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What ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Teaches Us



The fascination surrounding the reality-television show “The Curse of Oak Island” has continued over the years, as viewers loved the idea of looking for a legendary treasure that had been buried since the late 1700’s. People believing that as it was cursed which added more intrigue and attracted not only treasure hunters, but also those who loved tales. Some people believed that there’s an unbelievable amount of gold from a Spanish Galleon or historical artifacts that were left by the Knights Templar, both highly unlikely given the time span, while some thought that the loot of the 17th century Scottish pirate Captain Kidd was secretly stashed there. Whether the tales were true or fabricated, the TV show became a platform for people to learn more about history, as the stars of each season of the show struggled to unravel the mystery of Oak Island.

“The Curse of Oak Island” – The TV Show

How it all started

The Lagina Brothers, Marty and Rick, had come across an old article about Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, from a 1965 edition of Reader’s Digest. Initially, it was the older brother Rick who, when 11 years old, became absorbed in the story about booby traps and wood timbers found in the Money Pit. He told the tale to his younger brother Marty, who came to share his fascination for the island. Later on, their father showed them front-page articles about the said Oak Island from the Wall Street Journal, and it fueled the fire that started to consume the Lagina brothers’ growing interest. It was just like the adventure they both read in their favorite “Hardy Boys” series. Over the years, the subject would always come up during family holiday celebrations, and their fascination endured through the years, and even in their 40’s, they dreamed of searching for the buried treasure.


Bought half of the island

When Marty was in Florida, he read from the back of a magazine that there were islands for sale, and that Oak Island was among them. He called Rick about it and they had a meeting with the agent, but unfortunately the island wasn’t for sale, being just a misunderstanding, but they weren’t discouraged and searched for its owners, David Tobias and Dan Blankenship. David had had enough of treasure hunting and sold his share, however, as per the agreement between Dan and David, Dan had the right to approve or reject any sale.

Fortunately, it wasn’t the first time that Dan met the Lagina brothers – there was a time when they went to the island to talk to Dan about becoming investors. They saw him clearing out bushes alone, and before they were even formally introduced, the brothers found themselves helping Dan with the task. Their good deed saw them invited to Dan’s house where they met his family.

However, before they could even broach the subject of investing in the treasure hunt, Dan left. It wasn’t a snub as Rick recalled; it was more of Dan having so much work to do, and so leavingt in a hurry.

The brothers weren’t the only ones interested in the other half of the island. A Swiss developer was bidding for it with a much higher price, but since Dan met the brothers earlier and saw that they were also devoted treasure hunters, he accepted their proposal. So Rick and Marty became the new owners of half of the island.

Got hold of the permits

They had a difficult time acquiring the permit to legally dig on the island, or what they called Treasure Rights from the Canadian government. They were only able to get it in 2012, when the Canadian government abolished the Treasure Trove Act, and replaced it with the Oak Island Act. Now they could dig on the island, but they needed to adhere to the splitting terms in which they got to keep 90% of the treasure, and the government would have the remaining 10%, except for the artifacts.

Offered a TV Deal – “The Curse of the Oak Island”

Through their interest in Oak Island, the TV production company, Prometheus Entertainment, approached them to do a reality TV show surrounding their treasure hunt. All the owners agreed, and the first episode premiered on 5 January 2014. The main cast of the show was the Lagina brothers along with Dan, and his son Dave Blankenship. They were supported by Craig Tester, Dan Henskee, Charles Barkhouse and Peter Fornetti. Over the years, they were joined by other family members and experts who were also passionate about hunting for the buried treasure. The TV show’s title, “The Curse of the Oak Island,” was decided by the creators not only due to the interest that it would attract, but also the legend that said seven people must first die for the treasure to reveal itself. Apparently, there were already six deaths, and during the first episode of the show, it was implied that someone from the cast might be next.


Lessons from “The Curse of the Oak Island”

For several decades, many theories surfaced on what was buried on Oak Island. Each season of the show, viewers get to learn about the historical significance of all the theories that were thrown into the discussion. It was only fitting to have the show “The Curse of Oak Island,” aired over cable TV’s History Channel. As Rick and Marty took each step closer to solving whatever mystery surrounding it, fans were treated to a more interesting way of learning some important historical events.

