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November 23, 2023
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Torrie Anne Wilson was born on the 24th July 1975, in Boise, Idaho USA, and is a model, actress, fitness competitor and former professional wrestler, perhaps most famous for her World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment appearances, 1998 Miss Galaxy Florida title, as well as for appearing on several men’s magazine covers such as Playboy and FHM.

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this talented woman has accumulated so far? How rich Torrie Wilson is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total amount of Torrie Wilson’s net worth, as of mid-2016, is $5 million, acquired primarily through her professional wrestling career.

Torrie Wilson Net Worth $5 million

Torrie Wilson’s interest in modeling dates back to her high school days. However, she was rejected by the modeling agencies, and informed that she had to lose some weight. Passionate about overcoming the supposed overweight problem during her teenage years, Torrie Wilson developed an eating disorder which included bulimia and anorexia. In order to recover from this, Torrie Wilson discovered fitness.

Subsequently, she started eating healthily – six meals a day with regular workouts, and soon the young Torrie won first place in her first fitness competition. The peak of her fitness career was in 1998, when she won the prestigious first prize and the flattering title of Miss Galaxy Florida. Apart from this achievement, Torrie Wilson was ranked 7th in the Woman’s Tri-Fitness Championship, in which she won the 1st place in the Grace and Physique round. All these accomplishments, besides providing the basis for her net worth, opened the door for Torrie Wilson’s further professional success and media appearances.

In 1998, Torrie moved to the world’s movie industry capital, Los Angeles, in order to pursue her acting career. She immediately started acting lessons, and soon after was cast in a minor role in the popular TV series “Baywatch”. This appearance certainl positively impacted on Torrie Wilson’s overall net worth.

Torrie Wilson dove into the wrestling world by a lucky coincidence – while watching the World Champion Wrestling show live for the first time ever, she caught the eye of Scott Steiner who asked her to walk him to the ring, and the rest is history. Subsequently, Torrie signed with WCW and began serving as David Flair’s valet. Her numerous talents, as well as her apparentlyperfectly shaped body have helped her to build a notable career in professional wrestling, as well as to add millions of dollars to her overall net worth.

When WCW was bought by the World Wrestling Entertainment, Torrie Wilson became a part of WCW Invasion, and later The Alliance. After the 2001 WWE Divas Bahamas photo shoot, Torrie featured on the cover of RAW Magazine, which was followed by several other photo sessions as well as various DVD releases including WWE Divas Undressed Special. It is certain that all these accomplishments made a huge, positive impact on Wilson’s net worth in total.

Apart from those already mentioned, Torrie Wilson has appeared in nine WWE video games so far. Some of Torrie’s most recent acting engagements include appearances in two 2016 action movies, “Precious Cargo” and “Marauders” both featuring Bruce Willis in the leading role.

Besides her wrestling and acting career, Torrie Wilson had also launched a clothing line, labeled “Officially Jaded” which has certainly helped her to increase her fortune even more.

When it comes to her personal life, Torrie Wilson was married to her colleague Peter Gruner, known by his ring name Billy Kidman, between 2003 and 2008. After this unsuccessful marriage, Torrie was dating another colleague, Nick Mitchell during 2006. Between 2011 and 2015, she was in a relationship with New York Yankees baseball team’s third baseman, Alex Rodriguez.

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