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November 26, 2023
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Richard Austin Quest was born on 9 March 1962, in Liverpool, Merseyside, England, of Jewish descent. He is an English journalist and television personality, best known as the host of the CNN International program “Quest Means Business”.

So just how wealthy is Richard Quest? According to sources in early 2017, Quest has earned a net worth of over $4 million, established largely through his career in journalism.

Richard Quest Net Worth $4 Million

Quest attended the state comprehensive Roundhay School in Leeds, and later studied law at Airedale and Wharfedale College and at the University of Leeds, obtaining his LLB degree in Law in 1983. He also spent a year in the USA, studying at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, where he also served as news director for campus radio station WRVU.

Quest’s career in broadcasting started in his teenage years, working briefly at St James’s Hospital radio, before in 1985 becoming a news trainee at the BBC. Two years later he joined its financial unit, and in 1989 relocated to New York City after being appointed North American business correspondent for the BBC. He later worked at BBC News 24 channel as the business correspondent in a segment called “World Business Report” along with Paddy O’Connell. He also hosted the BBC early-morning program called “Business Breakfast”. Quest’s 12 years at BBC considerably added to his net worth.

In 2001 he joined CNN, to front the “Business International” program, and the following year he began hosting the network’s program called “Business Traveller”, and in 2005 became the face of a monthly feature program called “Quest”. Four years later, he began hosting “Quest Means Business”, offering major business stories with Quest’s in-depth analysis and commentary, delivering astonishing facts from the business world. It was through this show that he established himself as one of CNN’s most recognized personalities. His distinctive style has made him a unique figure in the world of business broadcasting.

Throughout his career at CNN, Quest has covered some of the biggest news events for the network, from various issues involving the British Royal Family, the Iraq war, the death of Yasser Arafat, every major stock market and financial crisis, the Lockerbie Pan Am 103 crash to the death of Michael Jackson, reporting from the key financial centers around the world. In 2012 Quest covered the presidential election campaign in the USA with his own show called “American Quest”, doing interviews with voters all around the country.

His guests have included world leaders such as the Czech Republic’s Petr Necas, and British PM David Cameron, as well as major names in banking such as Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase and Robert Zoellick of the World Bank. He has also interviewed His Holiness, The Dalai Lama and Hugh Hefner.

Quest also serves as CNN’s Aviation Correspondent, having covered many aviation stories, such as that of the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in 2014, the event that he wrote about in his book “The Vanishing of Flight MH370: The True Story of the Hunt for the Missing Malaysian Plane”, released in 2016.

Aside from his work at CNN, Quest served as the host of the first season of the ABC’s game show “500 Questions” in 2015, and the same year he appeared as a contestant in “The CNN Quiz Show: The Seventies Edition”.

Quest’s career at CNN has enabled him to become a famous figure in the industry and to amass a significant net worth. It also brought him the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award and Carlton Wagonlit Travel Journalist of the Year Award, as well as the International Association of Broadcasters Television Personality of the Year Award.

In his private life, Quest has revealed that he is a homosexual. Other details regarding his relationships are unknown to the media, but sources believe he is single at present. Quest made headlines in 2008, when he was found by authorities wandering around New York City’s Central Park carrying crystal methamphetamine, a rope around his neck tied to his genitals, and a sex toy in his car boot. He was arrested and later sent into rehab and six months of drug counseling.

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