The Oak Island Legend and Franklin Delano Roosevelt

In the late 18th century, a man-made hole later nicknamed the “Money Pit,” was discovered by 16-year-old Daniel McGinnis and his two friends, while going around the 140-acre wooded Oak Island somewhere on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia in Canada. It piqued the imagination of the three teens, as they started to dig into the hole, and every 10 feet – three meters – they found oak logs floors, and continued to dig until they could no longer do it, and gave up the search.

When the discovery became public, it initiated a treasure hunt that attracted many people from several countries for more than 200 years. Another group, the Onslow Company, started digging in 1802, and found items such as charcoal, a stone slab with embedded symbols, and coconut fiber that encouraged them to dig some more until they reached 98 feet, where water started to fill the pit and flooded it to a depth of around 60 feet, close to 20 meters of water. They couldn’t understand where the water came from, so they gave up the excavation. This was the legendary tale that Rick and Marty Lagina learned about that led them to start their journey as treasure hunters in the TV show, “The Curse of Oak Island.”

Over the years, the money that’s been thrown into the excavation of the Money Pit amounts to millions of dollars, and even caught the interest of famous people. including former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. When he was a 27-year old law clerk, he joined his former schoolmates in the Old Gold Salvage and Wrecking Company expedition.

The group excavated the Money Pit on Oak Island, hoping to get their hands on the treasure – in the fourth season of the show, FDR’s fascination with the Oak Island treasure was discussed.

The former President grew up hearing stories about it, and believed that the lost treasure of Louie XVIII and Marie Antoinette was buried there by one of her trusted ladies-in-waiting who left for Canada. The lady would later claim that they it was buried at the Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, however, their search wasn’t successful, and FDR returned to the US and focused on his public service. It was reported that even during his second term as President, he was still very much interested in Oak Island, and received updates on the results of new expeditions.

Knights Templar Precious Artifacts

One of the names that was consistently associated with Oak Island was that of the Knights Templar. There had been many stories about them, which added more mystery towards the supposed buried treasure.


In the medieval era, a large association of devout Christians known as the Knights Templar, undertook several missions including providing security to Europeans who traveled to the Holy Land. At that time, it was difficult not to get killed or robbed when passing the Muslim-controlled areas, without the protection of the Knights Templar. They even carried out military operations, and seemed to be well-funded. Initially, they were chastised by some religious leaders, but then in 1129, prominent French abbot, Bernard of Clairvaux gave his full support to this secretive group.

Moreover, in 1139, Pope Innocent II released a Papal Bull that gave the Knights Templar special privileges so that they could fully act on their holy missions. They were under no other authority except that of the Pope, and were exempted from paying taxes, which made the group considerably wealthier. It was justified as each member swore an oath of obedience, chastity, and poverty.

No member could swear, drink, or gamble. As years passed by, their numbers grew and they established several chapters in Western Europe.

Some historians believed that lost treasure of the organization included Christian relics such as the Holy Grail and The Ark of the Covenant were buried in the Money Pit. In the third season of the TV show, the treasure hunting team visited the town of Overton which showed them “The Overtone Stone.” It was a huge carved boulder that was used to commemorate the relationship between the Mi’kmaq, a local tribe, and the Europeans. Some of the stone carvings had the cross symbol of the Templars whom local historians believed arrived from Portugal. These markings led to the theory of huge possibility that they hid their treasure on Oak Island.

When the group was disbanded, and most of the known members tortured and killed, there were many interested parties trying to get ahold of the Templars’ amassed wealth over the next few years. Oak Island was believed to have become a stopover during the early centuries for many explorers and travelers, and when human bones of European origin were found on the island, it gave more credibility to this popular theory.

Later in the sixth TV season, the team found a lead Templar Cross along with Templar coins, and had it examined by experts. The lead material wasn’t from North America, but had European origins, particularly from Southern France. There’s a little town there that was directly connected to the Knights Templar, and the grandmaster of the current chapter of the organization there believed that some of the precious artifacts were buried in the island.

