Vitaly Zdorovetskiy VitalyzdTv Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Born Vitaly Zdorovetsky on the 8th March 1992, in Murmansk, Russian Federation, he is a YouTuber and comedian, best known to the world through his channel VitalyzdTv, on which he has close to 10 million subscribers.

Have you ever wondered how rich VitalyzdTv is, as of early 2018? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that VitalyzdTv’s net worth is as high as $2 million, an amount earned through his successful varied career, active since 2011.

VitalyzdTv Net Worth $2 Million

Although born in Russia, Vitaly spent his first years in Odessa, Ukraine, and later immigrated to Florida, with his family, where Vitaly went to Park Vista Community High School, from which he matriculated in 2010. He was keen on skateboarding, but an injury stopped that.

When he was 18 years old, he started a career in the adult film industry and did a film for the Bang Bros company, with Diamond Kitty. However, in 2011 he started his YouTube channel, and since then has been focused on his growing career as a YouTuber. He first came to prominence in 2012, when he uploaded the video “Miami Zombie Attack Prank!” – he got the inspiration from a cannibal attack on a homeless man in Miami in May 2012. Portraying a zombie, Vitaly visited one of the poorest neighborhoods in Miami, and started scaring random bystanders – it has now attracted more than 32 million views. His next successful video was “Russian Hitman Prank”, in which Vitaly is seen taking a suitcase with him and telling people that they have 60 seconds to flee from the particular briefcase. He was arrested for this video, which only launched him to stardom since he had accumulated over four million subscribers shortly after the news about his arrest broke, certainly boosting his net worth.

This encouraged him to continue with his YouTube career, and new prank videos were out in a short period of time. Some of the most popular include “Extreme Homeless Man Makeover”, “Gold Digger Prank”, and others, which continued to increase his popularity and net worth as well. Thanks to this exposure, Vitaly is now a part of the media and content production company Studio71, formerly known as Collective Digital Studio. Also, he and his colleagues – Roman Atwood, and Dennis Roady – produced the film “Natural Born Pranksters”, which came out in 2016, but which was actually a complete disaster.

Nevertheless, he continued his YouTube career, and now attracted more than 1.4 billion views to his channel, which has increased his wealth to a large degree. Also, he started another channel – VitalyzdTvSecond – on which he uploads his daily vlogs, and so far has accumulated almost two million subscribers, while his videos have been viewed over 255 million times, further increasing his wealth.

When it comes to the personal life of this YouTube star, Vitaly has had a few problems with the law. He has been arrested several times, including for streaking at game 4 of the NBA Finals in 2016. He has kept a low profile in regards any romantic relationships, and still lives with his mother in Los Angeles, California.

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