Marcos Maidana Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Marcos Rene Maidana was born on 17 July 1983, in Sante Fe, Argentina. He is a well-known professional boxer, famous for being the WBA (Regular) Light Welterweight and WBA Welterweight champion. During his career, Marcos has fought 40 times and has won 35 fights. This only proves that Marcos is a very talented boxer. He is now 32 years old and still continues fighting. There is a high chance that if Maidana will continue improving his skills, he will achieve much more in the future.

If you consider how rich Marcos Maidana is, it can be said that Marcos’ estimated net worth is $2 million. The main source of this sum of money is clearly Maidana’s career as a professional boxer. What is more, Marcos is involved in several business affairs which also add to his net worth.

Marcos Maidana Net Worth $2 Million

Marcos became famous in 2009, when he started his career as a professional Light-Welterweight boxer in the United States. His first fight was with Victor Ortiz, which he was able to win. After this fight Marcos gained more and more attention and it had a huge impact on the growth of his net worth. Later he had an opportunity to fight with such boxers as Andreas Kotelnik, Victor Manuel Cayo, DeMarcus Corley and others. In 2010 Marcos fought with Amir Khan and their fight gained a lot of attention and was even named as the Fight of the Year. Another famous fight was with Erik Morales. Their fight was long and tiring, but Maidana was able to prove that he is one of the best boxers and win this fight.

In 2012 Marcos decided to change his weight category into Welterweight and he had an opportunity to fight against Devon Alexander, Jesus Soto Karass, Angel Martinez, Josesito Lopez and others. One year later he had another fight with another famous boxer, Adrien Broner, and won that too. This also made Maidana’s net worth much higher. In 2014 Maidana had a fight with Floyd Mayweather, which was not so successful for Marcos. Despite this fact, the rematch between them was organized and Maidana was again defeated – Mayweather remains undefeated to this day – but it only showed to everyone that Maidana is one of the most talented boxers who has worked hard in order to achieve his titles and win numerous fights.

If to talk about Marcos’ personal life, he is apparently married to Mariana Zilli, but little is known of their private life. It can be said that Marcos likes to invest his net worth into elegant and very expensive cars. He has such cars as Lamborghini and Ferrari, which he keeps in his own garage. What is more, Maidana has a very luxurious house, with spacious numerous rooms and beautiful view. All in all, Marcos is a successful boxer, who has fought many fights during his career and was able to win most of them. Maidana has many fans who admire his boxing style and his career, so as long as he will be able to fight there is no doubt that he will continue gaining the acclaim and success he deserves.

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