Captain Kidd and Booby Traps

In the fourth season of the “Curse of Oak Island,” the team went to the South Shore Genealogy Center in Lunenberg to look at some old maps of the island, to give them some clue. They found it interesting that in one part of the island it was listed as “Kidd’s Treasure,” which meant that even back then, cartographers already thought that the pirate’s treasure was buried in the island.

When the Money Pit was first discovered to have been flooded after digging 98 feet, or about 30 meters, it was believed that it was booby-trapped by a pirate.


One of the theories shown during the first season of the TV show, was that the notorious Captain Kidd buried his looted treasure in Oak Island. It was said that the early settlers on the island shared that there was a sailor on his death bed who claimed to be a crew member of Captain Kidd’s ship, who told them that there were two million pounds buried on the island. Apparently, the 17th-century Scottish pirate captain couldn’t carry his loot wherever he went, and so he hid it on the wooded island. When Captain Kidd was later captured, he told the authorities that he was willing to give up his loot in exchange for his life. He claimed that he buried it in a secluded island somewhere east of Boston, but the authorities didn’t want him back on the seas anymore, so they just hanged him.

The team became excited about the findings since back in 1802, when a stone slab carved with strange symbols was discovered by the Onslow Company after reaching 90 feet. It was recently decoded, and experts translated it to “Forty Feet Below. Two Million Are Buried.”

The Legend of Enoch

The sixth season discussed a fascinating theory that viewers undoubtedly found engrossing. “The Curse of Oak Island” team met an author named Alan Butler in Scotland, to fully understand the connection of Enoch from the Old Testament to the island. In the past centuries, most of the people investigating the Money Pit were known members of the Freemasons. If the Knights Templar theory was right, then they were just following Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah. In the Bible, Noah was the one who built the Ark as instructed by God. The Freemasons owned an old series of documents called The Legend of Enoch, about how Enoch built a chamber to ensure  a place where they could store all the treasures and information before the Great Flood destroyed everything.

Some people believed that the underground chamber could also be found in Oak Island, as what Enoch did in ancient time – the Knights Templar built the Money Pit to keep their priceless religious artifacts. It was another theory that the team would follow through in future seasons.

While Rick and Marty started this journey as treasure hunters, they came to a point that they were now committed to understanding what really took place 200 years ago. Even the producers of the show and their partners were rooting for them to discover a sort of closure. They all wanted to know who excavated the Money Pit and why. Most of the experts who have worked with them believed that the team’s getting closer to finding the truth. The Lagina brothers knew that it’s now their responsibility as to how people would regard Oak Island, and hoped that they could soon solve the mystery surrounding it.

The TV show is now on its eighth season, and just when they discovered that there was a huge sign of silver in the Money Pit, winter started on Oak Island.

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The Untold Truth About Expedition Unknown



Although stories about previously unknown, ancient treasures and unveiled mysteries are usually seen as fictional fantasies, those same topics are exactly what makes “Expedition Unknown” so endearing. While the show takes us to the most fantastic and historically meaningful places around the world, what has really been keeping us engrossed with it for years it’s discovering the biggest secrets history has in store for us, which wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

“Expedition Unknown”s premise is very unique and so are the show’s settings, format and approach to topics. However, knowing how well produced and planned it is, it makes us wonder about things we aren’t able to see on-screen.

For this we have prepared a list of the less known facts about the show, including interesting bits about its host Josh Gates, his crew and what they’ve discovered so far. This is the unknown truth about “Expedition Unknown“.

Josh Has An Impressive Career

Just in case you have missed it, Josh Gates has an impressive career both in and outside the entertainment industry. A native of Massachusetts and born into a British-American family, Josh graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Archeology and Drama.

Although the fields are an uncommon combination, his professional background has allowed him to incorporate both. His debut on TV happened back in 2002, when he made short appearances in the ESPN’s game show “Beg, Borrow & Deal” and other TV productions. His big time finally came in 2007 with “Ghost Hunters” and “Destination Truth”, which became Syfy’s most watched show for a while.

