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April 18, 2024
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Peter Vigilante is a multifaceted personality, acclaimed as a social media sensation, personal trainer, and reality television star. His journey to digital stardom began on TikTok, from which he gained widespread recognition for sharing engaging fitness and weightlifting videos. Peter further solidified his presence with a notable appearance in Netflix’s reality television series, “Too Hot To Handle.” He has since then strategically leveraged his online presence, captivating audiences with his alluring content, often referred to as ‘thirst traps,’ which serves as a promotional avenue for his exclusive OnlyFans subscription page.

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Early Life, Family, and Education

Peter Vigilante was born on 6th September 1999, in Staten Island, New York, USA, into the loving household of his parents, Tom and Gloria Vigilante, both of Italian lineage. Growing up in a moderate lifestyle with his twin brother Joseph and two other siblings, Gianni and Angelina, Peter’s formative years were deeply influenced by strong family ties and a grounded upbringing.

His parents, particularly his mother, wholeheartedly supported their children’s pursuits, whether in sports or hobbies. This laid the foundation for Peter to explore his interests on social media platforms, with his mother becoming a cherished presence in his online journey and contributing to his success in building a lucrative career.

For his academic journey, Peter attended New Dorp High School in New York before he embarked on the path of higher education at Seton Hall University, where he pursued a degree in 3D Modeling and Visual Effects. It isn’t confirmed if he was able to focus on his commitment to academic excellence and active involvement in various aspects of university life, or dropped out to devote more time to his career.



Similar to numerous individuals who kickstarted their careers in entertainment through social media, Peter Vigilante discovered his niche in curating content, notably recognized by the Gen Z audience as “thirst trap” posts. His ascent to popularity on social media seamlessly transitioned into the realm of reality TV, showcasing his adept navigation between these two dynamic worlds. As he continues to explore uncharted territories and take calculated risks, Peter finds himself unlocking a myriad of opportunities, further solidifying his future as one of the rising stars in reality TV.

Fitness Expert and Modeling Gigs

Initially, some people thought that Peter was just another social media enthusiast who wanted to show off their physique by creating content while they were working out in a gym. Later on, they realized that he was a professional personal trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). His content came from his expertise in fitness, muscle-building, and weight-lifting. Through these posts, he built a significant fan base which led him to become a model as he also became known for wearing fashionable outfits online, especially on his Instagram page. He’s registered under Backstage.com as an actor and model.

Social Media Star

Peter Vigilante effortlessly captivated the attention of social media enthusiasts with his striking looks and impressive physique. His online content initially centered around his passion for fitness and weightlifting, reflecting his authentic interests and daily routines. However, recognizing the need to establish a distinct online brand for sustained relevance, Peter embarked on a journey to find his niche.

In an interview, Peter candidly shared his early strategy of following trends, experimenting with various content themes, and noting their success. It was a pivotal moment when he introduced a stripper’s pole into his content, stating that he’d bought it as a joke, but garnered a dedicated following. The introduction of his ‘thirst trap’ postings, notably one involving a playful mishap with his mom’s wine in which he drank the wine and the liquid dribbled down his chest, created substantial traction and earned him the endearing moniker ‘Wine Guy.’

Peter’s TikTok presence has soared, amassing over 4.5 million fans and a staggering 150 million likes of his videos. On Instagram, he boasts a follower count exceeding 500,000, while his Twitter page garners close to 120,000 followers. Despite launching a YouTube channel in 2019, in which around 120 videos are available, the majority are repurposed from TikTok, and were categorized as YouTube “Shorts”. Although his YouTube channel is a work in progress with just about 20 original full-length videos, it’s garnered approximately 40,000 subscribers.


While his focus on YouTube might be evolving, Peter has explored other paid subscription social media platforms, including Cameo in which he accepts video requests. Notably, he’s also ventured into the exclusive content realm with an OnlyFans page, in which he has been notably active. With close to 600 images, 40 live streams, and 125 videos, Peter has embraced the platform to share content not available on his other social media channels.

In essence, Peter’s strategic navigation of various social media platforms reflects his adaptability and innovation, contributing to his multifaceted online presence, and the establishment of his distinctive ‘Wine Guy’ persona.

His introduction to reality TV series

Peter’s foray into the realm of reality television began with the notable growth of his social media presence. His popularity garnered him a coveted spot on Netflix’s reality dating competition, “Too Hot To Handle.” The show, of British origin, featured a group of individuals accustomed to casual flings and a reluctance to commit to lasting relationships. Placed on a picturesque island for approximately a month, the primary challenge for each participant was to abstain from any sexual contact, including kissing, making out, or self-gratification throughout their stay.

