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April 18, 2024
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Thomas Davidson was born on 10 November 1963, in Washington, DC, USA, and is an actor, stand-up comedian and screenwriter. His trade mark is a piercing voice and comic facial expressions. Davidson began his career as a stand-up comedian in the mid-80s, and came to prominence by acting in comedy television series.

So how rich is Tommy Davidson? According to various sources, his net worth is estimated to be over $5 million. He associates his net worth with his impressive talent in acting on television, in films and entertaining audiences on the stage.

Tommy Davidson Net Worth $5 Million

Tommy was deserted by his parents, literally left in the trash when he was 18 months old. However, he was adopted soon by the lady who found and rescued him, and was raised in an interracial family, since Davidson is African-American and his adoptive parents are Caucasian. The actor moved with his family from DC to Colorado, then to Wyoming, later to Oregon and finally to Silver Spring, Maryland. There he attended high school, and afterwards attended the University of the District of Columbia for one semester.

Tommy’s career began right after he performed his first stand-up performance in a Washington DC strip club, and then performed in other comedy shows in Washington, Philadelphia and Baltimore. When Davidson moved to California, he met Robert Townsend, who helped him to appear on national television for a very first time. Davidson‘s first important role that gained him recognition was a role in the TV show ‘‘In Living Color“ in 1990, co-starring with other comedians like Jim Carrey and Kelly Coffield Park.

Davidson’s film debut was a role in “Strictly Business” with Halle Berry in 1991. Later, another successful appearance was in the movie “Woo”, co-starring with Jada Pinkett Smith. Also, Tommy has starred in other various movies, such as “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls“ in 1995, “Booty Call” in 1997 and “Pros & Cons“ in 1999. Later, he played in “Funky Monkey”, “Everybody Hates Chris” and others. Davidson has also written a few series of Tommy Davidson: Illin’ in Philly, Premium Blend and other series.

Moreover, Tommy lent his voice to a character Oscar Proud from Disney animated series, called “Proud Family” and was a host of FOX’s “The NFL Show”. He also appeared on commercials for Nike and Pizza Hut. In 2015 Davidson with his wife appeared on the popular reality show, called Celebrity Wife Swap. There‘s no doubt that Tommy has accumulated his wealth not only by his television career but also by starring in movies, commercials and comedy shows.

More, he is a participant in tours to US service men and women stationed over seas. Davidson has been nominated for Image Award for the Best Performance in a Youth/Children’s Series five times and won TV Land award in 2012 for his appearance in TV show ”In Living Color“.

In his personal life, Tommy Davidson was previously married to Arlene with whom he has a daughter Jillian and son Isaiah. However, the couple divorced for unknown reasons. He has been married to Amanda Moore since 2015.

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