While his career as an actor is less well-known, it’s not non-existent either, having played roles in low-budget movies such as “Party Foul” in 2003, and “Hard Cell” in 2007.


Josh has also been involved with the production of many of the series he’s hosted, including “Stranded” and “Legendary Locations”.

Though Josh’s background as an archaeologist has allowed him to develop the proper experience to be his show’s investigator, his involvement with paranormal-related and myth-hunter shows make him a very multi-faceted TV personality as well.

Filming Takes A Long Time

As expected, when it comes to a show so well planned and shot on location like “Expedition Unknown” is, filming could take unexpectedly long periods of hard work.

As it happens, in “Expedition Unknown” we’re used to seeing Josh and his experts travel around the world. Though that would be genuinely enjoyable for almost everyone, transporting the camera crew and production staff to those places usually takes weeks or even months of preparation, besides the normal time filming takes.

All in all, it’s said that to produce every season of “Expedition Unknown”, the crew take 200 days a year, out of which hundreds of hours are spent in airplanes and other transport, as Josh affirms.

The Most Dangerous Place

For those who are used to seeing Josh Gates shenanigans in the show, it’s hard to think of naming only one place as the most life-endangering.

However, Josh’s closest call was definitely in Myanmar. It happened back in 2015, when he and his crew were filming the episode “Curse Of The Golden Bell” in the search for an ancient and lost artifact which took him to the depths of the Yangon River. While Josh is a professional scuba diver, he didn’t consider the difficulties that entailed swimming in such muddy waters.

The lack of visibility caused by the heavy pollution and strong currents made his mission to find King Dhammazedi’s Great Bell impossible.

As he affirms, diving there was like ‘working with a blindfold on, feeling around underwater’ and despite his initial enthusiasm, the conditions were not only just too dangerous, but actually the worst he’d ever experienced.

All in all, desisting from it was a good idea, especially considering how many people have actually died in the Yangon River while looking for the Great Bell.

Unexpected News While Filming

It’s nothing out of the normal for TV casts to be in contact with their families while filming, especially for shows like “Expedition Unknown”, in which the crews have to spend long periods traveling and away from their loved ones.

As it comes, Josh Gates was given one of the best news items of his life while filming the show. It was back in season two, when Josh and his crew were in Portugal filming the episode “Secrets of Christopher Columbus”, as he was phoned by his wife to tell him they were having a baby.


The exact moment in which an overly excited and emotional Josh informs people around him that he was going to become a dad for the first time, was filmed and included in the episode.

Later in season four, again while on the road with the “Expedition Unknown”s crew, Josh was informed that he was going to become a father for a second time; he wasn’t filmed, we can clearly imagine his reaction.

Humor Doesn’t Always Go As It Should

Despite being an investigation-centered show, “Expedition Unknown” always has a little touch of humor to make everything lighter.

However, despite how entertaining and light-hearted Josh Gates’ jokes are to us, he affirms that being funny isn’t his strongest skill. According to him, his attempt at humor ‘falls flat all the time’, but it’s admittedly his way of not only keeping the audience’s attention, but to make the work environment easier to endure during situations hard to deal with.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Josh Gates (@gatesygram)

Despite the extensive planning the show’s staff does, things in “Expedition Unknown” don’t always go as they should while filming, so joking and trying to lift everyone’s spirits on set is considered important in Josh’s perspective. That positive approach is probably appreciated by his fellow co-workers, and the audience surely enjoys seeing  and hearing it.

Food Is Not Always Safe To Consume

For a show such as “Expedition Unknown”, unexpected problems related to environmental factors occur quite often. As is obvious, the crew usually deals with problems just fine, but there are times in which things get so out of hand that it could endanger the cast’s wellbeing.

The latter situation happened during the fourth season, when the crew was in Ecuador filming “Hunt for the Metal Library”, and had to spend a long time enclosed in a cave. While the crew was prepared beforehand to successfully face the conditions of said environment, having to eat in a place where there were many animals had its consequences.

