Luis Guzmán’s Biography: Children, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Height

April 18, 2024
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Who is Luis Guzmán? What is his age?

Born under the sign of Virgo on 28 August 1956, in Cayey, Puerto Rico, Luis Guzmán is a 66-year-old award-winning Hispanic actor and producer with American nationality. He’s famous throughout the world, thanks to appearing in over 150 Hollywood titles, a lot of which have had significant audiences, including “The Count of Monte Cristo,” “Boogie Nights” and “Traffic.” He’s had a number of successes throughout his frequently remunerative acting career since 1977.

Early life: A quick change of residence

Luis spent a total of 15 minutes in his birthplace, as his mother moved to the US immediately after giving birth. He was raised in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan, New York City, apparently an only child. His mother Rosa, a hospital worker, kept her surname after marrying Luis’ step-father Benjamin Cardona, a TV repairman, who raised the actor. Luis initially had no interest in the dramatic arts, growing up with a desire to help people, especially in his area. He attended an unspecified high school, from which he matriculated in 1974, then enrolled in American University’s City College of New York, graduating in 1978 with an unspecified degree.


Career: From the street to the screen

Being initially a social worker, Luis was greatly involved with the local community, and eventually started attending and performing in poetry nights at the Nuyorican Poets Café, where he frequently saw Cuban playwright and actor Miguel Piñero. The two got talking, and before long, Luis found himself performing in street theater.

He made his screen debut In 1977, in Piñero’s drama entitled “Short Eyes”, however, he apparently resumed social work and street theatre performances for the next six years, appearing onscreen for the second time as Jose in 1983’s “Variety.” Two years later he made his TV series debut playing Gypsy Cabbie in an episode of “The Equalizer,” at the same time showing up as Goon #1 in an episode of “Miami Vice,” and as Miguel Revilla in another episode a year later.

By the start of the 1990s, he’d realized another 10 roles, most prominently those of Jose in “Crocodile Dundee II”, and Torres in “Family Business.” Seven years and over 30 parts down the line, Luis had more than established himself in the industry, most notably thanks to playing Maurice t.t. Rodriguez in legendary Paul Thomas Anderson’s highly acclaimed 1997 drama entitled “Boogie Nights,” opposite superstars such as Mark Wahlberg, Burt Reynolds and Julianne Moore. He played another 18 roles over the next three years, including Raoul ‘El Cid’ Hernandez in 12 episodes of “Oz.”


Luis’ new millennium

Guzmán started the next century in one of his thus-far most popular characters – Ray Castro in 2000’s “Traffic,” rated among the top 10 films of the year. He proceeded into the decade with a massive portfolio to show off, landing a presence in another 16 titles by 2006, most importantly the role of Jacopo in the 2002 screen adaptation of the great Alexandre Dumas’ “The Count of Monte Cristo,” while also playing the significant part of Lance in, again, Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Punch-Drunk Love” from the same year, opposite Adam Sandler and Emily Watson.

Between 2006 and 2010, the actor snagged another 21 roles, of which that of Rene Calderon in 16 episodes of “How to Make It in America” was by far the most lucrative, which was seen in 2010 and ‘11. By 2015 Luis had averaged four roles per year for over two decades, realizing some more high value roles along the way, such as that of Farmer in the official screen adaptation of the legendary novel “Don Quixote” from 2015, as well as José Rodríguez Gacha in six episodes of Netflix’s notorious “Narcos” in the same year. He realized another seven roles by 2017, notably Jesse Sallander in 47 episodes of “Code Black.”

The last five years

After five roles in 2018, including Gaspar in “The Padre,” Guzmán showed up in three TV series in 2019, playing Mikey O’Shea in six episodes of “Shameless,” Alejandro ‘El Guapo’ Villabuena in four episodes of “Godfather of Harlem,” and most importantly Hector Contreras in 10 episodes of “Perpetual Grace, LTD.” In 2020 he appeared in only one title, playing various characters in five episodes of “Louey & Bri TV.” He has been seen in five other titles since, among which Jorge in 2021’s “Hightown” stands out. His latest character is Martin in 2022’s “Bread and Games,” while in August of the year he is to be seen in another nine titles, all in different stages of production – he’s the producer and star of “Miles Away,” which is currently in filming, and his 163rd acting credit.


His awards

Luis has thus far been nominated 13 times, eight of which he’s won. While most of his awards are of the ensemble cast type, he’s also been recognized individually, winning three Imagen Awards in the Best Supporting Actor category, in 2003, 2009 and 2015, for “Punch-Drunk Love,” “Maldeamores” and “Ana Maria in Novela Land” respectively. Most significantly, he won the All Def Movie Award in 2017, in the Best Latino Not in a Service Industry Role category for his performance in “Keanu” from 2016.

Love life: Who are his wife and children?

Luis met his only known partner, Angelita Galarza in the early 1980’s; they dated for a few years and married in 1985. They have six children together: Jace O’Flynn Guzmán, Margarita Briggs-Guzmán, Luna Guzmán, Yemaya Briggs-Guzmán, Yoruba Briggs-Guzmán and Cemi Guzmán. They had lived on a farm in Cebot, Vermont for over two decades, and moved out to a more northern area of the state in 2009. There has been no controversy surrounding the couple.

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What is Luis Guzmán’s net worth?

As of mid-2022 Luis Guzmán’s total accrued wealth is estimated by most trusted sources at over $13 million; he’s made this sum through almost 45 years of acting, during which he’s made appearances in numerous lucrative titles, mostly in supporting roles.


Body measurements: What is his height?

In August 2022, Luis stands at 5ft 5ins (166cms), and weighs 165lbs (74kgs). He is of a darker complexion and average build, with pitch black hair and dark brown eyes. Interestingly, he’s known to have landed multiple antagonist roles thanks to his generally rugged and menacing appearance.

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