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March 11, 2024
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Charles Woodson was born on the 7 October 1976, in Fremont, Ohio USA, and was a two-way position American Football player, at corner back and free safety,. He is best known for his impressive athletic skills, which saw him become the second player to win the Heisman trophy 1997. As of early 2016, he remains the last player to have won the Heisman while not playing as a quarterback or running back.

So, how much is this popular American footballer worth? As of early 2016, Charles Woodson’s net worth is estimated to be over $15 Million. His major role in the NFL saw him get rich quickly, as he had a decent salary of around $3.4 million. His Green Bay Packers’ seven-year contract was reported to amount to $52 million, which was the major contribution to his wealth.

Charles Woodson Net Worth $15 Million

Born to Solomon and Georgia Woodson, Charles Woodson attended school at Ross high where he made a name for himself as ‘Mr Football’ after having achieved the prestigious title ‘player of the year’. Woodson was introduced to this life-changing career by his half-brother Terry Carter. Though having been born with minor defects in his feet, Charles Woodson grew to be an athletic man who made high end scores in his football career. He later signed with Michigan University. where he led the Wolverines, with five interceptions in the year1995. His major roles at the Wolverines, playing both defence and offense gave him the title ‘the big freshman’ in his first year. In 1997, Woodson won the Heisman trophy making him the third Michigan player to win the prestigious tittle.

At the 1998 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders selected Woodson as the fourth player overall. He was named the NFL defensive rookie in the 1998 season, starting all games and being named to the Pro Bowl. (Subsequently he made eight more Pro Bowls, including in 2015, his last season.) Woodson spent his first eight seasons with the Raiders, reaching the Super Bowl in 2002 even after having shoulder surgery during the season, and then a cracked fibula – but suffering a loss.

In 2006, Woodson was traded to the Green Bay Packers on a seven-year contract worth $52 million. The Packers reached the Super Bowl, and winning while Woodson watched from the side-line having broken his collar bone in the first half. His seven years with the Packers were certainly successful, but after sitting out the last nine weeks of the 2012 season with another collar bone break, Woodson was traded back to the Raiders on 21 May 2013, where he signed a deal for one year. Later in December of the same year, Woodson made his retirement announcement only to join the ‘ESP Sunday NFL’ countdown on the 12 February 2016.

Some of the great accomplishments that Woodson can boast about, and which has seen him increase his net worth significantly, include worthy titles such as NFL interception leader, AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year and NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

In his personal life, Charles Woodson is married to April Dixon Woodson, with whom he has two children: Chase and Charles Junior. He developed a keen interest in wine during his career life at the NFL, entering into a partnership with Rick Ruiz, the former Robert Mondovi Winemaker. They both developed a wine label called ‘Twenty-four by Charles Woodson’.

Woodson is widely involved in charitable events. His contribution amounting to two million dollars to the Michigan University C.S. Mott children home is remembered greatly. Today, he owns a charitable foundation called ‘Charles Woodson Foundation,’ which focuses on fight against breast cancer.

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