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July 17, 2023
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Kendra Leigh Baskett, to the public known as Kendra Wilkinson, is a famous American model, television personality, author, businesswoman, as well as an actress. Kendra Wilkinson is perhaps best known for appearing in the reality television series “The Girls Next Door”, which focused on the lives of the girlfriends of a famous businessman Hugh Heffner. One of those girlfriends was Kendra Wilkinson. The show, which took place in the Playboy Mansion, aired its first season in 2005 and was on air for 6 seasons until 2010. “The Gils Next Door” proved to generate a large interest from the audience, which resulted in the release of a total of 91 episodes.

Kendra Wilkinson Net Worth $6 Million

The show also inspired the creation of several spin-off series, some of which had Kendra Wilkinson as the main star. In 2009, Wilkinson debuted with her own series entitled “Kendra”, which revolved around her life after leaving the Playboy Mansion and settling down with her husband Hank Baskett. “Kendra” premiered on E! as the highest-rated series on the network and averaged 2.6 million viewers during the first season. However, even though the show always managed to keep the average viewership above one million, “Kendra” was not picked up for the fifth season and finished its run in 2013.

A famous television personality, how rich is Kendra Wilkinson? In 2009, Wilkinson earned $120 000 for her wedding photos and that same year she had acquired various assets ranging from dresses to earrings, the worth of which amounted to $100 000. Meanwhile, in 2013, Wilkinson earned an annual salary of $2 million. In regards to her wealth, Kendra Wilkinson’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million.

Kendra Wilkinson was born in 1985, in San Diego, California, where she attended Clairemont High School. When she finished her studies, Wilkinson started working as a glamour model, until in 2004 she received an offer to work as one of Heffner’s “painted girls”. Heffner then offered her an opportunity to be one of his girlfriends and upon agreement she moved into the Playboy Mansion. With Heffner’s guidance, Wilkinson started appearing on various television programs, including “The Girls Next Door”, “Entourage”, “Las Vegas” and even had a small role in “Scary Movie 4”. Wilkinson was also featured in various magazines. However, after marrying Hank Baskett and giving birth to their son, Kendra Wilkinson decided to move on from Playboy and focused on her solo career instead.

In 2009, she launched the largely popular series “Kendra”, and several years later produced another reality television series entitled “Kendra on Top”. The show, which also features Wilkinson’s husband, managed to attract an audience of 7.5 million viewers. So far it has aired for two seasons, while the third season is scheduled to appear on screens in October in 2014.

In addition to her own series, Kendra Wilkinson had been a guest on such shows as “Dancing with the Stars”, “E! True Hollywood Story”, “WWE Raw” and “Celebrity Wife Swap”.

A famous television personality and model, Kendra Wilkinson has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

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