Meet Kirk Franklin’s wife Tammy Collins: Age, Height, Children, Wiki

April 18, 2024
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Tammy Collins

Gospel icon Kirk Franklin has won 19 Grammy awards, and is considered a music legend – but despite his level of fame, surprisingly little is known about his wife of almost three decades, Tammy Collins.

Together, the couple have built a long-lasting legacy, with four children and various joint projects. Fans of the musician and businesswomen consider their relationship a testament of strength and devotion, as Tammy, a former make-up artist, quit her job to dedicate more time to her home and family after marrying Kirk.

Apart from helping with Kirk’s ministry, Tammy regularly provides her thousands of followers with updates regarding her and her husband’s latest ventures. For those who are unfamiliar with their history, the couple became husband and wife in January 1996 after dating for several years; both entered the relationship with children from previous relationships.

In mid-2023, it was announced that Kirk and Tammy would be hosting the Atlanta-based dating show “The One”, helping a bachelor and bachelorette find love while also sharing their secrets to a healthy and long-lasting marriage. Although “The One” didn’t make many waves outside of its target audience, fans of the couple greatly enjoyed the show, and hope to see Kirk and Tammy return as co-hosts and executive producers for a second season.


According to online biographies, Tammy is 5ft 5ins (165cms) tall and weighs about 143lbs (65kgs). The entrepreneur was born on 3rd December 1970, in Fort Worth, Texas, USA and recently celebrated her 53rd birthday with an elegant brunch with friends and loved ones.

Family Controversy

Kerrion Rashad Franklin, the oldest of the four siblings, was born in 1988 to Kirk and his then-girlfriend Shawn Ewing. Creativity clearly runs in the Franklin family, as Kerrion is an author, producer and cinematographer, with years of experience in the entertainment industry.

In March 2021, the gospel singer’s firstborn uploaded a troubling 45-second video on his Instagram, in which his father was heard insulting him and threatening to break his neck. ‘This is why I’m done,’ Kerrion captioned the clip. ‘If I have any issues it’s because of this type of treatment that I deal with behind closed doors.’

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Although Kirk was quick to post an apology video on Twitter, Kerrion’s original post had already gone viral as many netizens were shocked to hear Kirk’s profanity-laden outburst. Tammy, who was allegedly heard laughing in the background, was also criticized for not intervening during her husband and stepson’s spat. Kirk himself claimed that the relationship between Kerrion and the rest of the family had been strained for years, adding that they’d tried to fix the situation through therapy and counseling.

Unfortunately for Kerrion, he appears to be on bad terms with both parents; during a September 2021 Instagram Live appearance, he accused his mother of assault. The Neighborhood Talk and other celebrity blogs were quick to pick up on the news story, as Kerrion sensationally claimed that his mother and a female friend were trying to take him to a hospital against his will.

‘I’m going on live right to make sure I’m protected,’ Kerrion said during the livestream, to which Shawn replied: ‘You’re always looking for attention.’


Although Kerrion’s bedraggled appearance sparked concern amongst his followers, he’s looking much healthier these days and has managed to steer clear of trouble. In April 2022, he joined the cast of Zeus reality show “Bad Boys: Los Angeles” and was ‘forced’ to come out of the closet as bisexual just three episodes in.

A visibly uncomfortable Kerrion admitted his sexuality after being pressured by co-stars Milan Christopher and Moolah Moe. At first, the reality TV star claimed to be polyamorous and said that men often flirted with him. Finally, he conceded to being bisexual and received an outpouring of support from the internet, whereas Milan and Moolah were criticized for their lack of tact.


Next is Carrington Franklin, Tammy’s daughter from a previous relationship who was legally adopted by Kirk in the 1990s. Born in 1989, Carrington is married to former basketball prodigy Maxx Nakwaasah, with whom she shares two children named Shiloh and Levi.

Carrington’s faith is one of the most important cornerstones of her life, as she’s especially fond of quoting scriptures and sharing motivational Bible verses with her 80,000 Instagram followers. Despite having her work cut out as a mother of two, the social media personality is also the writer and co-host of the “In Real Life with Tammy and Carrington” podcast and works with a number of brands as an online ambassador.


Next is Kennedy Franklin, Kirk and Tammy’s first child together who was born in 1997. At a young age, Kennedy learned to sew after seeing her parents get dressed up for magazine shoots and award shows, which is when her love for fashion flourished. Later on, she took a digital production class which would inspire her to combine her two talents.

During her time at Baylor University, Kennedy was a part of the cheerleading team while studying a journalism degree with a minor in apparel merchandising. Upon graduating, Kirk’s second-born set herself the ambitious goal of becoming a creative director for a fashion magazine or brand; the first step to achieving this was the Capstone Project, an Essence magazine internship program which lasted throughout summer 2019.

Although Kennedy ultimately opted for another career path, she’s still doing great things as an account executive for Quantasy + Associates, a Los Angeles-based tech company. Previously, she worked as a social media manager for Jaye Nibbs Interiors, and as an executive assistant for KS Lewis Media.

Last but not least is Caziah Franklin, who was born in September 2000 and is a Full Sail University graduate. The self-described storyteller and vagabond is passionate about music, photography, and exploring the outdoors, and although his exact job is unknown, he has several creative projects on the go at any given time.


According to Caziah – also known as ‘Caz’ and ‘Zizi’ to his nearest and dearest – one of his most vivid childhood memories is that of his mother Tammy encouraging him to focus on all his passions and interests apart from music. Right now, Caziah is also focused on his relationship with long-time girlfriend Alena Pitts, who features heavily on his social media profiles and shares many of his interests.

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