How Courtney Hadwin Went from Shy Schoolgirl to Rock Star Sensation

March 22, 2024
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Courtney Hadwin is a young British singer-songwriter, who rose to fame after her appearance on the 13th season of “America’s Got Talent” in 2018. Born in 2004 in Hesleden, England, Hadwin expressed a strong passion for music from a young age, and in her childhood often participated at local singing events. Her passion for music led her to audition for various singing competitions, including “The Voice Kids UK”, but it was her performance on “America’s Got Talent” that catapulted her into the limelight. Hadwin’s powerful voice and electrifying stage presence captivated audiences and judges alike, earning her a place in the finals, and a massive following of fans. Since then, she’s continued to pursue her music career, and has become a rising star in the rock n’ roll scene, with a unique style that combines various music genres.

Courtney Hadwin’s Early life and Career

Courtney grew up in a musical family, and her parents introduced her to a wide range of musical genres from an early age. Hadwin quickly developed a passion for music, and she began performing at local events and festivals when she was just 11 years old.

She was a student at Hesleden Primary school and later attended The Academy at Shotton Hall in Peterlee. She also attended other schools and classes such as Julie Miles’ Vocal Ovation, where she honed her music skills.


The first singing competition she applied for was “TeenStar” in Newcastle, England, where she performed her rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love”. Her performance managed to get her to the finals but she didn’t end up winning. Her largest early performance was probably at South Tyneside Festival, where she opened for Sister Sledge in front of more than 18,000 people.

In 2017, Hadwin auditioned for “The Voice Kids UK”, with her version of Tina Turner’s “Nutbush City Limits”. Judge of the show, Danny Jones, chose to be her mentor, and together they made it into the finals. Her final performance of “And I am Telling You I’m Not Going” from “Dreamgirls” was ultimately not enough to get her the win.

The turning point in Hadwin’s career came in 2018 when she auditioned for “America’s Got Talent”. Her rendition of Otis Redding’s “Hard to Handle” blew away the judges and the audience, and she received a standing ovation. Howie Mandel, one of the judges, even hit the Golden Buzzer, which sent her straight to the live shows, going as far as to compare her to Janis Joplin. From that moment on, Hadwin’s life changed forever, and she became an overnight sensation, with her audition receiving over 50 million views on “AGT”’s YouTube channel over the first five months.

In the finals of “America’s Got Talent”, Hadwin performed Tina Turner’s “River Deep – Mountain High” but failed to win the grand prize. Still, her performances on the show gave her wide publicity, and she even went on to do five live shows in Las Vegas with the show’s winner, Shin Lim.


Her success on “America’s Got Talent” culminated with her signing a record deal with Syco Entertainment and Arista Records in 2018. The following year, she returned to “America’s Got Talent: The Champions”, celebrating her success by performing her first original song, “Pretty Little Thing”.

Since then, Hadwin’s been scheduled to perform at numerous high-profile events and festivals, such as Woodstock 50 in August of 2019, but which was cancelled due to various permit and production issues, as well as artist cancellations.

Courtney Hadwin’s music

Courtney’s  music is a unique blend of classic rock and modern sensibilities. Her powerful voice and electrifying stage presence have been compared to rock legends such as Janis Joplin and Tina Turner, but she also incorporates elements of pop and soul into her music. She has become respected for her powerful voice and ability to change vocal styles through a dynamic vocal performance.

Hadwin’s first extended play (EP) entitled “The Cover Sessions,” was released in 2019, and included live covers of many popular songs such as Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved”. This EP perfectly showcased her skill as a singer-songwriter, with David Massey, president of Arista, describing her as “an exceptional talent with a voice and spirit well beyond her years”.


Since then, Hadwin has continued to release music that showcases her versatility as a singer-songwriter. Her songs often deal with themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and overcoming obstacles, and she infuses them with a sense of raw emotion that resonates with audiences.

Hadwin has also gained a reputation as an incredible live performer. Her high-energy shows are a sight to behold, and she’s performed at major festivals and events around the world. Courtney Hadwin’s music is a testament to her talent and her passion – she’s quickly become a rising star in the rock ‘n’ roll scene, and her future in the music industry looks bright. Her incredible vocal ability and dynamic stage presence have captivated audiences around the world, and she’s sure to continue making waves in the music industry in the years to come.

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Courtney Perosnal Life

Courtney still lives in Hesleden, England, with her parents and two younger siblings, Melissa and Paul. In her free time, Hadwin enjoys playing guitar, writing songs, and spending time with her family and friends. She’s also expressed a love for animals and often shares pictures of her pets on social media.

When it comes to her character, Hadwin is known for her down-to-earth personality and humble nature. Despite her rising fame, she remains grounded and appreciative of her fans and supporters. She has also been open about her struggles with social anxiety, which she says she overcomes through her music.

Hadwin has been an advocate for mental health awareness, and has used her platform to promote positive messages of self-acceptance and self-love. She is also known for her unique sense of style, which often includes vintage-inspired clothing and bold make-up.


Courtney’s Net Worth

Courtney’s success as a singer has made her reasonably wealthy. Her Net Worth as of early 2023 has been estimated at around $3 million. She owns multiple properties in the US and England, and several cars such as a BMW 3-series convertible, and a Range Rover.

Her successful career so far is a clear indicator of a rising star, and her fans look forward to the songs she’ll write and perform in the coming years.

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