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August 17, 2023
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Victoria Davey Spelling is also known as Tori, The TV Movie Queen, T, Tori Spelling McDermott and simple as Tori Spelling. T. Spelling is an American actress, author and TV producer whose estimated net worth is $1.5 millon. Tori is known for her appearances in many popular movies, but maybe the best known are “A Friend to Die For” released in 1994, “The House of Yes” released in 1997 and “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?” released in 1997. One of her recent famous appearances is the role in a movie “Cthulhu”, where she played Susan.

Tori Spelling Net Worth $1.5 Million

Victoria Davey Spelling, now better known as Tori, was born in year 1973, on May 16, in LA, California. She was raised in the family of famous parents – her mother is Candy Spelling, American author, philanthrophist and TV personality, while her father is the extremely famous producer Aaron Spelling. Her brother Randall Gene “Randy” Spelling is also a famous personality in the world of show business in America. So there is no surprise that Victoria was taking private acting lessons at the age of six. Her first role which actually raised Spelling’s net worth was portrayed by her when only 17 years old – then she played Donna Martin from the famous “Beverly Hills, 90210”. The reason for this great rise to fame was her father who co-produced the movie. But 90210 is not the only movie in which Tori performed. She also appeared in “Co-Ed Call Girl”, “Trick” and “A Christmas Carol”. Furthermore, Tori’s net worth is also large because her name is associated with such TV series as “T. J. Hooker”, “Vega$”, “Fantasy Island”, “The Love Boat” and many more. Furthermore, the amount of Tori Spelling’s estimated net worth was raised thanks to the reality show”Tori and Dean: Inn Love”, in which were shown the relationship between Tori and her husband Dean McDermott. Later that show was renamed to “Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood”, where all the plot was about buying and later selling bed and breakfast.

Victoria Spelling’s net worth also increased in 2006, when the actress appeared in her own show called “So NoTORIous” – the main aim of the show was not only to show the personal life of T, but also to deny the popular stereotype about V. Spelling which was already built into the minds of most of the viewers. Later, one more show with Victoria appeared – this time it was called “Toribook Weddings” and was all about marriages as Tori became well-known also as the fan of planning weddings. Furthermore, Tori Spelling’s net worth is so big also because she is known as a businesswoman who was able to design her own jewelery line – now it can be purchased at Home Shopping Network.

So now you can better imagine how rich Tori Spelling is according to her net worth which she was able to accumulate during the years of her great career.

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