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March 19, 2024
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Towanda Chloe Braxton, born on the 18th of September 1973, is an American singer, actress and reality television show star, famously known for her former family band “The Braxtons” and their reality television show “Braxton Family Values”.

So how much is Braxton’s net worth? As of mid-2017 it is reported by sources to be over $1.5 million, coming mostly from her career as a singer, actress and as a realty television personality.

Braxton grew up in Severn, Maryland with her four siblings, Toni,  Michael Conrad Jr., Traci Renee, Trina, Tamar and their mother Evelyn Braxton. The Braxton children loved singing at an early age, and because of their father Michael Sr., who is a reverend, the five grew up singing in church, and even toured to several events with their parents.

Towanda Braxton Net Worth $1.5 Million

In 1989, the five sisters, who were then called “The Braxtons”, were approached by Artista Records to sign a deal, and in 1990 their first single came out entitled the “Good Life”. Because of marketing problems, the group was later on dropped by the record label.

Though their first and only single was not that successful, it led to the discovery of their oldest sibling Toni Michele. LaFace Records, owned by L.A. Reid and artist Babyface signed Toni, but dropped Towanda and her other sisters, because the record label had already been working with another girl group. Even though the five sisters are not singing as a group anymore, the eldest Toni still included her other siblings on her major concert tours and appearances as backup singers.

Later on the remaining Braxton sisters became members of LaFace records in 1993, but when Reid left the company, the group moved with her to Atlantic Records. In 1995, Traci left the group to pursue another career, leaving Tamar, Trina and Towanda. The remaining three later on released their own album in 1996 entitled “So Many Ways”, carrying their first single with the same title.

The album did well in the R&B and Hip-Hop album charts increasing, the fame of the group and their net worth as well. Due to the success of the album, they then released another single entitled “Only Love”, which also became a hit. Towanda, Trina, and Tamar once again joined their sister Toni on her 1997 tour, but this time as an opening act.

In 1998, The Braxtons parted ways, pursuing different careers. Towanda soon appeared in the second season of the reality show “Starting Over”.

After focusing on their own personal careers, the sisters reunited in 2011 and starred in their own reality show “Braxton Family Values”. Today the show is in its fifth season, making the Braxton’s once again a household name. The five sisters again reunited in 2015 to release a Christmas album entitled “Braxton Family Christmas”.

In terms of her personal life, Towanda was married to author, Andre Carter back in 2003; the couple has two kids, Braxton and Brooke. However, in 2014 the couple was reportedly “legally separated” and Towanda was later seen with former NFL player Kordell Stewart.

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