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April 18, 2024
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Who is Pruitt Taylor Vince?

Pruitt Taylor Vince is an American award-winning actor, who is perhaps still best known to the world as Clifford Banks in the TV series “Murder One” (1997), and as Father Hennessy in the film “Constantine” (2005), among numerous other roles that he has secured so far in his career.

What is Pruitt Taylor Vince doing now?

Pruit wasn’t active as an actor from 2018 until recently, when he returned in the role of Tommy in the thriller crime-drama film “Crime Story”, co-starring Richard Dreyfuss and Mira Sorvino. He hasn’t disclosed the reason behind his hiatus nor his plans for the future.


Pruitt Taylor Vince Bio: Age, Childhood, and Education

Pruitt Taylor Vince was born on 5 July 1960 under the Cancer zodiac sign, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA. He hasn’t talked about his parents and siblings, so this part of his life remains a mystery. While in high school, he was signed up for acting classes by mistake in a computer registration system. After a few classes he decided to stay. and to this day he considers his successful career a string of good luck and fate. After high school, Pruitt enrolled at Louisiana State University, but there is no information on whether he graduated or not.


Career Beginnings

Pruitt was set to make his acting debut in Jim Jarmush’s independent comedy crime-drama film “Down by Law” in 1986 and even shot the scenes, however, those scenes were deleted before the final version of the film was released. As a result, he waited for another year for his official debut, as he portrayed Detective Deimos in the horror mystery film “Angel Heart”, with Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro and Lisa Bonet in the lead roles. The same year he appeared in the drama film “Shy People”, playing the character named Paul.

His next role was in the Academy Award-winning historical crime-drama film “Mississippi Burning” in 1988, with Gene Hackman, Willem Dafoe, and Frances McDormand as the main stars of the film, and he continued his career with supporting roles in prominent films, including the comedy crime-drama film “Wild at Heart” (1990), which starred Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern and Willem Dafoe, and the same year also featured in the horror mystery-drama film “Jacob’s Ladder”.

He was Lee Bowers, one of the witnesses of the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy in the Academy Award-winning biopic “JFK” (1991), starring Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman, and in 1994 he portrayed Deputy Warden Kavanaugh in the action crime-drama film “Natural Born Killers”, with Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, and Tom Sizemore as the main stars.


The same year he played Rub Squeers in the Oscar-awarded comedy-drama film “Nobody’s Fool”, then in 1995 he secured his first starring role as the overweight, unhappy cook Victor Modino in the romantic drama film “Heavy”, co-starring Liv Tyler and Shelley Winters.

Rise to Prominence

Pruitt carried on in thriving fashion with his career, first with the lead role in the film “The Cottonwood” in 1996, then as Clifford Banks in the TV series “Murder One”, and its sequel “Murder One: Diary of a Serial Killer”, receiving the Primetime Emmy Award in the category for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his portrayal of Banks.

Pruitt Taylor Vince

Before the decade ended, Pruitt secured a few more notable appearances, including the lead role in the romantic drama film “The Legend of 1900” (1998), co-starring Tim Roth and Melanie Thierry, and the lead role in the comedy-drama film “Love from Ground Zero”, starring alongside Simon Baker and Jacqueline McKenzie, and finished the decade with the part of Henry Follett in the comedy-drama film “Mumford”, written and directed by Lawrence Kasdan, and starring Loren Dean, Hope Davis and Jason Lee.

The 2000s

Pruitt returned to supporting roles in the early 2000s, such as Ballard in the comedy crime-drama film “Nurse Betty”, with Renee Zellweger as the titular character, then as Dr. Reid in the Academy Award-nominated sci-fi horror film “The Cell”, starring Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn and Vincent D’Onorfio.


Two years later he portrayed Marvin in the action crime-drama film “Trapped”, while in 2003 he appeared in the mystery-thriller film “Identity”, which starred John Cusack, Ray Liotta and Amanda Peet.

He continued rather successfully into the 2000s, first as Sid Hudgens in the television crime-drama movie “L.A. Confidential” (2003), co-starring Kiefer Sutherland, David Conrad and Josh Hopkins and also appeared in the Oscar awarded biopic “Monster”. about Aileen Wournos, portrayed by Charlize Theron, He appeared in the first five episodes of the TV thriller series “Touching Evil” in 2004, and 2005 featured in the fantasy horror film “Constantine” with Keanu Reeves in the lead role.

Next, Pruitt portrayed Mouse Manuel in the TV series “Deadwood” (2005-2006), and guest-starred in the TV medical-drama series “House” (2006). In 2007, Pruitt starred in the horror mystery film “Captivity”, alongside Elisha Cuthbert and Daniel Gillies, and two years later appeared as Big Joe Sharpe in the comedy crime-drama film “Leaves of Grass”, written and directed by Tim Blake Nelson, and starred Edward Norton, Keri Russell and Henry Max Nelson.

From 2010 to 2014, he appeared in 13 episodes of the critically acclaimed TV series “The Mentalist”, then after supporting roles in the films “Drive Angry” (2011) and “Creature” (2011), he had the lead role in the award-winning thriller-drama film “Broken Blood” in 2013. He then returned to television roles – he was Finn in the series “True Blood” (2013), while in 2015 he portrayed Casper Abraham in the mini-series “Heroes Reborn” (2015), and in 2017 guest-starred as Ray in the fantasy-drama series “Stranger Things”.


He went on to portray Grill in the series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” (2017-2018), and was Lawrence Devlin in a couple of episodes of the series “The Blacklist” (2018). He was rather busy in 2018 with the role of Angelo Ruggiero in the biopic about crime boss John Gotti and his son, entitled “Gotti”, with John Travolta as the titular character, co-starring Spencer Rocco Lofranco and Kelly Preston. He also portrayed Rick in the award-winning sci-fi horror film “Bird Box”, starring Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, and John Malkovich.

Personal Life, Marriage, Wife, Children, Eye Problem

When it comes to his personal life, Pruitt has one failed marriage behind him. He was married to Anne Schneider, however, there are no details about her and their marriage, such as when they met, married and divorced.


However, he is now married to his second wife, Julianne Mattelig, with the wedding ceremony taking place on 24 May 2003. They don’t have children together.

Pruitt has a health condition known as nystagmus, which causes involuntary eye movement. He has used it to his own benefit, incorporating it into some of his roles, especially when portraying villainous characters.

Net Worth

As of mid- 2021, Pruitt Taylor Vince’s net worth has been estimated to be around $5 million, earned through his successful career as an actor, during which he has appeared in more than 100 film and TV titles, all of which have added to his wealth.

Appearance and Vital Statistics

This award-winning actor is known for his bald head and his dark brown eyes. He stands at a height of 5ft 9ins (1.75m), while he weighs approximately 200lbs (92kgs). His vital statistics are unknown, but he has struggled with a few extra pounds his entire life.

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