Kordell Stewart Net Worth

February 3, 2024
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Kordell Stewart is a famous professional football player, ESPN analyst as well as a television personality. Kordell’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million as of 2017. Kordell has made most of his wealth by being a professional football player.

Kordell Stewart was born on the 1st January 1970 in New Orleans, United States, however, his father brought him up in Marrero which is in Louisiana. Kordell grew up without a mother because she passed away due to illness. As a tribute to his late mother, Kordell wears a shirt with the number 10 on it.

Kordell Stewart Net Worth $20 Million

Speaking about his career, the star played in the National Football League for many years, as the quarterback. Stewart is known for completing more than a half of his passes. His career started when he was still in college. He enrolled in the University of Colorado and began playing football, wtith he media stating that Colorado’s coach Bill McCartney was the one responsible for the career and the fame that Stewart now has, as the coach was the first one to notice Kordell’s natural talent for football. Interestingly enough he was a 60th pick back in 1995 when the famous Pittsburgh Steelers picked him to play on their team. He was also voted as a most versatile football player at the National Football League.

Kordell not only played as a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but was also picked by such teams as the Baltimore Ravens and even the Chicago Bears. Playing for all three teams really increased the earnings of this great quarterback. He holds his personal best record of a whopping 38 touchdowns in a season, which is also the second best of all time, since the National Football League’s Steve Young still holds the first place with his 43 touchdowns. 2005 was the year when Kordell officially announced his retirement from football even though playing gave him such steady income over the years.

Kordell later went on to become a TV personality as he and his now ex-wife Porsha Williams Stewart were cast on the show called The Real Housewives of Atlanta and on a show called Deal on No Deal. Although more recently, given that Kordell has ended his career in football, he has become an analyst and he reports on the ESPN.

Speaking about his personal life Kordell Stewart was married to Porsha Williams Stewart, a rising singer and a reality television persona for about two years. They started having issues in their marriage so they went to see a couple’s therapist. Eventually they divorced as they were unable to work out all of their issues. In some of the interviews Porsha has started that Kordell forced her to sign the papers and she has also told the press she was unaware of what was happening. Kordell also has a son from his previous relationship.

It is no wonder Kordell Stewart has accumulated such great wealth since he was such a successful National Football League player.

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