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April 18, 2024
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Terry Steven Lewis was born on the 24th November 1956 in Omaha, Nebraska USA, and together with his partner Jimmy Jam, he forms a team of music producers and songwriters. They rose to fame in the early 1980s with several artists, especially Janet Jackson. Terry and Jimmy won five Grammy Awards yet it is worth saying that they were nominated for the above mentioned award 11 times. The two have been active in show business since 1982.

How rich is the music producer and songwriter? Authoritative sources estimate that the total size of Terry Lewis’ net worth is as much as $50 million, as of the data presented in the middle of 2016. Music is the main source of Terry Lewis’ wealth.

Terry Lewis Net Worth $50 Million

Initially, Lewis and Harris alongside Jellybean Johnson and Monte Moir founded their music group Flyte Tyme while still at high school – for a wider audience this band was known as The Time. They had released the albums “The Time” (1981) and “What Time Is It?” (1982), before Harris and Lewis decided to pursue their careers in the sphere of music production. The Time appeared as the opening act while touring with Prince and the Revolution, unfortunately, they were fired from the tour because they were unable to rejoin because of bad weather conditions. However, soon they returned to the industry as the producers of The SOS Band – the songs they produced including “Just Be Good to Me” became a huge success. Soon, they became very popular, and under the name of Flyte Tyme Productions, the two produced many musicians including Patti Austin, Gladys Knight and Thelma Houston. Lewis’ net worth was well established.

In 1985, the producers met Janet Jackson who at that time was trying to pursue her career away from her famous siblings – The Jacksons and Michael Jackson were international superstars already. Janet Jackson’s third album “Control”, was very successful for both the producers and the singer, with all three winning a Grammy Award. Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam produced six more albums with Jackson; some of them were even more successful than “Control”.

Afterwards, Jimmy and Lewis founded a private label Perspective Records in the early 1990s. They worked with such famous artists as Ann Nesby, Bobby Ross Avila, Sounds of Blackness, Smooth, Solo, Mint Condition as well as Lo-Key?. They also produced Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Gwen Stefani, Usher , Mary J. Blige as well as Mariah Carey. At the beginning of 2008 Terry and Jimmy reunited as the band “The Time” for the first time since the separation; in the middle of 2008, they played a number of concerts in various places in Las Vegas, USA.

To make all things clear, Jimmy and Terry are successful producers who have 41 songs that reached the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, and 31 on the Top 10 in the UK.

Finally, Terry Lewis was married to the popular singer Karyn White, and they have a daughter. However, the couple is divorced.

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