This resulted in three members of the show’s crew falling sick for consuming bat’s excrement that somehow had fallen on their food. While their health’s condition didn’t worsen and their sickness was actually not as serious as it sounds, it’s enough to give us an idea of how far the show goes to keep the cameras rolling.

Josh Married A Co-Star

As should be obvious, Josh Gates’ work schedule has been very hectic since he made his TV debut. Knowing he spends a significant part of his life on set, it’s understandable that he ended up meeting his significant other half there as well.

As it happened, Josh and his then wife-to-be Hallie Gnatovich met on the set of his formerly-hosted show “Destination Truth”, for which she worked as an off-camera researcher. Though details about their relationship are unknown, in 2014 they tied the knot, and have since welcomed two children together.


Despite Josh’s celebrity status, he and Hallie have carefully kept their children’s privacy, by not revealing their names or faces to the public. Regardless of their choice maintaining their private, their relationship always looked blissful from the outside, that is until Hallie announced in August 2021 that she and Josh had been separated for ‘a year and half’. In her words, their divorce had been officialized just a couple of months before, and both of them were still trying to figure out their shared parenthood and separate lives.

Josh Gates Famous Necklace

One never gets surprised enough when it comes to celebrities and things their fans do for them. Although Josh Gates’ personality is pretty much on the humble and chill side, some of the weirdest aspects of being famous is the fact that his necklace, which he usually wears in the show, has become quite popular as well.

If you don’t believe us, you only have to look up “Josh Gates Necklace” on Facebook, and see it for yourself. As it turns out, the page is very active and usually updates “Expedition Unknown” fans on Josh’s shenanigans.

While the aforementioned accessory has been described as ‘not magical’ by Josh, seeing that its page has over 3,000 fans and keeps growing, it makes us question if his words are actually untrue.

How Topics Are Selected

Seeing that “Expedition Unknown”s main premise is that of pursuing and unveiling ancient mysteries, it’s only expected that a lot of research takes place prior to letting its crew adventure into often unknown territory.

There are certain aspects which play a big role while choosing what and where the show’s crew is going to explore. While every myth could be interesting enough to be considered, what catches the show’s research team’s attention is if the stories indeed have substance, or as Josh describes it, if they have ‘meat on the bone’.

With the help of international archaeologists and experts in other fields, Josh and his crew follow the leads that actually lead to something instead of simply being completely unproven.

Besides the obvious pre-research that they go through, logistics and resources are factors not to be left aside. However, according to Josh, he and the show’s crew go on their adventures without knowing a great deal about what is going to happen in the end, which obviously makes the whole deal more interesting for both them and the audience.

What Josh Has To Say About William Shatner

Throughout the years, “Expedition Unknown” has surely given us many memorable moments. Out of those, one of the most interesting was shown in the series’ spin-off, “Shark Trek”, featuring William Shatner.


Of course, this sort of tribute to “Star Trek” was unexpected considering the show’s usual concept. Despite that, the challenges encountered by Josh Gates’ crew along the way turned out as an extraordinary experience for everyone.

However, if there’s something that stuck in our heads it was how easily William adapted to the show. It wasn’t only us who noticed it though, as Josh admitted himself that besides being an amazing co-star, William’s genuine interest made everything more enjoyable.

According to Josh, what made William’s a memorable partner was definitely his willingness to ‘tackle and understand’ his fear, in order to ultimately conquer it. Those are qualities which surely an expedition expert such as Josh appreciates a lot, and will make us remember the special show with a smile for a long time.

The Reason They Went On Exploring Sharks

As entertaining as “Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek’ was, at first many people were surprised to find that the series would continue exploring sharks, which was an admittedly unusual topic for a series mostly focused on uncovering other types of mysteries.

While the reaction is understandable, there were actually good reasons for this objective. As Josh explained, more than just going on a trip looking for sharks, his main focus was to explore human’s fearful attitude towards the unknown. In his words, the common fear towards these animals is partially caused by the media’s influence, films such as “Jaws”, and prejudices based on their appearance. However, by examining these sea creatures, Josh wanted to not only understand them, but to debunk the many misconceptions surrounding the species.

