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June 18, 2023
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Ken Cage was born on 23 November 1965, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, and is the President and co-owner of International Recovery & Remarketing Group and a television personality, best known as a cast member in the Discovery channel documentary-style reality series “Airline Repo”.

A famous repo agent, how wealthy is Ken Cage at present? According to sources, Cage has earned a net worth of over $10 million, as of mid-2016. His fortune has been acquired through his work within his company as well as through his involvement in the “Airline Repo” show.

Ken Cage Net Worth $10 Million

Cage is a yacht broker, licensed repossession agent and private investigator who has considerable experience in the banking and collections industry, with significant investigation and recovery skills. He has worked with major companies, including JP Morgan and Daimler Chrysler Financial Services, which contribute steadily to is net worth.

In 2005 Cage and his friend Bob Weeks purchased International Recovery & Remarketing Group, specializing in investigation, recovery and re-marketing of specialty assets, such as airplanes, boats, trucks, buses, RV’s, various construction equipment, racehorses, etc., from owners who have fallen behind on their payments. The company’s offices are located in Orlando, Florida and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with airport facilities at Orlando Executive Airport, Houston, Texas and Greenwood, Indiana as well as marina facilities at Sanford, Florida, Miami, Florida and Oakdale, New York. IRG has established itself as the leading company in this business, averaging around 200 repossessions a year, and its recovered assets return about $10 million per year to the banks. During his tenure at IRG, Cage has been involved in thousands of company’s repossessions and investigations on various types of specialty assets, and has worked across the USA, as well as in a number of foreign countries. His repossessions have exceeded around $400,000,000, which has enabled him to amass significant personal net worth.

Aside from financial comfort, Cage’s job has also brought him a decent level of popularity, which enabled him to become a television star. In 2010 he was cast in the Discovery Channel documentary-style reality television show “Airline Repo”, which portrays repossession agents hired by financial institutions to repossess private aircraft and other assets from the rich and famous who haven’t followed through on the financial responsibilities associated with their assets. Aside from Cage, other agents include Nick Popovich, Mike Kennedy, Kevin Lacey and Danny Thompson, and a former military air traffic controller Heather Sterzick. All of the agents are specialized in different parts of aircraft repossession. On the show, Cage is frequently accompanied by Danny Thompson, who serves as his bodyguard and often helps Cage with investigations. The duo also collaborates outside of the show, as Thompson works as contractor for Cage’s IRG company. On screen, the agents often find themselves in difficult and complicated situations, with high-pressure maneuvers or facing various dangers while doing their job.

“Airline Repo” has often been criticized as overly dramatized and even faked completely. However, Cage has many times claimed to the viewers that everything they see is real and legal. The show aired its first season in 2013 and has since produced two more seasons, becoming a top-ten cable program among men. Cage has appeared in every season so far, which has considerably contributed to his popularity and to his wealth as well.

Becoming a famous repo man, Cage has frequently been featured in the media. He has been a member of many investigation-related organizations, such as American Society of Industrial Security, Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, the International Society of Healthcare Safety and Security, the National Association of Chiefs of Police, International Association of Marine Investigators, and others.

Speaking about his personal life, Cage is married to Karen Cage, with whom he has four children. He serves on the administrative board of his local little league baseball team.

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