What does Collete Davis do? Her Age, Height, Leaks, Boyfriend

April 18, 2024
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Collete Davis is known as an American professional race car driver, engineer, entrepreneur, and TV personality. She has competed in various racing series, including Red Bull Global Rallycross and the Stadium Super Trucks series. In addition to her racing career, Davis has been involved in Microsoft’s promoting STEM education and empowerment of women in this career field, as she’s part of their “People of action” network.

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Early life, education, family

Collete Davis was born on 27 December 1993, and spent her early years in the Bay Area with a father who was not only a mechanic, but also a passionate car enthusiast. Her family moved a lot as they were part of military. It was her father who introduced her to the exhilarating world of motorsports at a young age. Throughout her journey, Davis frequently acknowledges the profound influence of her father who taught her the values of hard work, perseverance, and attention to detail. Davis developed a keen interest in racing, and by the age of nine, she was already behind the wheel of go-karts, laying the foundation for what would become a remarkable career in the racing world.

Even as a child, Davis displayed an insatiable curiosity for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects. This intellectual curiosity was evident when, at the age of 13, she dismantled her family’s lawn mower in the backyard—an early indication of her hands-on approach to understanding machinery. Encouraged by her parents, she delved deeper into her interests, receiving engineering and robotics kits that further fueled her passion and focus.


As she started off her college journey at Florida’s Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Davis demonstrated a level of confidence that would become a hallmark of her character. In an audacious move during her freshman year, she walked into the dean’s office to pitch the idea of securing sponsorship from the university; identifying herself as a race car driver, she convinced the dean and left with a contract. This marked the beginning of her journey into the world of racing, where she had to quickly learn the intricacies of driving a full-sized race car. Reflecting on that pivotal moment, Davis emphasized the importance of self-belief, stating, “The first person who has to believe in you is you.”

Davis’s educational background further underscores her commitment to excellence as she pursued a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Pittsburgh.


Racing Career

Collete Davis embarked on a racing career with a clear understanding of the challenges that lay ahead, particularly as a teenage girl entering the exclusive and predominantly male-dominated world of motorsports. Recognizing the importance of comprehending the technology within the racing car, she sought to gain a competitive advantage in an industry where family connections often played a huge role. The financial intensity of the sport further added to the challenge of initiating a career without privileges, but these circumstances only inspired her even more to chase her dreams and find her own way into this highly competitive and prestigious field.

Understanding that racing is a costly endeavor, with expenses ranging from gas and tires to track time, Collete realized the need for financial support. Unlike those who could rely on familial backing, she activated her “entrepreneurial switch” and recognized the importance of business knowledge in her pursuit of becoming a professional driver. Taking matters into her own hands, she educated herself on business fundamentals, negotiated sponsorships, and established her brand, Collete Racing.


Her racing career spanned various series, from Formula BMW USA Championship to sports car racing in the IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge and the Pirelli World Challenge. Notably, she founded her own racing team, TechForce Racing, showcasing her leadership. Beyond circuit racing, she delved into rallycross, competing in series such as the Red Bull Global Rallycross and the Americas Rallycross Championship.

Achievements and advocacy

Collete Davis has achieved remarkable success in her racing career, excelling in open-wheel competitions the Skip Barber Racing Series and the Formula BMW USA Championship. Winning multiple races and consistently reaching the podium, she has proven herself as a skilled and competitive driver.

Beyond her racing achievements, Davis has become a role model for young girls interested in the automotive and racing industries. She founded the “Girl Gang Garage” to encourage girls to explore opportunities in these fields. In 2015, Davis expanded her influence by co-hosting the TV show “Everything You Need to Know” on the Velocity Channel. This opportunity not only allowed her to share her passion for cars and racing with a wider audience but also increased her visibility and recognition in the automotive world.

Collete is on a mission to make STEM accessible to everyone, using her own journey to inspire female empowerment in traditionally male-dominated industries. She challenges preconceived notions of women’s roles in today’s world, and strives to redefine possibilities. One notable endeavor in 2017 was hosting ‘Girl Starter,’ a competition TV show for female entrepreneurs on TLC, aimed at encouraging and supporting women in their business ventures.


As a recognized “People of Action” member with Microsoft, Davis extends her influence internationally, promoting STEM education and women’s empowerment. Her commitment to breaking barriers and fostering diversity is evident in her advocacy for underrepresented groups, particularly women, in the automotive industry. Davis firmly believes that the industry needs to take proactive steps to support and encourage women to pursue careers in racing and related fields.

YouTube Chanel

Colette runs a YouTube channel on which she shares videos about her racing career, adventures, and personal life, showing her racing experiences, including behind-the-scenes footage of races, practices, and interviews with other drivers and team members.

Davis also shares glimpses into her personal life, featuring her travels, workouts, and other adventures. She uses her platform to convey messages about diversity and inclusion in the automotive industry, inspiring young women to pursue their dreams.

Popular videos on Davis’s channel include the “Driver Diaries” series, giving a closer look at her on and off-track experiences. The “Collete vs.” series, in which she competes with other drivers, is also well-received. Through her YouTube channel, Colette not only shares her racing journey but also motivates her audience.


Collete is known for being private when it comes to her love life. However she likes to give her fans a little glimpse into her world by posting on her YouTube channel or Instagram, such as a video of a drift battle. She is currently dating race driver and YouTuber known as Adam LZ.



Colette Davis stands 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall. She is known for her long blonde hair that adds to her overall appearance, coupled with blue eyes.

Net worth and salary

As of the latest available information, Collete Davis’s net worth is estimated to be over $3 million, attributed to her diverse sources of income, including from her racing career, YouTube channel, business ventures, and TV hosting endeavors.

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