Needless to say, Josh’s intentions with the show are well appreciated by the audience, and surely by environmentalists as well.

The Reason It Has Many Spin-Offs

“Expedition Unknown” has spawned several spin-off mini-series over the years, including titles such as “Hunt For The Yeti” and “Egypt Live”, which makes us feel happy to see it becoming a successful franchise.

However, while these aforementioned series were meant to show specific expeditions made by the crew in a deeper way, for the last couple of years, long-running spin-offs “Josh Gates Tonight” and “Expedition X” have also been released.

The reasoning behind creating these series in this new format, is a matter of adapting to the several regulations related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made it difficult to produce “Expedition Unknown” in the same way we were used to.

Traveling and filming is also a big concern for the show’s production team for the same reason, but they’ve at least continued to produce content for the franchise until the situation improves. That’s a relief for fans, who still wait for “Expedition Unknown”s return to TV screens as it was previously.

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What happened to Christie Brimberry from Gas Monkey Garage?



For a time, fans of the reality-television series called “Fast N’Loud” were worried that one of its stars, Christie Brimberry, wouldn’t appear again in their favorite automotive restoration TV show. Due to health issues, she couldn’t perform her duties as the office manager of Richard Rawling’s Gas Monkey Garage, which was the focal point of the reality-TV series. She took a break from managing the business in 2016 to focus on getting healthy, with the blessing of everyone in the shop. Loyal fans were relieved when she was seen again in the 15th season of one of the most-watched car shows on Discovery Channel.

Christie’s Early Life and Family

Not much information about her family and early life was revealed to the public. All that was known about her was that she was born on 25 March 1972, in Dallas, Texas, because Christie was very careful about what she shared in her social media accounts and during interviews.

On her social media pages, she was proud to post that she had a good relationship with her parents, most especially her mother who passed away in 2015. She also shared some rare photos with her sister, and said that she was her ‘ride or die until the tires fall off’.

Christie has been married for many years to Darren Brimberry, a professional hairstylist with a hair salon in Dallas. She has six children, and some featured in her Instagram account, although some fans wondered why she has children of Afro-American descent. A fan complimented her for adopting them, but another said that she didn’t adopt any of them, but without offering any other information; much speculation formed but she never addressed the isue. Some of her children have graduated from college, and some are already married. When she posted a tribute to her mother during Mother’s Day in 2020, she mentioned that her old lady was about to be a great-grandmother soon.


From Gas Monkey Garage to “Fast N’Loud” reality-TV

The Gas Monkey Garage is a Dallas-based custom auto shop founded by Richard Rawlings. After seeing automotive shows on TV, he realized that there was a chunk of the untapped market that those TV shows hadn’t taken advantage of – he noticed that his wife and kids wouldn’t stay and watch an auto show with him. The businessman in him knew that he needed to have a garage first to get to that point of creating a TV show. It was like hitting two birds with one stone, since his passion was automotive restoration and customization, so he sold his printing and advertising business to open up a garage in Dallas. Christie was hired through her husband, Darren, who was Richard’s hairstylist.

For many years, he had been pitching the TV show concept to Discovery Channel, until the cable executives eventually accepted the idea and “Fast N’Loud,” was born.

Unlike other automotive shows on TV with overwhelming machismo, Richard toned it down and made it appealing to women and kids without turning off the male viewers. The premise of the TV series was that he would look for worn-down classic or vintage cars all over the country, and purchase them for his team to restore them at the garage. After the fabrication and restoration process, Richard would sell the vehicle at a higher price, creating a significant profit for the business.

All through this, Christie was responsible for assisting Richard in dealing with all the chaos and drama involving the various people in the team – even shouting at her boss – to make sure everyone stayed on course so that they could meet the deadline. The first episode aired in June 2012 and the final episode in June 2020, all in all 155 episodes over the course of 16 seasons, produced by Pilgrim Studios for Discovery Channel.

