands.

Child Actress

Her debut on American TV occurred in the fourth season of the teen drama series “The O.C.,” in an episode entitled “The Avengers” in which she was credited as the ‘Little Girl asking for a comic book.’ Subsequently, she was featured in the 2004 movie “Yard Sale”, portraying the character Chrissy Deavers. Concurrently, she secured a recurring role as Betty in the supernatural daytime series “Dante’s Cove” for two seasons, and during this period, she was also a part of the main cast in the action movie “Pit Fighter,” released in 2005.

Playing music with bands

Given that music was an integral part of her upbringing, Fivel, along with her siblings, developed a love for singing. Fivel entered the music scene as a member of the group “My Allowance.” It was through this band that she had the opportunity to tour across the country, performing in front of audiences as large as 10,000 people provided her with a unique sense of fulfillment compared to her experiences in filmmaking. Describing herself as an energetic person, Fivel expressed her love for the vibrant energy she receives from the audience each time she takes the stage, noting, ‘Performing on stage is the most exciting thing you could ever do.’

Later on, she formed another band named “5L,” a clever play on her name. In this venture, her younger brother Booboo joined as the guitarist, while Fivel assumed the role of the lead singer.

The experiences gained while performing with these bands became significant memories for Fivel. Among the songs she sang on stage, her favorite was “Heart on Fire” with her band “5L,” a track produced by Christopher Rojas. Fivel’s older sister, Megan, choreographed the performance, incorporating dynamic pyrotechnics to enhance the visual spectacle as they danced.

Return to the screen as a teen

The dwindling of movie and TV projects for child actors while transitioning to a teen was often attributed to changes in body and voice. Most child actors would spend time doing other creative things that would enhance their acting capabilities.


“Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft,” Movie

After dedicating a significant amount of time to the music scene, Fivel returned to acting during her teenage years. In 2013, she made a notable appearance in the movie “Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft.” Fivel was particularly enthusiastic about this project as it featured her brother, Booboo Smith, alongside Eric Roberts. Together, they portrayed the roles of twins joining forces to defeat the main villain, the Witch of the Woods.

“Lab Rats: Elite Force,” TV series

It became evident that the producers recognized Fivel’s skills during their collaborative projects, prompting them to involve her in subsequent ventures, including “Lab Rats: Elite Force.” The specific episode in which she appeared was entitled “The Attack”, and aired in 2016.

“Tagged,” Web Series

In December 2018, Fivel Stewart secured a significant role during the third season of the web series “Tagged” in which she portrayed the character Jai, joining fellow cast members Katelyn Naco and Lilu Antar. This psychological web series, broadcast on Hulu, revolves around high school girls whose profiles become tagged in online violent videos.

Further Success

“Atypical,” TV series

The Netflix series “Atypical” marked a pivotal moment in her career. Considered her breakthrough role, Fivel breathed life into the character of Izzy in the comedy-drama series during its second season, the show revolving around an 18-year-old with autism. Despite favorable feedback from both audiences and critics, some raised concerns about the lack of an authentic autistic person in the cast. Nevertheless, this viewpoint remained in the minority as the series continued to air, ultimately lairing four seasons, premiering on 11 August 2017 and concluded on 8 July 2021.

It was after this point in her career that Fivel became more recognized, and started to get more offers for big and prominent projects.

“The Haunting of Sharon Tate,” Movie

Fivel was included in the cast of the fictionalized version of what had happened in the 1969 murder case of Charles Manson, but was told from the perspective of Sharon Tate. Despite its controversial narrative, the psychological thriller fell short of capturing the hearts of audiences. While it had the potential to serve as a cornerstone in Fivel’s film career, most critics responded unfavorably, with some deeming it the worst movie of the year. Although the filming likely brought valuable insights to the actress, she may prefer not to be remembered for her involvement in this particular project.

“The Close Up”  and “The Never List”

The year 2020 proved to be a bustling period for Fivel as she made appearances in a couple of movies. “The Close Up” was released on TV, while the film “The Never List” found its way to theaters.; notably, Fivel’s original song was featured in the official soundtrack of the movie.

In this latter project, described fittingly as a coming-out movie, Fivel portrayed the character Eva Jeffries. She expressed a deep connection with the role, highlighting that Eva represented the typical teenager grappling with numerous issues during that phase of life. “The Never List” received recognition as an official entry to the SOHO International Film Festival.


“The Recruit,” TV series

“The Recruit” is a thrilling Netflix series that made its debut in December 2022. The narrative revolves around Owen Hendricks, a CIA lawyer thrust into perilous international conflicts when a former asset, Max Meladze, attempts to expose her connections with the agency. In this gripping tale, Fivel Stewart takes on the role of Hannah Copeland, Owen’s roommate and former lover, who steadfastly stands by him during tumultuous times and occasionally finds herself entangled in his covert missions. Despite being a smart and loyal friend, Hannah harbors her own aspirations and dreams.

This espionage comedy-drama, featuring eight episodes in its first season, garnered acclaim leading to its renewal for a second season in January 2023. “The Recruit” seamlessly blends elements of action, humor, and romance, delivering a compelling and multifaceted viewing experience.

Movie “Umma,”

“Umma” is a 2022 American-Korean horror film featuring Sandra Oh as Amanda, a single mother, residing on an isolated farm with her daughter Chris, portrayed by Fivel Stewart. The plot unravels as Amanda, receiving her estranged mother’s ashes from Korea, becomes haunted by her ghost and fears a transformation into her likeness. Fivel described her character as a bright and independent young woman, who while supporting her mother, also harbors her own dreams and goals with aspirations of attending college and escaping the farm.

