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March 22, 2024
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Who is Judd Nelson?

Judd is an American actor, perhaps still best known as John Bender, the antagonist in the film “The Breakfast Club” (1985), and as Alec Newbary in the film “St. Elmo’s Fire” (1985), in addition to numerous other appearances he has had so far in his career.


What is Judd Nelson Doing Now?

Judd is now in his early 60s. In addition to raising his twins, Adele and Roman, Judd is still active as an actor. Most recently, he completed the filming of the film “South of Hope Street”, while he can be seen in the films “Save Christmas” and “The Most Dangerous Game”, both released in 2022.

Judd Nelson Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Judd Asher Nelson was born on 28 November 1959, in Portland, Maine, USA, the son of Leonard Nelson, a corporate lawyer, and Merle, a court mediator and former member of the Maine House of Representatives.

Of Jewish ancestry, his father was the first Jewish president of the Portland Symphony Orchestra. Judd isn’t the only child, and has two sisters, Julie and Eve.

Growing up, he went to several schools, including St. Paul’s in Concord, New Hampshire, and Waynflete in Portland, Maine. After matriculation, he enrolled at Haverford College but dropped out of studies while in his sophomore year, and then moved to Manhattan, New York City where he studied acting with Stella Adler.


Career Beginnings and Immediate Success

Judd made his acting debut in 1983, with the role of Johnny in the film “Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel”, which starred Rachel Sweet, Susan Barnes, and Diane Bellamy.

The following year, he starred in the romantic comedy film “Making the Grade”, co-starring Jonna Lee and Gordon Jump, about a spoiled rich guy who hires a young, intelligent street kid who is in debt to a loan shark, and pays him to take his place and graduate for him.

1985 was his breakthrough year. First, he starred as Phil Hicks in Kevin Reynolds’ comedy-drama film “Fandango”, with Kevin Costner and Sam Robards, which follows the story of five college friends who travel across the Mexican border before they face the war in Vietnam.

Then he starred in John Hughes’s award-winning comedy-drama “The Breakfast Club”, co-starring Molly Ringwald and Emilio Estevez, about five high school students who are all sent to detention on Saturday, and realize that they have much more in common than they actually thought.

Moreover, he co-starred in the romantic drama film “St. Elmo’s Fire”, written and directed by Joel Schumacher, with Demi Moore, Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy as the main stars.

He continued with leading roles, and in 1986 he starred in Michelle Manning’s action crime-drama film “Blue City”, based on the novel by Ross Macdonald, co-starring Ally Sheedy and David Caruso.

Next, in 1987 he starred in the comedy crime-drama film “From the Hip”, directed by Bob Clark and co-starring Elizabeth Perkins and John Hurt.

He finished the decade with the lead role in the crime-thriller film “Relentless”, about two detectives, one veteran and the other a rookie, as they try to catch a serial killer who turns out to be a former policeman, co-starring Robert Loggia and Leo Rossi.


Continued Success

Judd continued rather successfully into the ’90s. One of his roles was as Pete Dunham in Peter Werner’s different Hiroshima, entitled “Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes”.

Next, he starred with Bill Paxton and Wayne Newton in Adam Rifkin’s comedy film “The Dark Backward”, while in 1994, he co-starred with Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi in the comedy film “Airheads”, about band members who break into a radio station and hold the employees as hostages, their only demand being to play their demo tape.

Two years later, Judd secured his first major long-running role as Jack Richmond, a news magazine owner, in the Primetime Emmy Award-nominated comedy series “Suddenly Susan”, co-starring Brooke Shields and Kathy Griffin. The sitcom follows a woman named Susan, who runs from her wedding and is hired by Jack, who is her ex-brother-in-law. Judd starred in 71 episodes of the critically acclaimed series before he left the show following the suicide of his co-star David Strickland.

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He then portrayed Alan Freed, the Cleveland DJ who played R&B music in the television biopic “Mr. Rock’ n’ Roll: The Alan Freed Story”.

Judd began the 2000s with the lead role in the horror thriller “Cabin by the Lake”, as a screenwriter who lives in a cabin but is secretly a serial killer who drowns young women.

He reprised the role in the sequel “Return to Cabin by Lake” in 2001 and continued with lead roles in such films as “White Rush” (2003) and “The Lost Angel” (2005).

Career Decline and 2010s

Before the decade ended, Judd had several other main roles, but these were B-production films and unpicked television pilots. He co-starred with Vondie Curtis-Hall and Ron Becks in the award-winning short film “Crenshaw Nights” and starred in the sci-fi action film “The Day the Earth Stopped”, in which hundreds of intergalactic robots appear in the world’s major capitals and have one demand, for the human race to prove their value, otherwise they’ll be destroyed.


He began the new decade with the part of Santa/ Kris Frost in the fantasy comedy film “Cancel Christmas”, while in 2013, he was Dr. Robert Morris in the horror thriller film “Nurse” about Abby Russell, who is a nurse by day, and by night a killer who focuses on killing cheating men, exposing them for who they really are.

He had a significant but short role in the last season of the popular TV series “Nikita”, as Ronald Peller, a National Security Agency official who worked unwillingly for The Shop. Next, he co-starred in the western film “Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story”, about a former stagecoach robber who is hunted by a vengeful US Marshal, co-starring Trace Adkins and Kim Coates.

Latest Projects

To speak further of his accomplishments, Judd starred in Jeremy Phillips’s drama film “1/1” about 20-year-old Lissa who might be pregnant, with Lindsey Shaw as the main star. The same year, he appeared in the biopic “Billionaire Boys Club” as the father of the film’s main character, Joe Hunt, portrayed by Ansel Elgort.

In 2021, he starred as the controlling father Don in the thriller film “Girl in the Basement”, co-starring Stefanie Scott and Joely Fisher.

Net Worth

According to sources, Judd Nelson’s wealth is estimated at $4 million as of late 2022.

Personal Life, Married, Wife, Children

Judd Nelson has been known for several high-profile relationships, including with Shannen Doherty with whom he was engaged, Tabitha Stevens, and Sheila Lussier.

According to reports, he has three children, a daughter Mathilda, born in 2003, and twins, born in 2009, but there’s no public record of who their mothers are, or of him marrying.


Appearance and Vital Statistics

Judd Nelson has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He stands at a height of 5ft 10ins (1.78m), while he weighs approximately 160lbs (72kgs). His vital statistics are unknown – he has an average figure.

Hobbies, Interests, and Trivia

An avid animal lover, Judd had a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Tallulah Bighead.

In his free time, Judd likes to play golf, is an avid fan of motorcycles, and has a collection of motorbikes.

An avid baseball fan too, his favorite team is the Boston Red Sox.

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