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April 18, 2024
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Scott Andrew Caan was born on 23rd August 23 1976, in Los Angeles, California USA, the son of noted actor James Caan. Scott is an actor who became known for his role in the television series “Hawaii Five-0”. Besides being an actor, he is also a director and a writer.

So just how rich is Scott Caan? Sources estimate the actor’s net worth is $16 million. Most of Caan’s earnings come from television and the movie industry, but additionally the actor has been involved in theatre projects, writing and directing several plays. Caan is also a talented photographer, his first collection of photographs being published in 2009.

Scott Caan Net Worth $16 Million

As a child, Scott Caan dedicated his time to sports. He also had a passion for hip-hop and at the beginning of the ‘90s he formed the group The Whooliganz, together with his friend ‘the Alchemist’. The band succeeded in signing a contract with Tommy Boy Records and even released an album called “Make Way for the W.” This was a modest start to his net worth.

In 1995, Scott Caan started his acting career, with roles in the independent films “A Boy Called Hate” and “Star Struck”. While studying acting at Playhouse West in Los Angeles, he continued to make appearances in small films, then in 1998, he was cast in his first major film,” Enemy of the State”, soon followed by appearances in “Varsity Blues”, “Boiler Room”, and “Gone in Sixty Seconds”. His net worth was rising.

On television, Scott Caan appeared as a recurring character in the HBO’s series “Entourage”, as manager Scott Lavin. From 2010, he has been a main cast member in the television series “Hawaii Five-0”, by CBS, with the series being on screen for six seasons until now and from which, according to the media, Caan is one of the top television earners, making $80,000 an episode for his role as Detective Danny “Danno” Williams, obviously a significant contribution to his net worth.

Additionally, Scott Caan wrote, directed and starred in the films “Dallas 362”, released in 2003 and for which he won the Critics’ Choice Award at CineVegas International Film Festival. “The Dog Problem”, released in 2006 was his too, and he also wrote and produced “Mercy”, in 2009.

In theatre, Caan wrote and directed the play “Almost Love”, at Los Angeles’ Playhouse West. His other theatre projects include the script for “Chasing the Party”, set up at Jerry Bruckheimer Productions, and screenplays for the dramas “The Fight” and “Lowest Common Denominator”. All have contributed to his net worth.

Aside from entertainment, in 2009 Scott Caan published the book “Scott Caan Photographs, Vol. 1”, a collection of his best photographs. As he still has a passion for sports, the actor is also a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Caan has also been working as a volunteer for Surfers Healing, an organization meant to help children with autism, and volunteers for the similar groups A Walk on Water, Life Rolls On and TheraSURF.

In his personal life, Scott Caan has a relationship with Kacy Byxbee; the couple have a daughter and live in Los Angeles. Although there is no public information about his estates, it seems he owns a 2,794 square feet house, estimated to be valued at $2 million.

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