What happened to IM Tyrone? Was shot? Age, Net Worth, Wife

April 18, 2024
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Who is IM Tyrone?

Tyrone Jones is an American actor, comedian and singer, who is best known to the world for his short comedy videos on Vine and later Instagram, while he’s also a YouTube star.

What Happened to IM Tyrone? Was He Shot?

Back in 2015, reports of Tyrone being short overwhelmed the internet;  allegedly, he was doing one of his pranks when a man pulled a gun on him and shot him three times in the chest.

However, all these reports turned out to be fake, and his shooting was just a big arranged hoax.


He was criticized by people all over the world, including his fans, who became terribly worried about his health status. Tyrone came forward with a statement, saying that all was arranged.

IM Tyrone Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Tyrone was born Naphil Hitson on 24 August 1985 under the Leo zodiac sign, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

He hasn’t talked much about his childhood, and as a result, his parents’ names are unknown, nor is there any information about his siblings, if any.


Moreover, his educational background is a mystery, but it’s believed that he matriculated from a local high school in his hometown.


Naphil created the character Tyrone in the early 2010s, and first rose to critical acclaim on Vine before moving to Instagram when the foprmer was shut-down. He’s making comedy skits and prank videos that have garnered massive publicity. Since his first Instagram post in 2014, IM Tyrone has amassed over a million followers on this popular social media platform.


YouTube Fame

After earning recognition through Vine and Instagram, following Vine’s demise, he decided to extend his online presence, and in 2015, launched his YouTube channel, Naphil Show.

His first video was a compilation of some of his early pranks, entitled “Tyrone on the Prowl Compilation”, which has around 15,000 views. He continued to upload compilation videos, which attracted thousands of subscribers.


As his YouTube popularity increased, he started making new videos, such as “Tyron diss Big Brody”, which now has over 35,000 views, then “Tyrone Goes to the Laundry Mat”, and other early videos.

Rise to Stardom

He became even more focused on YouTube fame, and a few of his early videos received over 100,000 views, such as “Tyrone meets Choppa”, which has a stunning 180,000 views, then “Tyrone Compilation Curl More”, and others.

He now has over 185,000 subscribers on his official channel, while his videos have attratced more than 40 million views.

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Some of his most popular include “When the music keeps you moving…”, viewed around 2.5 million times, then “Tyrone and Rampage Jackson”, with 2.3 million views, followed by “Like Father like Son”, with approximately 2.3 million views, and “I’M Tyrone goes wrong AGAIN and more Compilation”, which has also been viewed around 2.2 million views, in addition to a number of other videos that have only increased his popularity and wealth.


As his popularity increased over the years, he has made a few friends within the YouTube community, including C-Lo, Chukudi Morka and JRock among others. He has launched a few web comedy series too, including “Smoking is Bad”, in which he would yell at people in the streets and in cafes that smoking is bad for them, then his own “The Naphil Vlog”, in which he shares details from his daily life, and “Tyrone on the Prowl”, among other comedic skits.

Net Worth

As of early 2022, IM Tyrone’s net worth has been estimated to be around $600,000, earned through his career as a comedian and online content creator.

Appearance and Vital Statistics

The prominent comedian and YouTube star has short black hair and brown eyes. He stands at a height of 6ft (1.83m), while he weighs approximately 220lbs (110kgs).


Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Single?

When it comes to his personal life, Tyrone has been rather secretive about it, and there’s no reliable information about his relationship status and other aspects of his personal life.

However, according to some sources, Tyrone is now single and focused on his rising career. He had a girlfriend in the past but hasn’t talked much about the relationship and didn’t even reveal his ex-girlfriend’s name.

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