Macaulay Culkin’s sister Quinn Culkin Wiki: Siblings, Height, Age

March 21, 2024
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Who is Quinn Culkin?

Known mostly for being the sister of the Hollywood star Macaulay Culkin, Quinn Kay Culkin is a former child actress, born on 8th November 1984, in New York City, USA. The Scorpio is 5ft 5in (1.65m) tall, and weighs about 140lbs (63kgs), with unreported vital statistics. It’s believed by some that that her acting career was cut short, so that the family could focus on supporting her famous brother throughout his rise to fame.


The Culkin family patriarch, Kit, worked as a stage actor and manager, while his wife Patricia Brentrup was a telephone operator for the Catholic Church. The couple had six other children: Shane, Dakota, Christian, Rory, Kieran, Macaulay and Jennifer.

Although not all the Culkin children went on to become famous, several pursued careers in showbiz from an early age. Rory is known for his roles in “Columbus”, “Scream 4”, and “Lords of Chaos”, whereas Kieran had roles in “Father of The Bride”, “The Mighty”, and “The Cider House Rules”. Without a doubt, Macaulay became the most infamous Culkin sibling, being one of the most successful child actors of the 1990s, and coming in at second place on VH1’s list of “The 100 Greatest Kid Stars”. Some of his nominations to date include MTV Movie Awards and Young Artists Awards.


In 1994, the Culkin family was effectively split down the middle when Macaulay, who was just 14 years old at the time, began seeking emancipation.


Despite his young age, the “Home Alone” star was already a household name, and had a fortune of millions. A year later, Macaulay’s lawyer filed a motion to remove his parents as legal guardians, thus allowing the child star to manage his own financial affairs. Allegedly, Macaulay stopped talking to his parents after the emancipation was made official. He married the actress Rachel Miner in 1998, but a rocky relationship led to them separating in 2000, and divorcing two years later. From then on, the actor went on a downwards spiral which included substance abuse, sex scandals, and allegedly a secret rehab stint. Conversely, the rest of the Culkin brood have led relatively normal lives by comparison, and rarely make headlines.

With time, more ugly details of the Culkin siblings’ upbringing came to light, as Macaulay spoke on WTF podcast in 2018, describing Kit as “physically and mentally” abusive, adding that his father was “jealous” of his achievements.

Michael & Macaulay

Due to Macaulay’s traumatic childhood, it’s perhaps unsurprising that he struck up an unlikely friendship with Michael Jackson, when the now-deceased pop star called the actor out of the blue in the early 1990s. Michael reportedly related to the young Macaulay’s struggles in the spotlight, having gone through the same himself while being part of The Jackson 5. From then on, Macaulay and his family visited Michael’s infamous Neverland Ranch on various occasions throughout the ‘90s, and until 2005.


In one particularly scandalous visit, the then-teenager and Michael slept in the same bed, although Macaulay stoutly denied that anything ever happened. Despite negative comments, the unlikely bond showed no signs of wavering; in 1991, the duo worked together on the video of “Black or White”, and Michael also invited the Culkin family on vacation with him to Bermuda, and was present on the set of “Home Alone 2” to support his friend. When the first allegations of child abuse became public in 1993, courtesy of Evan Chandler who claimed that Michael had molested his 13-year-old son Jordan, Macaulay defended the older celebrity, and agreed to be questioned by authorities. Over the years, Macaulay became Paris Jackson’s godfather, and attended Michael’s 30th-anniversary celebration at New York City’s Madison Square Garden.

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The last time they spoke was during Michael’s trial – according to the actor, Michael hugged him during recess and said: “We’d better not talk. I don’t want to influence your testimony”. The singer tragically passed away shortly afterwards. Macaulay defends Michael to this day, despite rumors that the pair were in an inappropriate and predatory relationship, explaining: “A lot of things were happening, big and fast with me, and I think he identified with that”.


Quinn’s short-lived Hollywood career spanned from 1990 to 1993. Debuting with a non-speaking role in “Home Alone”, Quinn’s father used his industry connections to wrangle his daughter regular voiceover work in 13 episodes of “Wish Kid”, an animated children’s series.


Her last acting role, playing Connie in “The Good Son”, was in 1993. 14 years later, Quinn returned to the screens as herself for an episode of “Biography” centered around her family. However, the Emmy-winning series had to use archive footage of the former actress, who declined an in-person interview. It appears that Quinn is totally disinterested in returning to Hollywood, and she’s so low-key that fans have yet to discover her marital status, or even if she’s currently working.

Net Worth

Some sources claim that Quinn is worth $1.5 million as of 2022.

However, a far more accurate figure would be $250,000, given that the child star of yesteryear has been living as a private citizen since the early 1990s. Her brother Shane is said to have the same net worth, due to his career slowing down considerably. Although not as famous, Kieran has also made a name for himself in the industry and is sitting on a $5 million net worth, mostly thanks to his work in “Succession”. Rory and Dakota are both worth approximately $1.5 million, while Christian’s net worth comes in at $1 million.


Despite being active in the industry since 1961, Kit’s net worth is estimated at barely $1 million, after unwise financial decisions. As for the rest of the Culkins, Macaulay is said to be worth $18 million, despite not earning royalties from “Home Alone”. The celebrity is taking things slowly these days, and can pick and choose what projects to appear in, saying in an interview: “Not having to do anything for my dinner, financially, lets me treat every gig like it’s the last. If it is, I’d think: ‘Culkin, you had a good run.’”

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