The Second Youngest Son of Chip and Joanna – Who is Duke Gaines?

March 22, 2024
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Duke Gaines- Why is he famous?

He’s only known as the second youngest son of the stars of the reality TV series “Fixer Upper”, Chip and Joanna Gaines, the owners of a redecoration and home renovation business. Duke was born on 23 May 2008, and he will soon celebrate his 15th birthday. He was born in Waco, Texas USA, holds American nationality, and his ethnicity is of mixed White, Korean, Lebanese and German descent.

Duke made an appearance in several episodes of the show, and most recently was seen in an episode of the 2021 spin-off “Fixer Upper: Welcome Home”.

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He is a high school student and likes to read;  Duke is also into sports and enjoys playing and watching baseball with his father. Duke and his mother Joanna grow vegetables and prepare them together. He also likes to collect things, so his room is full of boxes of his collectibles.

Duke has no social media accounts, thus it’s hard to find more information about his life. His parents have a rule when it comes to cell phones – he won’t have it until college. Their screen time is limited when they play video games, and they don’t have a television at home.

Who are his parents, Chip and Joanna?

His father, Chip Carter Gaines was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio on 14 November 1974, in Waco, and his mother, Joanna was born under the zodiac sign of Aries on 19 April 1978, in Wichita, Kansas, but was raised in Waco. Both Chip and Joanna hold American nationality, however, Joanna comes from a family of mixed ethnicity – her mother is Korean and her father half-German and half-Lebanese.


Speaking of their educational background, both Chip and Joanna attended Baylor University. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 1996, while Joanna graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications in 2000.

The two first met at Joanna’s father’s auto shop, and Chip asked her out. She agreed to go on a date with him although she liked his friend, John. Although this wasn’t love at first sight, as Joanna put it, as they started talking, she was convinced that they were a perfect match.

After their first date he didn’t call, later sharing that he made a bet with his friend John to see who could hold out the longest before they call their dates back. It took him a few months to call Joanna on a second date, as Chip said that he really wanted that $50 from John.

Soon after their second date, Chip and Joanna began a relationship, and dated for a year before Chip popped the famous question. Joanna said ‘yes’, and the two exchanged their wedding vows on 31 May 2003. When they returned from their honeymoon, Chip and Joanna started their house-flipping venture.

In October 2003, they opened Magnolia Market, a retail store; 10 years later, their reality TV show “Fixer Upper” premiered on HGTV.


Duke’s siblings

As mentioned, Duke is the second youngest son of Joanna and Chip – the eldest one is Drake, who was born on 4 May 2004, and his elder sister Ella Rose, was born on 20 October 2006, so duke is the third child of Joanna and Chip. On 1 February 2010, Joanna gave birth to another daughter named Emmie Kay, then the youngest one, Crew, on 21 June 2018.

Drake got his name after the hotel in New York City where Chip and Joanna spent their honeymoon. In 2022, he left his home for college, and his mother shared the news on her Instagram feud. Drake is an avid football fan and player. He would often film his mother’s Instagram videos.

Ella Rose is an art lover, and wants to be a designer one day.

Emmie Kay loves plants, and creates and sells her floral arrangements. She also likes to make cookies.

The youngest one, Crew, loves butterflies – when Chip ran for a charity marathon, Crew was with him.

All children have made cameo appearances over the years in the series “Fixer Uppers”, and developed their own fan bases. They were seen helping their father, shopping, gardening with their mother, or just playing outside. However, Chip and Joanna mostly manage to keep them out of the spotlight, since as they said, they wanted their kids to enjoy a happy, normal childhood.


Fixer Upper series

The series “Fixer Upper” aired from 2013 through 2018, and had 56 episodes featuring Chip and Joanna taking on clients in the Waco area, turning their fixer-uppers into their dream houses. The series had six award nominations, including two for Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Structured Reality Program, while Joanna and Chip were nominated for the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Reality Show Host.

In 2021, the duo was seen in the spin-off “Fixer Upper: Welcome Home”, which was also nominated for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program, and MTV Movie + TV Award for Best Lifestyle Show.

In the following year, their TV mini-series “Fixer Upper: The Castle” premiered, which followed the restoration of the Waco castle they bought, syangd that they were trying to purchase this 100-year-old castle for more than 20 years.

In 2022, Joanna and Chip kicked off with the long-awaited launch of their joint venture with Discovery+ called Magnolia Network. In addition to “Fixer Upper: Welcome Home”, the network launched shows such as the cooking show “Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines”, which brought Joanna the Critics’ Choice Real TV Award nomination for Female Star of the Year.


How rich is the Gaines family?

Joanna and Chip have numerous revenue streams, including their retail and restaurant business. As reported by E! TV Channel, the couple earned $30,000 for each episode of the series “Fixer Upper”. Their Magnolia empire brought them a hefty sum of money, and according to authoritative sources, as of March 2023, the Gaines family has a net worth estimated at over $50 million.

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