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January 24, 2024
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American talk show host, radio and television personality, film and television producer, as well as an actor, Patrick Leonard Sajdak was born on 21 October 1946, in Chicago, Illinois, and is perhaps best known as the host of the TV series “Wheel of Fortune”,

So just how rich is Patrick Sajak? According to authoritative sources, Pat Sajak’s annual salary with “Wheel of Fortune” amounts to $12 million, and his net worth is estimated to be $45 million. Pat has managed to accumulate most of his net worth and income from his many appearances on television, but his career actually began back in the mid-1970s.

Pat Sajak Net Worth $45 Million

Pat Sajak was educated at Farragut High School, and continued his studies in communications at Columbia College Chicago. While in college, Sajak also worked at Palmer House hotel as a desk clerk, but concurrently he won a contest at WLS radio, and was then given an opportunity to appear on it as a DJ. He later applied for a job at WEDC radio station, and became a newsman. Sajak’s talents were noticed by station WSM-TV, which offered him a job in front on TV screens, his first appearance being on “The Today Show”, working first as an anchor of short segments, and then moving on to become a weatherman. Shortly afterwards, Sajak was offered the position of a weatherman at the KNBC station.

In 1981, Pat Sajak was approached to replace Chuck Woolery on “Wheel of Fortune”. Even though Sajak was initially declined by then-CEO of NBC network Fred Silverman, he was hired when Silverman was replaced in 1982. Over the years, “Wheel of Fortune” became one of the most popular US television game shows, racking-up more than 6 000 episodes to date. Ranked at #2 on the list of 60 Greatest Game Shows Ever, “Wheel of Fortune” has inspired the creation of 60 international adaptations of the show, and has been rewarded with several Daytime Emmy Awards, as well as receiving numerous nominations during the Game Show Awards, with Pat Sajak obviously having a significant impact on this success, plus adding to his own net worth.

Additionally Sajak has featured on such programs as “Larry King Live”., “Live with Regis and Kelly”, “Pat Sajak Weekend” among many others, carving a niche for himself in US TV .  folklore.

Pat Sajak made his film debut in 1982, appearing in a small role in Ken Finkleman’s comedy film “Airplane II: The Sequel”, co-starring alongside Robert Hays, Chad Everett, William Shatner and Julie Hagerty. In 1983 Sajak appeared as Kevin Hathaway in “Days of Our Lives”, an NBC daytime soap opera, and as himself in the popular children’s TV cartoon show “Rugrats”, and again as himself in an episode of “Inner Tube”.

Sajak has also written for National Review Online, and for the networking website,

In his personal life, Pat Sajak was married to Sherrill from 1979 to 86, and has been married to Leslie since 1989, with whom he has a son and daughter, They currently reside in Chicago.

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