Aaron Spelling Net Worth

December 8, 2023
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Aaron Spelling was a famous American film and television producer, screenwriter, as well as an actor. To the public, Aaron Spelling is best known as the producer of such famous television series as “Charlie’s Angels”, which first aired in 1981, a critically acclaimed series “Charmed” with Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan, and his longest-running show “7th Heaven” with Stephen Collins, Catherine Hicks and Jessica Biel.

Aaron Spelling Net Worth $600 Million

Considered to be one of the most prominent producers in the industry, Aaron Spelling produced 218 television and film projects throughout his career. In 1969, Aaron Spelling founded a production company that he named “Spelling Television Inc.”, which produced the majority of the popular television series that Spelling is now known for. It was “Spelling Television Inc.”, formerly known as “Spelling Entertainment Inc.”, that helped boost the FOX’s ratings by airing such television shows as the primetime soap opera “Melrose Place”, where Spelling was an executive producer, and an award-winning series called “Beverly Hills 90210”.

Even years after his passing, Aaron Spelling’s contributions to the entertainment industry are not forgotten. A famous producer, how rich is Aaron Spelling? Ranked at 11th place on the list of top-earning deceased celebrities, Aaron Spelling has a remarkable net worth. According to sources, Aaron Spelling’s net worth is estimated to be $600 million. Undoubtedly, most of Aaron Spelling’s net worth and wealth came from his career as a producer.

Aaron Spelling was born in 1923, in Dallas, Texas. Spelling’s parents moved from Poland to the United States before he was born. In the United States, Spelling had a difficult childhood, as he suffered from bullying in his school, which had dire consequences for his health. Spelling’s bullying trauma turned into a psychosomatic inability to use his legs, as a result of which he had to spend a whole year in bed. He then returned to Forest Avenue High School and later, due to the World War II, had to serve in the United States Armed Forces.

After the war, Aaron Spelling decided to continue his studies in the Southern Methodist University, from which he graduated in 1949. Spelling married his first wife shortly after, in 1953, yet they split up 1964. Spelling got married once again in 1968 to an author and television personality Candy Gene. One of the famous Hollywood actress Tori Spelling is their daughter.

Aaron Spelling’s producing career started in 1954, when he wrote and sold a script for a drama series called “Fireside Theatre”, formerly known as “Jane Wyman Presents”. Since his debut, Spelling produced such series as “Dynasty”, “Fantasy Island”, “Sunset Beach”, “Starsky & Hutch”, “The Rookies”, “Queen Supreme” and many more.

Aaron Spelling died in 2006, after suffering from the complications of a heart stroke that he experienced several days before his death. At the time of his death, Aaron Spelling was 83 years old. Spelling’s immense contributions to the television and film industry were acknowledged with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a memorable mention during the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2006, as well as an induction into the Television Hall of Fame.

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