Meet Christie’s Co-Workers at Gas Monkey Garage

It might be Richard Rawlings who owned the garage, but it was his team of experienced professionals who were responsible for the actual restoration and customization of each car. He had the final say on the overall plan, such as choosing the car to be restored, the schedule, and approval of the budget for the proposed project, while Richard’s sister, Daphne Kaminski, worked as the Head of Operations.

The main mechanic and chief fabricator, Aaron Kaufman, was there almost from the start until he left the garage to open up his own fabrication shop in 2018, and subsequently starred in his own TV show also aired on Discovery Channel. He was with Richard for 14 years, but they maintained a friendship afterwards, as Richard respected him not only as a fabricator but also as a person. Christie even promoted and congratulated Aaron when he finally launched his own online shop.


The rest of the team was comprised of Tony Cano, Mike Coy, and Kennan Hons (Paint and Body Tech Team), Chad Isbell (Automotive Parts Expert), Russell Holmes (Mechanic), J. Cheatham and J. Freeman (Fabricators), Jon Rodriguez (Wiring Expert), and Jason Aker (Firebird expert),

The Real Reason Why Christie Left Gas Monkey Garage in 2016

Ignoring potential health problems was one of the reasons why Christie had to leave Gas Monkey Garage abruptly and indefinitely. It was revealed that back in October 2016, she went through life-threatening surgery to remove a cancerous lymph node from her thyroid. Initially, she didn’t want to share her experience with the public, as she was a very private person. However, she eventually thought it best to educate people about the importance of getting a medical examination when one’s body didn’t feel right.

Apparently, before August 2016 ended, she felt something like a small knot in her throat, but ignored it, thinking that it just had something to do with her Hashimoto condition, a disease that attacks the thyroid and creates nodules in the throat. When it became annoying and felt like having a finger shoved down her throat, Christie had it examined; she had an ultrasound, and when the doctor saw the size of the nodule, a biopsy followed. Somehow she knew deep inside that it could be something worse and dangerous, and 12 days later, her suspicions were confirmed. She had thyroid cancer and the only good thing about it was the doctor saying that it had only affected one lymph node, but it had to be treated right away because it was aggressive.

Christie was assured by her doctor that it would be an easy surgery, that the removal of the thyroid and the cancerous lymph node was done in one day, however, when they operated on her, it was discovered that cancer had spread and a cluster of lymph nodes was removed.

The doctor also had to remove a part of her trachea because it was affected as well. Unfortunately, during the process of removing all of it, the nerve in her voice box was cut, which resulted in her having no voice at all, and she was informed that the condition could last for about six months or so. Christie also had chemotherapy to help fully remove the cancerous cells from her body.

In November 2016, the tube that was inserted in her throat and the stitches were removed, however, the doctor identified that the left side of her voice box was still paralyzed, which made talking and swallowing difficult. Instead of the initial prognosis of six months, the doctor said it would take around eight months to a year before she regained her voice.

Christie went back for a follow-up after a month, and there was an improvement. She got her voice tone back, but she lost a lot of volume.


She was advised to stop taking her thyroid medication so that she could receive Radioactive Iodine treatment; this created an imbalance in her thyroid hormones, that left her emotionally drained, such that she would cry often, and had little control over her emotions. Being on a low iodine diet, which meant no bread, no dairy and no commercially processed food, made it even more unbearable.

However, after a year of non-stop treatment and a disciplined lifestyle, Christie was declared cancer-free by her doctor in December 2017. She posted on her official Facebook page, ‘I went through the last of my treatment last week, and had my one-year bone scan on Friday! The results came back today and I am CANCER FREE!!!’

Back on Gas Monkey Garage and “Fast N’Loud”

While Christie was never fired from Gas Monkey Garage, as Richard was very supportive of her, she wasn’t physically able to join the rest of the cast of “Fast N’Loud.”

She totally regretted that she wasn’t part of the filming of the Mannequin Challenge that Richard and the rest of the team did in December 2016, however, she made sure to be active on her social media platforms Instagram and Facebook to help promote the TV show. There was even a time when she went live while an episode was being aired, just to stay connected with the fans.

