What happened to Drew Monson? Age, Height, Girlfriend, Earnings

April 18, 2024
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Who is Drew Monson?

American actor and YouTuber Drew John Monson was born in Modesto, California USA, under the zodiac sign of Cancer on 26 June 1995. He has two YouTube channels, and has appeared in eight movies and TV series, perhaps best known for his main channel “mytoecold (Drew Monson)”, which he launched on 7 December 2006; it today numbers nearly 150 million views of all Drew’s videos combined, and there are nearly 1.7 million people subscribed to it. He mostly uploads comedy content, such as the videos which feature him telling jokes, reacting to various internet content, and taking on popular challenges.

Although Drew’s taken several breaks from his career on the internet, he’s today actively uploading new content.

Education and early life

Drew was raised in Modesto by his parents about whom not a lot is known, while Drew’s revealed that his mother’s a lesbian; he hasn’t talked about having siblings, so most of Drew’s fans believe that he’s an only child.

He grew up being interested in acting, and upon enrolling in a local high school in 2009, joined its drama club, appearing in many theatre plays during his four years there; Drew was also into music, and learned to play the guitar.

He matriculated in 2013, and began pursuing an acting career, rather than enroll at college.


Career as an actor

Drew’s debut film appearance was his portrayal of Joel in the 2014 romantic comedy drama “Not Cool”, directed by Shane Dawson, who also starred in it alongside Drew and Cherami Leigh. It follows the lives of several teenagers during their Thanksgiving break.

Drew’s debut TV series role also came in 2014, when he appeared in the mystery drama “Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson”, and he then appeared as Student in the 2015 short biographical comedy movie “I Hate Myselfie 2”.

He played Sludge Johnson in the 2015 episode “Pregnancy Talk” of the comedy series “FBE Sketches”, and was then cast to play his namesake Drew in the 2015 short horror comedy movie “It Gets Worse”, Timmy in the 2016 episode “A Very Special Episode” of the comedy series “This Isn’t Working”, and Rufus in the 2016 comedy movie “Dirty 30”.

Drew’s only other role has been his portrayal of Sebastian the Make-up Artist, in the 2017 short comedy movie “Fab Life Teresa Xo”.

Main YouTube channel

Drew’s mostly popular on YouTube for sharing the details of his everyday life with his fans, but in a rather funny way; we’re going to cover three of his most popular videos, which’ve led many people to become his subscribers.


His most popular video “Why Shane and I Aren’t Friends Anymore” has been watched nearly four million times since 12 August 2014, and features Drew talking about why he had decided to stop spending time with his former best friend, American YouTuber, director and actor Shane Dawson.

His #2 video “Reacting to Compilation Videos of ME” has been watched over 3.5 million times since 31 October 2017, and shows Drew and Shane as they’re together reacting to various videos which feature Drew.

His third most viewed video “MY COMEBACK – MUSIC VIDEO by Drew Monson” has been viewed nearly 3.4 million times since 22 August 2017, and is Drew’s original song, in which he’s singing about what he was doing during his break from posting on YouTube.

Second YouTube channel

Drew launched his second YouTube channel – “Drew Monson #2” – on 29 January 2019, and it currently numbers nearly three million views of all his videos combined, while there are more than 90,000 people subscribed to it. Drew uses this channel to upload videos which feature him sharing details of his everyday life – let’s mention three of the most popular amongst these.

His #1 video “explaining my live breakdown last week”, has been watched over 210,000 times since 29 December 2021 – the title’s quite self-explanatory.

Drew’s #2 video “why my acting career failed”, has been watched over 160,000 times since 17 December 2021, and features him talking about why he hasn’t succeeded in the film industry.


His #3 video “i literally can’t do this” has been viewed more than 160,000 times since 12 December 2021; the video lasts over 45 minutes, and shows Drew talking about how hard it is for him to run his YouTube channel.

Love life and girlfriend

Drew hasn’t shared details of any girls whom he’s perhaps dated, and there many of his fans on the internet who believe that he’s gay, because of his feminine looks and his voice; there are also those who believe that Drew was once in a relationship with his former best friend Shane Dawson, who’s come out as bisexual. The two men haven’t addressed these rumors, nor has any proof been provided to support these theories.

Some believe that Drew’s not even looking for a girlfriend, but is instead focused on pursuing a career, however, Drew hasn’t addressed these rumors either.

He seems to be single as of September 2022, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have children.


Interesting facts and hobbies

One of Drew’s hobbies includes running his Instagram account, which is today followed by nearly 750,000 people; he’s posted over 600 pictures and videos, and most of these show Drew during his everyday life.

He’s a huge lover of animals, with cats being his favorites; Drew likes all kinds of cats, including domestic, tigers and lions. He has a pet turtle Rodeo Jones, and it can be seen featured in several of his Instagram pictures.

Drew loves his grandmother, and has launched a podcast which they’re hosting together.

He spends the majority of his spare time outdoors, and enjoys going for long walks.

Drew’s favorite actors are Morgan Freeman and Daniel Day-Lewis, and some of his favorite films include “The Bucket List”, “Now You See Me” and “The Dark Knight”.


Height, eyes and net worth

Drew’s age is 27. His hair’s long and brown, his eyes are brown, and his height’s 6ft 2ins (1.88m), his weight about 175lbs (80kgs).

Drew’s net worth’s been estimated at more than $200,000, as of September 2022.

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