While the grand prize was set at $100,000, the catch was that each violation of the rules would result in a reduction of the prize money by a certain percentage. Peter entered the competition during its second season, and attempted to pair up with Melinda Melrose, a fellow New Yorker. Unfortunately, Melinda chose another man, leading to Peter’s elimination in the fifth episode.

Although Peter’s time on the show was shorter than he’d hoped, it significantly boosted attention to his social media pages. Notably, even the series producers recognized Peter’s ability to attract attention, given his memorable moment in the heart of Times Square. There, he was captured chugging a bottle of red wine, topless, in front of a massive “Too Hot To Handle” billboard.

Gaining more confidence as a reality TV star

Building on his initial experience in reality TV, Peter’s confidence soared, making it seamless for him to venture into another show armed with a better understanding of the dynamics. His next venture led him to “The Reality House,” an online series that revolves around YouTubers cohabitating in a house while engaging in a series of exhilarating challenges. Participants faced elimination if they couldn’t successfully navigate these challenges, with the last remaining contestant declared the winner and awarded a monetary prize.


While the web series premiered in July 2019, it was the third season that featured Peter, alongside other well-known social media celebrities. Fortunately, the rules had been modified for this season, eliminating the threat of elimination during the entire competition – participants could continue competing until the culmination of the last challenge. Peter’s luck continued as he clinched the top spot in the initial challenge, and went on to triumph in the subsequent two challenges. His journey in “The Reality House” taught him valuable skills in strategy and alliance-building.

However, despite his impressive performance, Peter fell short in the final challenge, and the coveted grand prize went to Mariah Casillas. Nonetheless, Peter’s resilience and strategic prowess in the competition showcased his growing confidence as a reality TV star.

Another reality series appearance with “Miss/Match” in 2022

Peter continued to make waves in the realm of reality TV, with his appearance in the first season of the 2022 web series, “Miss/Match”, produced by the exclusive content platform “OnlyFans.” The unique premise of “Miss/Match” involved two online content creators attempting to forge a connection each week under the guidance of the host, Antje Utgaard. Ice-breaking challenges, designed to either strengthen the bond or lead to rejection, added a distinctive touch. The ultimate goal was to determine whether these strangers would choose to be a ‘Miss,’ a ‘Match,’ or opt for something ‘More.’


Setting itself apart from conventional dating shows, “Miss/Match” delved into the intricacies of building meaningful connections. In the initial phase, Peter found himself paired with Caylee Trent, a wellness enthusiast, and initial impressions suggested a challenging start. However, during the icebreaker phase, the duo excelled in true or false questions, and subsequent physical challenges and a profound conversation in the hot tub phase, aptly named “Dive Deeper,” revealed their compatibility on various relationship-oriented topics.

Despite their apparent connection, the conclusion of the episode saw Caylee labeling their potential as only a ‘Match,’ whereas Peter had hoped for something ‘More.’ The episode showcased the show’s unique exploration of relationship dynamics, leaving viewers intrigued by the twists and turns of Peter’s journey in the pursuit of meaningful connections.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Peter Vigilante navigated an intriguing relationship with fellow “Too Hot To Handle” co-star, Melinda Melrose. While participating in the British reality series, Peter initially sought a connection with Melinda, only to face rejection as she chose to explore her chemistry with second-season winner, Marvin Anthony. Post-show, Melinda and Marvin’s off-camera relationship hit a snag, surprising fans when Peter and Melinda revealed through their social media platforms that they were in a relationship.


It appeared that Melinda swiftly moved on from her previous connection with Marvin, reigniting her romance with Peter. While some fans speculated that the reunion might have been anticipated, considering both lived in New York, others pondered if the participants were following a scripted narrative to enhance the show’s appeal.

However, as time passed, observant fans noticed the absence of shared photos or mutual engagement on social media between Peter and Melinda – it became evident that their relationship had concluded. Per Peter’s social media accounts, no other romantic interests have graced his page since the breakup, with only posts featuring his mother, dentist, clients, or collaborations with other social media celebrities. It seems Peter has remained single since his involvement with Melinda.

Physical Appearance

Peter Vigilante’s height is 5ft 8ins (173cms), and maintains a weight of around 160lbs. His distinctive features include long, curly brown hair that complements his brown eyes. Peter sports a well-built physique, showcasing impressive muscles on his arms and thighs, along with a defined six-pack abs.

Net Worth

Peter Vigilante’s financial standing is estimated at over $1 million, predominantly amassed through his active presence on social media platforms, notably TikTok and Instagram. As he refined his skills in utilizing these platforms, his earnings saw a notable increase, particularly with the addition of OnlyFans and YouTube to his repertoire. Furthermore, his ventures into the world of reality series have opened up additional avenues, contributing to the growth of his diverse wealth portfolio.

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