When the doctors cleared her to return to work, she was welcomed back in the garage. On 13 June 2018, Richard posted on his official Facebook page, a photo of him sitting behind his desk in his office at Gas Monkey Garage with Christie looking on while pointing out something on a ledger. It was business as usual, and he captioned it with ‘Working hard and havin’ fun’, while Christie posted the same photo with the caption, ‘I love my job.’ Fans were able to see her once again in the last two seasons of their reality-TV series.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Loyal fans were shocked that Richard announced during a guest appearance in the podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” in December 2020, that the 16th season that was aired earlier that year was the last from his team. He didn’t renew his contract with Discovery Channel, saying that it had run its course. However, he assured the fans that he had many plans for Gas Monkey Garage on other media platforms.

True enough, Gas Monkey Garage has been continuously uploading videos on their official YouTube channel, which has over 800,000 subscribers. They also created a podcast called “Monkey Trap with Richard Rawlings”, with their Facebook page having close to five million followers. Recently, the Gas Monkey Garage online merchandise shop launched Richard Rawling’s Car Sweepstakes, in which anyone who purchased $1 worth of merchandise automatically received a raffle ticket for the vehicle giveaway. For instance, a $35-trucker hat would mean 35 raffle entries into the giveaway contest.

A federal-regulated sweepstakes agency was tasked to draw the winner each time the giveaway countdown ends.

Christie Brimberry net worth and financial difficulties

According to authoritative sources, Christie has an estimated net worth of $2 million, some earned from her participation in the reality-TV series and her involvement with the Gas Monkey Garage business. This assess thatment must be true before her battle with cancer, because in some of her social media posts, she shared that she had a hard time paying for the medical bills she incurred for her cancer treatment, saying the insurance coverage that she had wasn’t large enough to cover all the expenses. To alleviate some of the expenses, she marketed events and brands through paid sponsorship on her social media accounts, and was even accused of being a sellout through the comments she received. One time, she was fed up with them that she told everyone that it was her way of surviving, and if they didn’t approve, they could unfollow.


When “Fast N’Loud” ended its run, fans were worried that Christie lost another source of income. After a while, she announced that she’d opened up an account in While some of her fans were apprehensive about this, the move no longer surprised them and they suspected it was to be used for a secondary source of revenue. Most of the celebrities and regular folks joined this web content subscription service, so that they could earn money from subscribers. It was one of those social media platforms that allowed content creators to receive funding from their fans for exclusive pay-per-view photos or videos. It actually created an uproar over the Internet, as most of the content offered consisted of sexually explicit videos and photos.

When Christie posted a teaser showing a photo of her wearing an unbuttoned shirt revealing her cleavage down to her tummy, the fans expected racy content from her.

However, she clarified many rumors that went around after her OnlyFans announcement, debunking what most of the fans thought was her reason for joining, saying that it wasn’t for financial reasons because she wasn’t broke. She also said that she wasn’t getting a divorce, that the OnlyFans idea came from her husband. Christie said she was just happy and that the timing was perfect as she was in a place where she’s most comfortable with her skin. Not everyone believed her because of her previous posts about her problems with finances due to her surgery and all that came with it. For $24, a subscriber could access the 165 digital media she posted about herself for three months on her OnlyFans account, however, the controversial crowd-sourcing site announced that it would prohibit account users from uploading explicit images and videos, as of October 2021.

Her profile on her official OnlyFans account showed ‘I used to be that girl from that show but now I’m the girl from that website! No porn, I’m not a porn star.’ However, her sexy photos in which her nipples were in full view were leaked to the public, even if there was a warning on her page that said, ‘Any images/videos re-uploaded elsewhere online will be sent a DMCA from my lawyer, and legal ramifications will be enforced.’ Some of her subscribers said it was like Christie posted for racy magazines such as Playboy or Penthouse.

“Fast N’Loud” fans were wondering if she’s still connected with Gas Monkey Garage, because based on her Instagram and Facebook accounts, she hasn’t posted anything about them in 2021. The pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus has surely created problems for all types of businesses all over the world, and it would not be impossible at all if the auto shop undertook some reorganization of its staff and crew.

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