Slick Rick Net Worth

August 29, 2023
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Richard Martin Llloyd Walters was born on 14 January 1965, in Mitcham, London England, of Jamaican descent. As Slick Rick, he is a rapper, known for such singles as “Children’s Story”, “La Di Da Di” and others. Slick Rick has his own unique way of rapping, which is admired by many contemporary rappers. That is why there is no surprise that Slick Rick is considered to be one of the most successful and acclaimed rappers of all time. Although he is now 50 years old, Slick Rick still continues his career and creates music.

If you consider how rich Slick Rick is, it can be said that Slick Rick’s estimated net worth is $1 million. The main source of this sum of money is, clearly, Slick Rick’s career as a rapper. In addition to this, Slick Rick is also known as record producer and this also adds to his wealth. There is no doubt that his other activities have also added to Slick Rick’s net worth.

Slick Rick Net Worth $1 Million

Slick Rick’s career as a musician began when, with Dana Dane, he formed the duo known as the “Kangol Crew”. Later he started working with the “Get Fresh Crew” and this was the time when his net worth really began growing. Despite the success this band achieved, Slick Rick decided to create music as a solo artist, and in 1988 he released his first solo album, entitled “The Great Adventures of Slick Rick”. This album gained a lot of attention and it had a huge impact on the growth of Slick Rick’s net worth. In 1991 Slick Rick released his second album, called “The Ruler’s Back”. Although it did not gain as much success as his debut album did, it still added a lot to his popularity. Later Slick Rick released two more solo albums: “Behind Bars” and “The Art of Storytelling”. These albums contributed significantly to Slick Rick’s net worth.

In addition to his career as a solo artist, Slick Rick has also collaborated with various artists, including in 2012 with Soul Rebels Brass Band. As mentioned, Slick Rick and his rapping style have influenced other rappers; some of them are Everlast, Tricky, Snoop Dogg, Black Star among others.

What is more, Slick Rick has appeared in several movies. Some of them include, “Whiteboyz”, “Brown Sugar”, “The Show”, “Rhyme and Punishment” and others. It is clear that Slick Rick is very talented and influential person, who has achieved a lot during his career.

If to talk about Slick Rick’s personal life, it can be said that in 1996 he married Mandy Aragones, with whom he lives up until now. Slick Rick also had some serious problems with the law as he was accused of attempted murder, and spent five years in jail. However, despite this fact he has still been able to achieve great success and become a perfect example for other rappers. All in all, Slick Rick is one of the most talented rappers of our time. His rapping skills and unique style brought something new into hip hop music. Hopefully, Slick Rick will be able to continue his career for a long time and we will hear more of his songs in the near future.

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