Written and directed by Iris K. Shim, with production by Sam Raimi, “Umma” delves into themes of mother-daughter relationship, cultural identity and trauma. Although the film garnered mixed reviews from critics, who lauded Sandra Oh’s performance but criticized the plot for being clichéd and lacking tension, it stands as a unique exploration of complex familial dynamics and cultural experiences.


Fivel was genuinely enthusiastic about the project and eagerly wanted to share a photo of herself and Sandra Oh on her Instagram page. Wanting to keep her fans in the loop, she reached out to one of the producers to inquire if she could go ahead and post something about the project, even though the official promotion had not yet begun. Unfortunately, she didn’t receive a response, leading her to make the decision to post the photo, but after some time, chose to delete the post.

This deletion left fans puzzled – iIt turns out that in hindsight, Fivel, felt she may have acted too quickly by posting without explicit approval from the producers. Once she received confirmation that she could indeed share the photo, she promptly reposted it.

“Alert: Missing Persons Unit,” TV series

On 8 January 2023, the Fox series, “Alert: Missing Persons Unit” kicked off, a crime drama focused on the Missing Person’s Unit (MPU) within the Philadelphia Police Department. The MPU, led by Nikki Batista and Jason Grant, is on a mission to find missing individuals, including their own son. Fivel Stewart takes on the role of Sidney Grant, their daughter, a confident and intelligent young woman who supports her parents while pursuing her own life and goals.

Co-produced by Sony Pictures Television and Fox Entertainment, and brought to life by creators John Eisendrath and Jamie Foxx, the show’s first season comprises 10 episodes. Following its success, the TV series was granted a second season, aired in March 2023. This character-driven drama delves into the emotional and psychological toll of missing person cases, offering a compelling narrative that explores both the victims’ experiences and the investigators’ challenges.

Social Media Presence

Like many celebrities, Fivel Stewart maintains an active presence on popular social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Her Instagram handle, @fivel_stewart, has garnered nearly a million followers, while her TikTok username, @fivelstewart, boasts over 150,000 fans, and her content has accumulated more than a million likes.

In September 2011, Fivel and her brother Booboo launched a YouTube channel named BoobooandFivel. This channel features engaging videos showcasing Fivel and Booboo, who is also an actor, taking viewers on a unique online adventure. Among the channel’s offerings is a variety show entitled “Fivel’s Corner,” covering diverse topics such as fashion, makeup, celebrity interviews, advice, and more. However, the channel currently has just over 6,000 subscribers, mainly due to the cessation of new video uploads since 2012.

Interesting Facts about Fivel Stewart

Cooking, Vegan and Pescetarian

Fivel Stewart’s culinary journey commenced at the age of 18, fueled by a passion for experimentation in the kitchen. She has a penchant for preparing shabu shabu, and at one point found herself making a variety of curry dishes. Fivel’s love for exploring and trying new things led her to embrace a vegan lifestyle, albeit not strictly, before eventually transitioning to a pescetarian diet. Throughout these lifestyle changes, her enthusiasm for cooking remained unwavering, inspiring her to delve into diverse recipes.


Her dedication to culinary excellence extended to formal training under vegan chef Alex Soto. This experience excited her as it opened up a world of possibilities in the kitchen, emphasizing the creative use of vegetables and plant-based alternatives. Fivel’s culinary influences were shaped by her parents, who exposed her to a variety of cuisines. Her Asian heritage, courtesy of her mother, involved making wantons from scratch and crafting meals featuring eggs atop rice, adorned with soy sauce and furikake. Meanwhile, her father’s approach was to cook all ingredients in one pot, creating a fusion that Fivel fondly describes as the “best of both worlds,” a culinary experience she thoroughly enjoys.

Music preferences

Fivel Stewart has a diverse taste in music, with her favorite artists including the band “1975,” whose music she could listen to endlessly. Additionally, she considers “Paramore” as a foundational influence in her musical journey and enjoys the Grammy Award-winning sound of “Bon Iver,” led by frontman James Vernon. Fleetwood Mac, known for their alternative music, is another enduring favorite for Fivel.

Personal Life

In 2020, Fivel Stewart openly shared that she was in a relationship with actor-model Andrew Kai, whom she met on the set of the movie “The Never List.” The couple lived together during the pandemic, initially at Fivel’s family ranch and later in Venice. Their public appearances and Fivel’s frequent mentions of Andrew in interviews indicated a deep and affectionate connection.

The couple also collaborated on producing short films, including the project entitled “One Glove Rider.” Andrew not only wrote the story but also co-directed the film, which was shot on Fivel’s ranch. The story revolves around a character who identifies as a true rider and aspires to join the SKULLS biker gang. This endeavor evolved into a family affair, with Fivel’s father, Nils, and brother, Booboo, joining the cast. Even Fivel’s sister, Sage, unintentionally became involved during a crucial scene when Andrew mistakenly took Sage’s book, filled with her artwork, while retrieving a book from the shelves. It seemed that the Stewarts embraced Andrew into the family fold.

Despite the apparent joy they found in collaborating, it appears that their relationship gradually faded, given the absence of mutual appearances on their social media pages. Fans speculate that Fivel is currently not dating anyone, and is prioritizing her professional endeavors.


At 27 years old, the actress boasts a slender and svelte physique, standing at approximately 5ft 5ins (168cms) tall and weighing around 130lbs (59kgs), with vital statistics of 34-28-36. Her striking appearance includes long, lustrous, dark brown hair and captivating dark brown eyes.

Net Worth

As of December 2023, authoritative sources estimate her net worth to be over $1 million.

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