What is Adrián Alonso doing now? Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height

April 18, 2024
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Who is Adrián Alonso?

Born on 6th April 1994, in Mexico City, Mexico, Adrián Alonso Barona is an actor, perhaps still known best for his childhood role in “The Legend of Zorro”. He’s believed to be 5ft 7in (1.70m) tall with a weight of about 165lbs (75kgs), but unknown vital statistics.

Childhood & First Roles

Adrián has no known siblings, and was brought up in Mexico by his mother Liliana Barona. Before being known as an award-winning child star, Adrián came from humble beginnings, but was inspired to become an actor at a young age, as one of his uncles had a theater, and cast his nephew in an adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast” – the rest was history.

Future fans of the star would see Adrián for the first time in a 2003 episode of “Ladrón de Corazones”, the beloved soap opera starring Manolo Cardona, Lorena Rojas and Humberto Zurita. In the same year, he had a cameo in an episode of “El Alma Herida”, working alongside telenovela legends such as Itatí Cantoral. Managing to balance his schoolwork and career, in 2004 Adrián played Chele in the gritty war film “Voces Inocentes”, which was written and directed by Luis Mandoki, and then portrayed Prisciliano Martinez in “Al Otro Lado”. In no time, Adrián was becoming a sought-after child actor, thanks to his aptitude and adorable looks.


On the verge of his big break, Adrián had a fleeting role as Martín Ibáñez in an episode of “Pablo y Andrea”, a Mexican children’s show.

Notable Roles

To date, Adrián’s best-known role is his portrayal of Joaquin de la Vega in “The Legend of Zorro”, the sequel to “The Mask of Zorro”. In his role as Zorro’s son, Adrián was provided the opportunity to work with big names in Hollywood such as Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Rufus Sewell. The critically acclaimed film was hugely popular and grossed over $142 million at the box office, more than double its $65 million budget.

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Adrián had an important role in the film, with a thrilling plotline that saw him almost kidnapped by bandits, free one of the main characters from captivity, and be taken hostage. Following the film’s release, Adrián’s popularity surged, and he became an in-demand talent. In an interview with SheKnows magazine, the former child star confessed to being nervous around Catherine because she was “very impressive”, and to having a good relationship with Antonio because they both spoke Spanish. In the 2006 Young Artist Awards, Adrián won his first accolade in the Best Performance in a Feature Film category.


Some of the actor’s next projects included playing Tony in “I Love Miami”, a recurring role in seven episodes of “Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real”, and the role as Young Richard in “One Long Night”. The young thespian struck gold once again with his depiction of Carlos Reyes ‘Carlitos’ in “Under the Same Moon”, the 2007 film that would win him his second Young Artist Award, this time in the Best Performance in an International Feature Film – Leading Young Performer category. Patricia Riggen, the movie’s director, instantly had Adrián in mind when casting the character of Carlitos and called him personally to offer the role. After reading the script and accepting the job, Adrián practiced his lines with Patricia for two weeks.


Playing a young Mexican boy who enters the US illegally to find his mother, following the death of his grandmother, Adrián’s heart-wrenching performance received critical acclaim, and earned him millions of fans. The movie raked in $23.3 million at the box office against a $1.7 million budget and was well-received by viewers, despite being branded “sanctimonious” by some.

2008 Onwards

Having enjoyed his second taste of fame, Adrián became quite the public figure, and announced his ambition of becoming a director and producer in the future, as well as his dream of working with Salma Hayek and Al Pacino. Following a supporting role in the lighthearted comedy “Casi Divas”, the actor worked with Itatí Cantoral once again in the soap opera “El Sexo Débil”, depicting Víctor Camacho in all 114 episodes.


Despite working diligently on projects including the adventure film “La Leyenda del Tesoro” and the R-rated production “For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada”, Adrián’s star inevitably began to fade as he grew up into a young man, partly due to lengthy gaps between roles. In 2016, it seemed that things were looking up for the actor, as he was given the supporting role of Bruno in “Yago”; however, his career fizzled out in 2018. Fans around the world fondly remember Adrián’s last roles, such as his depiction of Emiliano Ávila in the series “Sr. Ávila”, and his portrayal of Mikey in “Su Nombre Era Dolores, la Jenn que yo Conocí”.

For unknown reasons, the former child star never fulfilled his ambitions of becoming a Hollywood director and producer, and took to living a low-key lifestyle away from the cameras.

With that said, Adrián put his fame to good use while in the spotlight, as demonstrated by his tireless charity work as a Greenpeace ambassador. These days, the actor has turned his talents to directing music videos, and jets between Mexico and L.A for work purposes. Some of his hobbies include lengthy workouts at the gym, going to theme parks with friends, and DJing.


There’s no hint of an other half on Adrián’s Instagram profile, but we do know that he was in a steady relationship with Luar Olguin in 2018.

The director posted a sweet photo of the pair together in June of the same year, and was also rumored to be dating someone called Alexa, although there’s no proof of this. For now, it looks like Adrián prefers to focus on his career.

Net Worth

Reliable sources confirm that Adrián’s net worth is just $150,000 after 15 years in the industry, despite winning over millions of viewers and enjoying red carpet events and awards ceremonies in his youth.

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