Dean McDermott Net Worth

July 20, 2023
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Dean McDermott, was born in 1966, in Toronto, Canada. He is a well-known actor, perhaps most famous for appearing in such shows as “Due South”, “Tori & Dean: Inn Love”, “True Tori”, plus many others. During his career, Dean has been nominated for the Gemini Award several times. In addition to his appearances on television shows, McDermott has also appeared in various movies. There is a high chance that we will hear more about him in the future and that he will act in more popular projects.

Dean McDermott Net Worth $1.5 Million

So how rich is Dean McDermott? Sources estimated that Dean’s net worth is $1.5 million, the main source of his wealth being his acting career. Maybe he is not the most famous actor in the movie and television industries, but he still has his fans, who are waiting for him to appear in more television shows and movies. If this will happen, Dean McDermott’s net worth will grow.

Dean’s acting career began in 1988, when he appeared in the movie called “Graveyard Shift II”, in which he had an opportunity to meet Tim Kelleher, Mark Soper, Ilse von Glatz and others. After this movie, Dean received some invitations to act in such television shows as “Friday’s Curse”, “My Secret Identity”, “C.B.C.’s Magic Hour” and others. This was the time when McDermott’s net worth really began growing, as did his popularity, and he started appearing on television more often. Other television shows that McDermott appeared in include “Head Case”, “Kojak”, “Without a Trace”, Earth: Final Conflict” and many others. All these appearances added a lot to Dean’s net worth.

Dean’s roles in movies also had a huge impact on his success and acclaim. He acted in such movies as “Saving God”, “Open Range”, “A Cool, Dry Place”, “Kiss the Bride”, “Touch of Pink” and others. During the making of these movies, McDermott met various actors, such as Ving Rhames, Ricardo Chavira, Philipp Karner, Monica Potter, Vince Vaughn and many others. Acting in these movies also made Dean McDermott’s net worth grow. Recently Dean has been working as a host of the show called “Chopped Canada”, which premiered in 2014.

Talking about Dean’s personal life, Dean has been married twice. His first wife was Mary Jo Eustace whom he married in 1993, with whom he had one child, but they divorced in 2006 . Later the same year Dean married the famous actress Tori Spelling; the couple has four children. Together with his wife Tori, Dean has created several reality shows, which have also made them more famous and added to Dean’s net worth. All in all, Dean McDermott is a talented personality, who is maybe not known worldwide, but still has fans that admire his work and acting skills. Let’s hope that in the future Dean will become more popular and acclaimed in the television and movie industries. There is no doubt that we will hear more about him in the future. What is more, there is a high chance that Dean McDermott’s net worth will become higher.

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