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April 15, 2023
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A TV host, interior designer and a licensed realtor, Nicole Curtis was born on 20 August 1976 in Lake Orion, Michigan USA, and is best known for her role in the TV show ‘Rehab Addict,’ which documents home renovations, and airs on the HGTV and DIY channels. In the show, she advocates for restoration and preservation of existing plans or architectures over demolition. She has renovated many homes in Akron Ohio; Detroit Michigan; and Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, during her working life which began in the mid-1990s.

Are you wondering what the wealth of Nicole Curtis is, as of late 2017? Curtis is estimated to have a net worth of over $5 million, which credible sources say she has acquired from her career as a host, especially in her role in ‘Rehab Addict,’ but initially her work as an interior designer and realtor has also contributed to her modest fortune.

Nicole Curtis Net Worth $5 Million

Nicole Curtis  spent most of her childhood Lake Orion, in a family that treasured history, which encouraged her to appreciate classic architecture. The propensity of her parents to refurbish tossed away furniture also led her to learn to recycle and reuse all kinds of items, a philosophy which she has continued to follow to this day. After completing high school, she joined college where she studied teaching, and at the same time worked for Hooters restaurant. She did not remain in school for long, quitting to start her own cleaning business, not knowing that this could perhaps shape her career in the future. Her dedication and preparation resulted in great success, as she was soon earning a living as a realtor, rehabilitating old residences in Minneapolis. She started restoring old properties that had been selected for demolition in late 90s, and so her net worth had begun to grow.

While still working for a broker in Minneapolis, Nicole Curtis’s glamorous photo landed her an unexpected call from a production company, which offered her an opportunity in a guest spot on ‘Sweat Equity,’ a DIY Network show about renovation. Her ease on camera in the show made an impression, and six moths later the local production company decided that she was good enough to have her own show, which became ‘Rehab Addict.’ Her task was to take ramshackle homes located in Minneapolis and Detroit, and restore them to their original state, meantime relating to the audience by sharing insight and tips with them. The series has been so successful that it is now scheduled for an eighth season, which certainly helps Nicole’s net worth to continue rising

As a cheerleader and coach for the DIY world, she loves rescuing houses and restoring them to their lost glory, which she has now done for about two decades. Through her tireless works, she inspires other people to restore and preserve their own homes across the US. She also runs Nicole Curtis Design, her own design company, which has seen her increase her net worth significantly, making her quite a wealthy woman.

In her personal life, Nicole Curtis was married to Steve Lane, but they divorced in 2009. She is now a single mom to her son Ethan, and to her second son Harper she had with businessman Shane Maguire, who she lives with in Detroit. She works hard to balance her home life and career, which she admits is a very difficult thing to do as a single woman. She practices what she teaches, living in a 1904-former foreclosure residence, which she has spent over three years restoring. When not working, she loves spending time with her sons, and two rescued pups!

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